The ONE Law


Step-1: Know “The ONE Law

Chapter 1: Beginning Concepts


What is “The ONE Law” ?

The ONE Law” is :

  1. exactly what it says – “The ONE Law
  2. limitless – in every aspect
  3. cannot be broken by anyone.
  4. superior to All man-made laws
  5. no respecter of persons, all are equal.
  6. a two edged sword. It works both ways
  7. always works 100% of the time, 100% just
  8. most powerful system of law in the universe.
  9. over-rides ALL lower forms of law existing on Earth
  10. the only law you need to follow to solve any problem.
  11. a universal law that says “What you give, you shall receive”
  12. extreme good or bad is irrelevant to Universal law, it acts upon both.

What Can “The ONE Law” Do?

“The ONE Law” will : create, work, effect, judge, make, & cause

  1. create perfect justice for everyone, no matter who did what
  2. work constantly on you, and everyone else, It never stops
  3. work on you regardless weather you are aware of it or not
  4. work on you now, instantly, always – and all others too
  5. effect you & your situation, totally controlled by you alone
  6. judge the just and the unjust, judge the harsh judge harshly
  7. make powerful more powerful, poor more poor, rich more rich
  8. cause one who fights for freedom, to be imprisoned
  9. cause a brutal controller to destroy himself brutally

By understanding and abiding (properly) under this system of law, all things are possible.  That means “The ONE Law” (through you) can do anything.

How Does “The ONE Law” work ?

  1. “Energy=Everything”  E=MC2.
  2. all is made of Energy – at the core level
  3. thoughts, emotions are vibration of energy
  4. feelings arise solely by thoughts, nothing else
  5. you send & receive signals of energy all the time
  6. energy is potential power, vibration at a frequency
  7. thoughts create emotion or E-Motion (energy in motion)
  8. emotion is created by thought alone; and feelings are emotions
  9. we are creators, and we are co-creators with no limits of potential.
  10. we all transmit & receive universe-energy (Spirit or Emotion) at all times.
  11. all transmissions, seen/unseen, are returned to sender, amplified instantly
  12. emotional energy creates reality through thought, feelings; words & actions
  13.  “What you give, you shall receive.”, in every way literally, regarding everything
  14. only mind molds energy of the universe into perceived matter and situations.
  15. creation occurs first with a thought, which produces an emotion which molds universal vibrational energy into a perceived material thing or situation.
  16. other ways of explaining/describing “The ONE Law” are:
    1. what you give is what you get.
    2. like attracts like (both positively & negatively).
    3. whosoever seeks (looks) shall find. (See-Perceive)
    4. cast your bread on the water and it will not return void
    5. every action has an equal, opposite reaction. (It comes back)

We use words, labels and titles to try and describe what things are or give them meaning. This energy that IS everything has been called :

  1. I AM
  2. Love
  3. Light
  4. Truth
  5. Universe
  6. All that is
  7. Energy
  8. Unlimited Potential
  9. Life
  10. Spirit
  11. Son
  12. Father
  13. Nature
  14. Presence
  15. Mighty Power
  16. Quantum Field
  17. Emotion
  18. A thousand more names, words & labels
  19. And of course, GOD .

You might be thinking, what about the judge who judges me harshly in court, and sends me to jail unjustly? How is “The ONE Law” working here? How is this fair and/or just?

It’s NOT about the other person (the judge) it’s about your vibration (emotion) and the situation you vibrate with. This is hard to believe at first and you will understand later if not now. Judges and authorities are not an enemy. There is no enemy.

In this scenario the judge acts, this vibration transmits (goes) out endlessly as a specific vibration to no-end of the Universe instantly (quantum entanglement is faster than speed of light). The universe seeks out his heart, to its depth, and as sure as the Universe exists, this judge will be judged by his thoughts & acts – by his own accord alone.

What he gave he receives – to balance justice instantly at each moment.

Your concern is (must be) only about YOU :

What were you giving (Love or Negativity)?
What are you giving now (Love or Negativity)?
What will give in the future, given this new experience/lesson?

Judge yourself, and you will NOT be judged.
Judge not others, lest you be judged.

Only the ultimate spiritual man can judge all things justly, without causing harm.


Step-1: Know “The ONE Law” (currently open to students in test mode)

Chapter 2: E-Motion – Energy in Motion


Emotions and Choice

  1. You have free-will, freedom of choice.
  2. Solely you control your choices – it’s all about you.
  3. There are only two emotions (with many name), Love & Negativity.
  4. Life presents us an opportunity every moment, to choose Love or Negativity.

Universal Governance and Judgment

Universal laws are the highest laws that govern YOU (everyone) .  Nothing can escape these higher laws. Not you, not a judge, not the elite, not any agent nor authority nor anyone who might do harm.  Every being in the universe is subject to this ONE Law.

No one can escape “The ONE Law”, yet who should wish to ‘escape’.

Think about this in terms of :

  1. the context of man-made laws
  2. all the people involved, directly & indirectly
  3. any legal or debt problem you may be encountering

Every situation, person or thing is judged perfectly, always, under the ultimate Law in the Universe – The ONE Law.  Judgment is the part of this law that comes back. Judgment comes back at once, not later – and comes back in perfect proportions. The negative sentence of judgment lasts as long as negative energy is transmitted.
The highest Universal Law

There are other universal laws, however Love (or giving) is the highest universal law, and it the only one we will be concerned with here.

You can say that you love people, and that you always give love, however you must judge yourself critically and honestly, and you will not be judged. We will cover this more in Step-2 when you will get to meet yourself.

There are smaller divisions of love which is any positive vibration.

  1. Love and Light are the same.
  2. The highest universal vibration is LOVE.
  3. Light is also the highest universal vibration.
  4. When you become perfected in LOVE, you become light.

What is LOVE?  Let’s begin with what Love is NOT.

Love is NOT any negative emotions which include:

  1. Fear
  2. Envy
  3. Hate
  4. Guilt
  5. Anger
  6. Jealousy
  7. Boredom
  8. Depression
  9. Selfishness
  10. Un-forgiveness
  11. Greed
  12. Worry
  13. Apathy
  14. Anxiety
  15. Confusion

Love is NOT any negative actions which include:

  1. Fight
  2. Argue
  3. Cheat
  4. Control
  5. Steal, Covet
  6. Complain
  7. Do any harm
  8. Blame anyone
    (for anything)
  9. Lie, even to you
  10. Ignore wisdom
  11. Controversy
  12. Create Chaos
  13. Take advantage
    (of another)

Also : To think or assume you know best for another (even when you mean well).

