~www.OPPT-INhub.com : Community Hub Tool – feel free to use it too

Information & Resources


24 Hour Radio Free OPPT Online

And :http://www.removing-the-shackles.net/indez.html

a.. Radio Free OPPT – Raw Stream    <— stream
b.. Radio Free OPPT – WinAmp Link    <— playlist
c.. Free Radio Software                          <— Get WinAmp free
d.. Audio Intro to General TOPPT
e.. Freedom Reigns Show 2013/2/11
f.. Send your ad to Radio Free OPPT         <– Click to send me YOUR AUDIO AD for OPPT

All free of course.  =  New Paradigm

Feel free to forward this message to anyone that cares. 🙂

Too Sweet … 🙂

hi hi Vince!
Exact instructions are here::


One thought on “~Tool

  1. Will will the SWORN AFFIDAVIT=BENEFICIARY be avaliable in pdf? Scribd deleted it from there site. This is confirming that the People’s Public Trust UCC filings are on point. Being registered with the UCC make to are the more legal.

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