We will discuss children later.
Things that are NOT Love :

  1. Not accepting things the way they are.
  2. Not doing what you love to do.
  3. Not taking care of your home
  4. Not taking care of your body
  5. Not moving physically.
  6. Not trying, hard enough.
  7. Not tending to things.
  8. Not seeking truth.
  9. Not relaxing.
  10. Not taking care of your provision
  11. Not listen to what is un-said
  12. Not controlling your life
    Not being fully independent.
  13. Not accepting responsibility.
  14. Not saying NO often enough
  15. Not saying yes enough.
    (This is not a contradiction).
  16. Not living in balance of Yes’s and No’s I

Other Acts that Betray Self-Love :

  1. always pleasing others at your expense
  2. allow others to steal your time / energy
  3. protest against, yet no positive proposal
  4. push away to move ‘anything’ away
  5. join groups to push against anything
  6. take up arms, even in self-defense
  7. Ingest toxins with no moderation.
  8. Self betrayal – this is worst crime
  9. lack courage to be yourself
  10. live with bad habits
  11. act lazy and slack
  12. violate free-will
  13. assume someone did something to you
  14. live with no balance of time priorities
  15. be needy, dependent or attached
  16. believing everything you are told
  17. use the synthetic world system
  18. dishonor another (or yourself)
  19. follow a schedule rigidly
  20. do Anything un-natural
  21. prepare against
  22. be concerned
  23. lack mentality
  24. lack courage
Emotional Reactions (Re-ACTING, Acting Against)

  1. man-made statutes are called ACTS
  2. “Acts” are created to ‘act against’, not for
  3. reaction is action to counter another action
  4. means to act against, in the negative sense
  5. every time you act against (a thing) its’ new force equals the original force
    of action, plus the action you added – it works against you with amplification
  6. normally, we react in a knee-jerk fashion to everything, instantly, & negatively
  7. all Judgment on the Earth is caused by “The ONE Law” – reflecting back
  8. what you give (transmit negative/Love energy) you receive amplified; more of
  9. remember “The ONE Law” works both ways, cause or cure the problem
  10. “The Kabbalah” (derived from the Torah) teaches that every time you react :
    • in a negative way you literally create (a private) hell instantly
    • to a negative thing or person with LOVE and understanding, you literally create heaven instantly; you reflect back Love, positive energy vibrations
  11. reactions from thought inside of you transmit outwardly into the room, the neighborhood, city, nation, world, and to the end of the universe, faster than light
  12. this is why we see a terrible and worsening world today
  13. everything collectively creates – ‘Hell on Earth’, just as we envision it (thought).
  14. we see in the world what we don’t like, it makes us feel negative, so we push it away, add our negative force back into our perceived reality, recursively
  15. this is done on a collective scale and the negative force created is exactly equal to the number of beings multiplied by the energy-force of each, squared – and the velocity of the negative exposures per person per day gets faster daily
  16. you will learn how to solve these problems before you end of this course



Step-2: Know YOU – The Inner Work (currently open to students in test mode)

Chapter 3: Understanding YOU

Understanding YOU

Welcome to Step-2

Note: We are still adding content to this course and this course is still in test mode. The quiz and other content for this Step will be online shortly so for now just review the reading material in this step and take notes.

The information contained here is derived from the areas of science, ancient teachings, oracles and philosophy. It is wisdom that comes from eternal spirit and it comes from within all of us. These lessons (and tests) will get progressively more difficult/deeper as you move along your journey. Do not let this cause anxiety. You will make it to the top, we know this for sure.

You will be a Free-man and Sovereign over all things, when you get to the end, but maybe not like you envision initially. We intend to provoke you to think deeper about all things. That’s why we are doing this work. If at any time you do not wish to do this, take a break and maybe come back later – that is perfectly OK. All men have a free-will. “The ONE Law” operates on your being every millisecond, regardless.

We have to talk about spiritual things, and we want to. We have to because spiritual things are the only answer to any problem. With that said, just as sure as one adheres to a man-made religion, he will reject the very teachings in his own holy books. This is the area where things have gotten tangled up for men, his core beliefs about God, life and about man himself. These errors enter our core belief systems through other humans, not the original content of their Holy Books – read and think for yourself.

We respect all people’s beliefs faiths and religions – LOVE all people. What anyone believes is their own business, free will. We could be part wrong, ½ wrong or all wrong in what we are saying, however, we do not believe in right or wrong, as this is judgment and it is not our business to judge anything or anyone, never.

We will discuss belief’s that do and do not serve a person. This is where the proof is found with any belief or teaching. We have no agenda but to give what is given to us by spirit and that is as right as we can be. We have seen the good fruit from our work and that is our joy. This is the table of life with an assortment of delicate food. Receive what you will.

Remember “The ONE Law” simply says “what you give you will receive.” This is true about all things anyone gives. The area of giving we will talk about now, is in respect to one’s core beliefs. Any belief about a thing sends out its constant beacon and brings the ship carrying more of what you believe, back to the shore of your life – every moment.

Most do not know what they really believe, and this process of giving thought, and beliefs, only to receive back from them, happens in auto-pilot mode, or by default, for most folks. Have you really ever sat down and thought about what you are giving out, and what you are receiving back? We will help you see what you are giving and receiving back due to your core belief system.

This is critical (inner) work that most want to run away from, but please have courage and stay the course, if so, you will rule over everything. This is no joke, it is literal.

We have NOT lost sight of why some of you are here, that you may simply want to cure the legal/debt problem. This is a valid start. You want to be free of all oppression and tyranny. You want to be happy and have good things in your life, and NOT things that make you feel ‘bad’. We assure you that we have not lost sight of this. This is a part of “The ONE Law”, but not all.

It is early 2012 and it is irrelevant if the whole world looks like doom and gloom at the moment. The Universe cares NOT about good or bad it just does its work according to what you ask for. You ask in many ways and the universe (God) always says yes.

Don’t blame God for the way the world is. Don’t blame any devil, nor other people, and certainly don’t blame yourself. Do understand, however, that the world got the way it is because we (all the world) are getting what we are giving. The only one you can do anything about is YOU, so focus on YOU and no one else. When you do this you will correct it all.

What you do, affects the whole. ALL people are giving out every second and receiving more of the same back. Many place blame on some dark tyrannical leader or elite powers but this is an error as you will see. You are the cause of all effects and the reason for the way things are, just as we all are collectively, but again you can’t affect another’s free-will, so you have to work from is inside yourself using divine law to change the effect.

We will all change when it gets bad enough on this planet, and we really are there already. Humanity will make this shift this year. Do not despair about what you think you see. Everything is working perfectly. The Law never fails. Many on Earth are looking out and seeing things appearing worse, so they feel fear and hopeless, and so they give out fear and hopelessness, and thus get it back – recursively and endlessly ‘growing.

Nearly 7 billion are focusing on how bad it is and what one focuses on becomes reality. We are all co-creating this. We also have a powerful tool to help, the Internet, which is a wonderful blessing to help us all become ONE (as we should be).

The problem is that we are all becoming One mind and heart, with incredible multiplicity now, and this huge single mind and heart of humanity is focused mostly on the terrible things we see in our world; and what you receive, you likely send out again, amplified.

“What you give is what you will receive.”

‘Like attracts like’, in the realm of energy and Emotion, which creates and destroys worlds.

Even the most un-loving, un-caring and negative person on the Earth will change when he receives enough of what he has given. He is not immune. Rich or poor he shall receive as he is giving. What he is receiving now is coming 1000 times faster than a year ago, so he can’t hold out much longer giving out negative energy. He can’t possibly overcome “The ONE Law” which will not allow two different frequencies to coexist in the same space. Each one receives accordingly, forever, and will so receive always – each instant.

This may be hard to believe but no one will be lost. Not even the most evil of men. Universal Justice corrects everything just perfectly. Do not be concerned about another person. It is not about them. It is about YOU. This matter concerns only YOU. Remember, when you change you, you change everything so just work on YOU, and see that “The ONE Law” will not fail you nor forsake you ever.

Step-2: Know YOU – The Inner Work (currently open to students in test mode)

Chapter 4: Understanding YOU – Continued

What can we do about our problems, and/or the world’s problems?

All we can do is stop feeling negative emotions. This feeling of negativity comes from your beliefs. Your beliefs come from original thought, the thoughts of others, or from what you are observing. Begin to have original thought and stop observing the things you don’t want. Stop pushing against the unwanted; it just makes it get worse.

It is time to be still and know. It is time to take your eyes off of all that is going on around you. Remove everything and everyone out of your way, if you have to, and do this inner work now. Get in a quiet place for a time now and do this inner work. The only republic you need to be concerned with now is an Inner republic.

The ONE Law” tells you to know and understand the power that governs your being. Know the power that governs all beings. We can’t break “The ONE Law”, no-one can. Feel free to call “The ONE Law” the Power of God because this is just another way of describing it, and do not rejects the ideas, because the words God, Universe, spiritual, or religious evoke different emotions in different people – these are trivial differences.

There are many ways to describe it, and you can call it whatever you want. Just know that it is all things and it doesn’t matter what words you use for it. That is not important, what is important is that you realize this power is real; it works but is just not understood by most. In fact, it can not be fully understood by anyone – and still it ‘Works’ instantly, and reliably.

The ONE Law” is a double-edged sword, as stated earlier, and not understanding it is the cause of ALL human suffering. To Understand ”The ONE Law” is the cure right now and always, for all things. This is the very Nature of “The ONE Law”. Its power can create anything, and destroy it likewise. We covered this in Step-1, so now let’s begin to work on the next part which is : understanding YOU.

Let’s see how well you understand your deeper nature of cause and effect.

Let’s begin…”with You’.

When people get older, we begin to look deeper into our being and look for answers about life. We begin to ask the big questions which are who am I really, how does life work, what is my purpose, where did I come from, and where am I going?

Of all these questions the greatest is : who or what am I? How does one find this out? First you must know that you have all the answers to every conceivable question or problem available to you at all times. This information is eternal wisdom and is accessible to you as you ask and seek answers.

There is an ancient tale that goes like this:

One day a long time ago God was standing around with his buddies and said I need to hide the secrets about man somewhere where this information will not fall into the wrong hands. I need to hide this in the safest place where no-one will think to look until one is ready and needs to know the truth, my truth.

One of Gods trusted buddies said “I know where you can hide it. Hide it on top of the highest mountain and man will not think to look there for it before he is ready to learn.” God in all his infinite wisdom thought for a moment and said, “Nah, man is too clever and he will learn how to climb up that mountain and he will find my sacred knowledge too easily.”

Another one of God’s buddies said “I know, hide it in the deepest ocean and it will be nearly impossible for men to find your divine truth and wisdom.” God thought for a moment and said, “No, man is too clever and he will learn how to submerge to the bottom of that ocean and he will find out the truth about who he is too easily.”

The third buddy of God stood up and said, “I have the answer, hide the secrets about man somewhere way out in the Universe and surely no-one will ever find out the truth about themselves until they are really ready to receive it, even if it takes billions and trillions of years.”.

God nearly agreed with his third friend but in all his infinite wisdom thought deeply for a while longer this time and said, “Nope, man is too clever and one day he will learn how to navigate the stars and he will find out these secrets too easily.”

Then God stood up in all power and glory and said “I am infinite wisdom and I have the best answer as usual, I will hide the secret truth about who and what a man really is where he will never think to look, I will hide it deep inside the man.”

God continued, “Man is too distracted by external things to look inside himself and he will be too afraid of what he might see to turn inward and face himself with honesty. He will not look into the darkness of his past to find my light and truth.”

God finished the conversation by saying. “However, know this, Man is very, very clever because he is made in my image with infinite wisdom and one day he will begin to know where the secrets to all things lie.

I gave him a deep yearning to know the truth and he will eventually get the wisdom and courage to go inward and find the kingdom of GOD that I will surely hide in each one of them.”

And so, when God breathed into man the spirit of life he also breathed in all of divine power and this secret knowledge about man’s true identity as well.

You see, until we cease focusing on external things and begin to look inward one can never find the answer to anything and life will be most miserable. Inside lays treasures, power, goodness beyond beauty and description -beyond our imagination.

This is what every great Teacher has taught mankind through the ages, and only a few have really understood and undertook this journey. The ones who did, found an indescribable power. They found themselves, they found the Kingdom of Heaven, and they truly saw GOD as GOD really is.

We want to insert a few teachings and sayings here about this:

…God created man in his own image.

Genesis 1:27

“I warn you, whoever you are…

Oh, you who wish to probe the arcades of nature, if you do not find within yourself that which you seek; neither shall you be able to find it outside.

If you ignore the Excellencies of your own house, how do you intend to find other Excellencies?

In you is hidden the treasure of treasures.

Oh, man, know thyself and thou shall know the Universe and the Gods.”

Inscribed in the ancient Temple of Delphi

These are the secret sayings which the living Jesus spoke and which Didymos Judas Thomas wrote down.

(1) And he said, “Whoever finds the interpretation of these sayings will not experience death.”

(2) Jesus said, “Let him who seeks continue seeking until he finds. When he finds, he will become troubled. When he becomes troubled, he will be astonished, and he will rule over the All.”

(3) Jesus said, “If those who lead you say to you, ‘See, the kingdom is in the sky,’ then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, ‘It is in the sea,’ then the fish will precede you. Rather, the kingdom is inside of you, and it is outside of you. When you come to know yourselves, then you will become known, and you will realize that it is you who are the sons of the living father. But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty.”

The Gospel of Saint Thomas

The writings of Saint Thomas above even go so far to say that if you know the meaning of these sayings (of the Master Teacher) that you will not die. That’s a provocative thought. That’s what we will also teach you. It is true.

…and Jesus was asked, “When the kingdom of God should come?” He answered them and said, “The kingdom of God does not come with outward observation, nor will people say, ‘Here it is,’ or ‘there it is,’ because the kingdom of God is within you.”

The Gospel of Saint Luke 17:20-21

So “Know thyself oh man.” is a principle teaching that has been said over and over and over through the eons of time by Spiritual Masters. The great wisdom from the Legends of Atlantis and Egypt said the same thing.

“Man Know Thyself.”

The Emerald Tablets, Thoth, the Atlantean-TUT Moses

Step-2: Know YOU – The Inner Work (currently open to students in test mode)

Chapter 5: Understanding YOU – Continued

Remember this course is to teach you how to create a certain outcome in the realm of legal/debt issues in this lower Vibrational 3D Dimensional Earth Matrix.

NOTE: Some may need to broaden their thinking here and we ask you to keep an open mind at least in regards to reaching the goal you are aiming for. If you don’t know what your goal is yet don’t worry about it at this point.

We are going to talk about key (CORE) beliefs in this section because until these are in line with “The ONE Law” one can never succeed with anything. Core beliefs are like computer programs running in the brain (a super-computer). This data is uploaded and the program will run over and over automatically until it is overwritten by a new program. It will always output exactly the same result every time.

Most people have learned what they believe (their core beliefs) to be true from parents, family, peers, public schools, churches, mainstream media/TV and from society in general. There is a built-in internal fire-wall to protect core-beliefs and when these are challenged most, will fight to the ‘death’ to defend them – generally without thought.

Here is an important tip when teaching or trying to help others : The ’student’ has to come in a seeking manner and must be on the same vibration of what you teach, or they will turn away and refuse to hear it. You can never force anyone to believe anything; likewise to yourself. There is a massive difference in trying to help someone who is NOT ready to receive help (teach/learn), and one who is ready for the lessons’ content.

This is due to ‘where the person is’ on their ‘awareness and hunger for knowledge’ journey. This also goes back to a free-will issue which is not violated. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Only then can the teacher teach, and the student learn.

To learn, is the same as working to write a new program into your brain-computer. When you learn to play the piano, learn to play a sport, or learn to do a certain new task you are simply programming your mind by repetition to do these ‘new’ things. Most core belief programs are written into the brain by the hard-knocks and traumas of life, or just by taking in the general experiences of life, they become the ‘default’, unquestioned as they come. This usually results in a negative output.  A core-belief program will run for eternity unless it is overwritten by another program. Some people believe certain things their entire life and are none the wiser.

We avoid the words (thought of judging) “right, wrong, good or bad”. We like to say Love (Positive) and (anything that is NOT love) Negativity. It is important to understand in this teaching that words are just words. Even the interpretation of words can cause issues in life. Words are simply symbols that have attached meaning. They can mean different things to different people. The reason we do not say “good and bad” or “right and wrong” is because this would be making judgments about a thing and these judgments are completely open to interpretation.

Thou shalt not judge and whatever you judge will judge you. Judge yourself (before hand and correctly) and you will not be judged. (This is also The ONE Law in action.).

All beliefs are simply thoughts in the mind that are coupled with heart-energy sending out or emitting (giving) the vibrational concept of that belief (outwardly) and bringing back the same vibrational energy into your life which manifests (becomes) a material thing or situation in your perceived reality.

Core beliefs are just deeper levels of beliefs with stronger emotions (passion) attached to them which cause the thing to manifest (come about) more intensely.

Later in the 8th step of this course we will talk about the strongest level of belief which some might guess is faith, but there is a level beyond faith, called knowing. This is the last step to master before your desire or goal will come to pass.

If an elderly person has the belief that you must have a state issued piece of paper called a marriage license to be lovingly married in God’s eyes, and if not you will burn in hell in eternal torture, is this a right or wrong core belief?

A better way of looking at this, or a better question to ask is, “does the belief cause any sort of negativity (or suffering) in one’s life?” Does the belief really serve you by bringing back what you desire or does it bring back the opposite of what you desire? A belief will return what is believed to the believer every time no exceptions; this is an immutable fact.

To arrive at Truth that serves you better, according to “The ONE Law”, we have to look at the belief closer.  Let’s look again at the example from above:

An elderly person has the belief that you have must have a state issued piece of paper called a marriage license to be lovingly married in God’s eyes and if not you will burn in hell in eternal torture.

Here is the vibration that this belief sends out:

The phrase “you must have (something)” is the first matter. Who said so or why? This indicates the violation of free-will by another who says “you must…” which doesn’t line up with “The ONE Law”.

The implication of this is that the one who says “you must…” will receive what they are giving (control) but more importantly the ONE who believes “they must…” without questioning the validity of why and is not being responsible to make their own choices which is the opposite of self-love or LOVE so this one will receive the opposite of LOVE which is negativity in all areas of life over this one point. What’s incredible is that they may receive all this suffering all the way to their elder years.

Does this sound positive?

Remember this is the rule of immutable un-fallible 100% provable Universal Law, not opinion, and not open for interpretation. No one can break the law and get away with it, never. Universal law sees every move you make even in secret, or a silent thought. Now do you know why they say God sees and knows everything you do? Universal Law is both GOD Power and GOD. This ONE source energy we call GOD is ALL things.

That’s only part of that belief statement above.
Here is the 2nd part: “if not you will burn in hell in eternal torture.”

Let’s see what vibration this core belief sends out and brings back to the believer.

It sends out pure negativity to its’ furthest degree. There is nothing that one could imagine ever that would be more negative than this. The most extreme, extreme, EXTREME-ETERNAL-TORTURE.

STOP for a moment; first of all see how you feel after reading this and think about it for a bit. You can’t think about a very long can you? It’s because it is Not TRUE.

Please read on. You have a ways to go yet.

Here’s the kicker :

With this particular belief (and this is only one out of infinite ones), the one who perpetrated this very negative thought manipulation (even with good or ignorant intentions) onto someone who receives what he gives (including thought), as explained above, and the one who believes it, all these will endure a life of suffering as long as the belief is held. So the one who believes this thought into old age will suffer his whole life in the body, and spiritual life beyond as well? You mean suffer here and after we cross over as well?

Wait a minute. Something doesn’t add up. It doesn’t add up because it is not TRUE .

Spirit is Truth and Intuition and it always knows the correct answer. What is spirit (GOD-HIGHER YOU) saying to YOU right now?

Who’s to blame in this scenario? Who is guilty or wrong here? Is it the one who planted the belief in the first place or the one who believed it, who is in the wrong? Remember there is no right or wrong, just what causes suffering or joy and this is a free-will choice within one’s complete control. The answer is no one is ever to blame especially the other person. No-one can force you to think anything if you choose not to, so blame noone.

You are the one in control. No-one ever makes you feel anything so why are you hurt or angry at them for what they did to you? Your feelings are personal to YOU alone.

We have heard people in intimate relationships say he doesn’t make me feel love. Only You can feel your own feelings so you certainly never blame others or even blame yourself for anything. You do take responsibility for being deliberate about your thoughts and emotions instead of letting them grow like wild weeds in a beautiful garden.

Blame means guilt and guilt is very low emotional vibrational negative energy and it is NOT LOVE.  “The ONE Law” creates the perfect judgment in this and all cases in the Universal court, if you will.

The judgment reaped from this belief is brought on by both parties’ own accord and by the thoughts, emotions, words and actions of each, and all suffering immediately stops for both the moment their belief/Emotion changes.

Step-2: Know YOU – The Inner Work (currently open to students in test mode)

Chapter 6: Understanding YOU – Continued

Another reason we do not make judgments about a thing, or another soul, according to The ONE Law is because you have no idea what that soul is trying to achieve. Each soul incarnates into a body on this plane and knows well in advance every detail of their incarnation. A soul can choose to have any experience here it desires, for any purpose.

You may have a hard time with this, but how do you know whether or not a soul incarnates here to have a birth defect, to see what that experience is like, or to see if it can overcome any obstacle it chose to experience, in any certain lifetime? Once you achieve higher realms, you will perceive things correctly, you will understand this, intuitively.

You will see that you chose ‘all of this’, down to the smallest detail, and you came here intently, with purpose, and you dove down into this lowly realm of passion to experience the contrast here, and you created, and still are creating all your reality.

Did you set it up so that in 2012 you would be here to witness the end of all that you created in this lifetime? What do you have planned? It’s probably pretty amazing. We have a notion. Yes you elected to forget how it all happened, but now you have reached your final goal of remembering it all. Who are you, what you are doing here, and what your abilities really are? You want to have some fun. Boy, you may have had a really big plan.

Now for a moment focus your attention on the masses of people out there going to work day in and day out who are NOT reading what you are reading right now. How does this make you feel? How do you help them? You can only help YOU, and this helps them. If they come to you the right way you will know what to give them. Until then, give LOVE in all ways. Remember giving LOVE does NOT mean thinking you know what’s best for others and LOVE is NOT trying to fix others. It is also NOT trying to help too much, even when you have only the best intentions. LOVE them (all) anyway.

There are NO accidents in this universe, never. It is in perfect order and everything is going according to plan, so fear not.

The real you is eternal spirit with consciousness and Emotion, and this real-you doesn’t cease to exist (die) when you leave the body. This means that if you believe in Eternal Damnation at the moment of leaving the physical body you will continue believing it after you leave the body – and it becomes your reality forever, just as you ask for, by believing.

Now here’s an important point: You can manifest/attract/create NOW on this 3D Plane. Since this is a lower density reality we have the false sense of time. We think of past, present, and future, which of course is not correct : there is only NOW. (all time, each ‘now’ concurrently)

All things that have every happened, or ever will happen, are happening now. This is hard to grasp. This illusionary time-buffer causes the ‘time’ it takes to manifest a thing, or situation, to have a gap between the thought and its appearance in your world.

After you leave the body you will still think and have consciousness, and know your identity as you do now. All the beliefs, which you cross over to the next dimension with, will still be with you and they will still manifest as your reality.

The one kicker here is that in the 5thdimension (Heaven) the time illusionary factor doesn’t exist, so the second you think a thought about anything, it will appear right before you and all around you. This is why we are doing this work now.

With this said, how does that make you think about Eternal Damnation? In reality what will happen is this: You will show up in Hell (which you create by belief) instantly after leaving the body if Hell is your belief. You will quickly realize that it is not what you believe, or want to believe, or LOVE, and since your beliefs are controllable, you will quickly believe something that is the opposite. What you believe is what is now and forever. Remember this : your belief lasts forever.

When you leave the body you will find that you are still “here” with unlimited abilities and unlimited dimensions available to you. You can access all of this now, without leaving the body, however it takes great understanding.

Many highly evolved beings en-masse are nearly through the 4th dimension on Earth now in early 2012. The fourth dimension is fear and Illusion. It is tribulation and great tribulation, trials, testing and purification of our being. It is the dark part of ourselves that is being reflected back to us ever more intensely causing the needed pressure to push us upward and onward.

We have even manifested all the dark role-players in this game to help us move back home to the source. When we finish the game, we can play other games. We will probably choose something better next time for sure. It is unlimited what your choices are when you get to the next level.

We are transcending these lower emotional energy frequencies now and our DNA is being literally re-written (re-programmed) to operate at a higher level to produce a light(er) body that will never wear out. Only the ones who have raised their emotional bodies to the higher vibrations of love and wisdom, and have the courage to move out of this dense realm, are near the 5th Dimension already.

The good news is that the energy coming from the center of our galaxy due to the current planetary cycles is forcing all to awaken and ascend out of the dense mire of this 3D illusionary matrix. Earth itself ,as well as all planets, are ascending too and soon the Earth will split off into this higher dimension we call Heaven, leaving the 3D version where it is.

Heaven is the 5th dimension and Earth, the planets, and all of us will move into The New Age of Aquarius (Just a Zodiac sign – not Evil) on the Winter Solstice of 2012.

Behold I saw a new heaven and a new earth.

Now the Old Earth will pass away for those who ascend to the higher dimension and the ones who stay around for a while, because their vibes are still too low, will experience more of “The ONE Law” at work on a degrading 3D EARTH. They may take more time to ascend because they are vibrating with fear, hate, and greed, but as they receive their just judgment by the perfection of “The ONE Law”, receiving what they are giving, along with others left behind on a 3D EARTH that will become an increasingly more hellish (low vibe) environment. This lower vibration and the higher ascended one cannot exist in the same space but they will exist in the same time dimensionally divided (the great chasm).

When these souls who didn’t jump the first time in 2012 have had enough and have changed their hearts and believe us they will learn real fast, they too will ascend to the higher 5D plane.

The thing we just described may be what some Christians call rapture; however remember what we said about what you believe in becoming you reality. Also be careful about judging. Judgment is none of your business. It is “The ONE Law’s” business.

Oh and if you want to ask who created and controls “The ONE Law”, we would say Universal Intelligence did. If you ask us who or what this is, we would ask you a question: Who or what is GOD? If you already knew you wouldn’t be here and since you are seeking, you are finding, and since you are knocking the door is opening.

You already know everything there is to know. You have infinite knowledge. If you are vibrating at a specific frequency you can access all of it. This can be done with meditation, past life regression, and by many other ways of attaining higher states of consciousness.

You know everything that was ever known by anyone in this world or any being in the universe. And yes, there are an infinite number of other beings, and infinite number of other worlds here as well. You can’t see these, as a rule, because they are vibrating higher than your senses can perceive. When you reach the 5th dimensional frequency (Heaven) which will happen later this year (2012) you will see that there are infinite levels of everything even levels that are millions of times above Heaven – Hard to fathom, no?

When you reach this state you will also be able to be in all/multiple places (there is no place but here) and times (there is no time but now) at once, as well. You are Omni-everything.

So, you may wish to ask : how do you know any of this, and the answer is many of us already went out of the body multiple times and have raised our vibrations to a level where we can see it. People have seen this for eons and eons as well. It’s nothing new.

We mentioned earlier that there is no death because the spirit-energy that is YOU can never be created or destroyed. How can you not die when you die? I though everyone died as it is appointed to man once and I see dead people all the time at funeral homes.

Here is the answer: The body you have now is a sensory-organic suit for the purpose of experiencing this physical 3D dimension and creating life here. The body can die in a sense and be recycled back into nature but even that is possible to overcome. It is very possible right now to leave this plane and do so in the body. Many have done this. Many are doing it right now. We know these thoughts are very proactive but we want them to be.

We want you to keep on seeking until you find – what you need to know & believe.

What are you, who are you, what can you do; and what are the implications ?

You are spirit and NOT a body. You are something in a body. Who is looking through your eyes right now? God, right? Who is this GOD, we ask you again?

If you are created in the image of GOD are you 50% like God or 1% or 99% or hmm. Are you a son of God? Are you ONE with the father? How much of ONE with the father are you? If God is red clay and you are yellow clay, when the red and yellow are kneaded together to make orange where does the red stop and the yellow begin? If everything in the universe is made of the same thing energy and this energy is what we call spirit and you are there is ONLY one spirit and If GOD is everything then what and who are you? If you are spirit with no beginning or end then who or what are you.

For God is spirit, and you are spirit. (So you are … ?)

We want to ask you this: in the past, who told you who you really are?
Do you believe them? Question everything until you get to the truth.

Step-2: Know YOU – The Inner Work (currently open to students in test mode)

Chapter 7: Understanding YOU – Continued

What does the Christian Bible mean by :
‘you are gods’ / ‘ye are gods’ in Psalm 82:6 and John 10:34?

Here is a thought for now: You may believe that you are an unworthy, no-good piece of crap sinner at the bottom of the pile that just can’t do too well in this life and you really don’t like yourself at all. If this is so, then first you might want to ask who told you this and why do you believe it?, and you might want to ask, could this belief make it True?

On the other hand you could in true reality be an angelic being or you could be the creator of all that is. Do you really know for sure? Do you know who or what you are?

How could you know?

If you believe the first way above, that you are not good and you are not worth much, then you are not giving LOVE (to yourself), and you are NOT in accord with Teachings of any Divine HOLY scriptures. When you were given a new law, by Jesus, (LOVE) which fulfilled all other laws, it certainly does mean love others, however as we taught in lesson one:

This great power of LOVE (which is the secret to abiding under “The ONE Law” forever in peace and joy) means loving YOU, and You can’t LOVE YOU until YOU know YOU, and YOU can’t know YOU, until YOU look inside YOU, and decide what YOU believe about YOU. What you believe about YOU creates YOU – really; in reality, as a ‘matter’ of fact .





Everything IS ENERGY AND Everything IS ONE




Spirit is energy and everything in the Universe is made of the same stuff, GOD, or energy. You and God are ONE. You and spirit are the same thing. It is the real you. Everything is God. God is everything. E=Mc2. Energy=Everything Else. You are vibrational energy. Like energy attracts the same, eternally and unchanging – without error . There is no end to God and there is No end to you.

Everything in the universe is God. God and universe are the same thing, energy-spirit. There is no end to the universe. You will never find it, and there is no end to YOU; You cannot die. This is the conquering of death. It does not exist. It never will. Matter (energy) can never be created or destroyed, Never .

You can never be created or destroyed – energy is never created nor destroyed.



How come most 12 year old females can produce life (a baby) but cannot usually care for the child properly, and why is this natural ability frowned on by society, if she does have sex at this young age, and conceives life? Is this some mistake of nature? What is right and what is wrong here? What is good and what is bad?

Where do these beliefs about good and bad, and write and wrong come from?
Who told you what is good and what is bad and what is right and wrong?

The answer to the question above about children having children is this:

Children can have children at 12 years old because that is what is supposed to happen by natural law. One does not stop being a child until past 40-50 years. A child is not intended to raise a child, the elders of the community are.

The child below 50 years old is to live their life with LOVE and passion and creativity with no hindrance and no limitations whatsoever. Then they shall care for the children of the children. Instead we put our elders in (very negative) nursing homes which are not much better than jails, and we leave them alone to suffer – alone with nothing to live for or do.

Who told you what was right and wrong. What we are asking here is simply an observation about what you are saying you desire from life.

Here’s another thought provoking situation:

If you wanted to take my body (kill it), is it right or wrong? Would it serve you? What would you receive by divine law for what you gave to me? Along the same token what should I do if you wanted to take my body? First remember you can’t kill spirit and that is what I AM, so if you want, my take my body. If I am highly evolved, enough (most aren’t), I would give it to you freely. I would lay down my life for you because I have no enemies (there are none) and there would be no greater love then to give my life. Do you understand?

The greatest love you can show is to give your life for your friends.

The Gospel of Saint John 15:13

Also all fear stems from the fear of death and if you are spirit that cannot die then why don’t you live in courage and faith and without anxiety?

One last question here:

Is it right or wrong, is it correct to kill a murderer?

We have talked in some instances about man-made systems such as religion has adverse effects on people, however we have also have shown how these same oracles are used to tell the exact truth.

Words are words and can be interpreted with many meanings but they speak as oracles on many different levels, and only those with light inside can see light in the teachings. We quote words that ring true from most religious teachings. A good example is here :

“A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit.” Saint Matthew 7:18

Now you see the words “good” and “bad” used in this teaching. In the deepest spiritual sense and in the sublime world of spirit there is no good or bad, there is only good (LOVE) because there is only ONE thing (GOD/the Universe/Source Energy) and God is only good or LOVE.

In a lower more dense dimensional level such as 3D Earth we experience illusion – perceptive duality, and we experience (by deceptive senses) polar extreme opposites like hot and cold or good and bad. Both extremes come from ONE thing (GOD / the Universe / Source Energy).

With that said is the saying of Saint Matthew above an eternal spiritual truth in accord with Universal Law? Absolutely True . Universal law decrees that the teaching in Matthew 7:18 can never err …

Step-2: Know YOU – The Inner Work (currently open to students in test mode)

Chapter 8: Understanding YOU – Continued

We have talked a lot about one’s core belief’s here in this step. Belief is faith. They are the same thing. Your faith can make you whole, or keep you blind and crippled.

Your belief system is critical to all suffering or joy in your life. The problem you came here to fix was created solely by you, and it stems from a deep core belief. You are probably not clear about this yet, or you may not even believe it, but using an ‘open mind’, you will have a great ‘aha moment’ soon.

The same power that created it from within you, will now begin to correct it. You correct all outside situations, regardless of their degree, by working on the cause which is inner pro-longed thought (CORE BELEIFS) coupled with Emotion Energy (God-power).

Ask and you shall receive. Believe and it shall be done unto you. Nothing is impossible if you only believe. Your faith has healed you. The Kingdom of God is within. You are the light of the world, don’t hide it under basket. You are a temple for the (holy) spirit. You shall do greater things.

Wow look at all those things he was trying to teach us. Do you see how he was a savior? How many will you save? You will save yourself from torment now, which will be the salvation of many. There have been many Master Teachers that have come to mankind down through the ages with this same message, and they will keep coming until someone listens. You yourself could be one. There could be one who wrote these words that you are reading. Beware of angels that you may encounter from time to time.

The truth is you are an angel. This is not a lie. You are a star encapsulated inside your body which is a planet and this is also the truth. You are all the power of the universe stored in a single unit. You are way too much to be described by words here, and my goodness, you forgot most all of it.

Wake up oh sleeper. Who are you? Where did you come from? Why are you here?

Jesus said “wake up” and “why are you asleep” 23 times in the New Testament. He said these words more than any other words. What does it mean to be blind, but now you can see. What does it mean to see the light? Is mankind awakening from a deep slumber? You bet we are – you are, or you would not be reading this.

Religion/spirituality forms the deepest core beliefs in humans, and is the key programming method of beings on the Earth. It has given hope, and it has been used for the greatest control and destruction. People in this realm need hope to keep their physical vibration up to be able to exist here.

We need something or someone to believe in, in order to make us feel safe. Most people feel a threat to their life and very existence if their core beliefs are challenged, and some will fight to the ‘death’, if these beliefs are challenged. This is a human survival mechanism due to the fact that without our core beliefs one feels as though we might lose our identity, or cease to exist. This is the most frightening thing one can conceive.

We are here to challenge everything you believe. Question everything. We will do an exercise at the end of this lesson where you will actually set aside all core beliefs for a time, as if sitting up on a shelf, and then you will examine them all closely. You will see how old they are. You will see where the belief came from. You will examine and question if the belief is Love or Negative, and what you are receiving by giving that belief.

You will interconnect the different belief’s and see how they work together, and finally you will begin to rank the beliefs, and you will begin to take the most important ones back off the shelf to store inside of you, as you know it will serve you well, and it will bring treasure to you. You will leave some of the beliefs on the shelf for a while, until you have fully made a valid decision about them, and maybe choose to leave some of them on the shelf for good. This is possibly one of the most freeing exercises you will have ever done.

It will transform you incredibly fast, and it will remove negativity from your heart which blocks LOVE, which has caused all your problems. You will see visions and dreams, for you will have met yourself. You will have faced your strongest fears and found they were just shadows in your mind, and not even there. For how many years has this gone on? You will experience God you’ve been looking for, face to face, for the first time.

This is what we mean when we say “the hardest place to look is inward”, or “most are too afraid to face themselves.” We are very afraid of what is in there because of past traumas. These are the programs that are running in most people, which cause all of the problems. These are what form your perceived identity, and your core beliefs.

Most of us were not treated perfectly as children, and suffered some sort of trauma. This is a key thing to get past and transcend. This ‘defense’ to trauma is the destructive program that runs until it is examined and re-written. If your core belief is that people in authority will hurt you, then you will fear and maybe hate authority. Fear and hate of authority literally will attract authority figures into your life; that will abuse you.

Step-2: Know YOU – The Inner Work (currently open to students in test mode)

Chapter 9: Understanding YOU – Continued

Let’s now present to you this true story where “The ONE Law” was used to easily resolve a very serious legal/debt matter.

We know a man who was locked up in prison with a mandatory 3 year sentence and with no apparent way of being released until his sentenced time was up. This man (not his family) used the principles we discuss here. Now he is as free as he can be. He is NOT in prison now, in fact, the whole matter was dropped. This is nothing short of a miracle.

You may ask what the circumstances are around this event. After being in prison for 21 days he learned about “The ONE Law” and began to use it to his benefit – he began to ‘Live’ it.  One key concept that he grasped was that the prisoner always holds the key to the cell door. This key is “The ONE Law”, and that alone.

He knew that he had brought himself to this place : by first controlling, with angry thoughts that led to controlling and angry emotions, that lead to controlling and angry actions, that led to him being controlled by prison in the end. He took responsibility, but did not blame himself. He wanted to see if this ‘concept’ really works. He wanted to see if anything (everything) really was possible. He understood that it is never about anything external, but what goes on inside with our thoughts, and more importantly our Emotions.

He spent the next 3 weeks with only ONE thing in his mind, which was walking out of that prison free. He did not allow what he saw, as his seeming reality, to be his reality. He created his own reality in his mind every day, in quiet meditation. He imagined his freedom vividly in his mind, and he used all of his 5 senses to experience this new reality. Remember there are an infinite number of realities, and they are all created within.

All human experience is created within. He knew that nothing was impossible for the power he was accessing (“The ONE Law”), and he never allowed doubt to enter into his thoughts. He had complete knowing (beyond faith) that he was free NOW, and he stayed in the most joyous state the entire time. Inside he was already free, and he said it didn’t matter if he was in or out; he was ‘out’ in his mind, and he was full of so much happiness that it radiated through every being in the prison, through anyone connected to the matter.

You see the mind doesn’t know the difference between what you are imagining, or what you think is real in the world. The subconscious mind connects to the infinite power of the Universe (God), and the subconscious is completed ruled by the conscious mind. The conscious mind is where you can intend, think, imagine and reason. This man knew the most important part of this whole magical process, which was to couple deep passionate positive Emotions, with his vivid thoughts of freedom.

When one couples LOVE to a thought he can literally walk through a wall, and he can walk through a raging battlefield and never be harmed. This is the Power of “The ONE Law”. This is the Power of GOD. You’ve read about all these fantastic miracles in the Good Book. How do you think they were done? You will do even great things.

When this man, who was in prison, changed himself by changing what was going on inside, the outer world had to conform to match his emotional vibrations. He affected all the material things around him causing them to vibrate higher. He affected all the people around him causing them to vibrate higher. He affected every low vibrating situation around him, causing these to vibrate higher, and thus improve dramatically.

He said that about a week before his release, all the negative men in his cellblock got transferred out, and the ones who were left were all good men, and they all worked together to clean the cell block really well. They all received nice comforters and pillows, and placed them on their beds and he said it was rather comfy warm and friendly like being free, and at home.

He cured himself. He became LOVE.

He affected the entire world, because we are all ONE. His high vibrations raised everyone’s vibrations on the planet, whether they were aware of it or not, and his LOVE went out forever and is still going forever heading for the end of the universe, to which there is no end.

He gave LOVE because a thought of happiness is LOVE.
A thought of Freedom is LOVE.

This one man gave all that he had, and achieved what most would call a miracle.

“What he gave, he received.”  This is “The ONE Law” in action.

The ONE Law”, the highest Law in the Universe and the True Judge, tried this man’s case (his gift), forgave his trespasses (sin), pronounced him NOT guilty, and gave the Universal order to set him free forevermore.

End of Step-2 – Back to the Main Course page and click on the Test/Quiz for this Section.

Step-3: Know what you want (currently open to students in test mode) Lesson

Chapter 10: What you want, you have to give.

 We are still adding content to this course and this course is still in test mode. The quiz and other content for this Step will be online shortly so for now just review the reading material in this step and take notes.

You must know what you want, in order to be able to receive it.

Now we are moving into the creation phase.

This is where the wheels of the Universe start turning in your favor. You are aware now that by the nature of what you are giving, you are creating everything in your life, all of it. This includes what you call the bad and the good, the luck and the accidents as well.

These first two steps explained how life and the universe works to your benefit or demise, by ONE simple but powerful LAW. We will begin now to abide under this new system of divine Law and overcome any legal, debt or other issue in life.

You are now creating yourself a new beginning in 2012 to be the best you can be and to pave the way for a New Earth and New Heaven.

We must always abide under “The ONE Law” as our guide, which says : “What you give you will receive.” Remember “The ONE Law” works both ways.  If you give something negative (not Love), whether you mean to or not, you are returned, … guess what? A Reality which exactly matches your transmitted vibrations.

Step-1 explains how “The ONE Law” works, and explains that every being is ruled under “The ONE Law” of giving out, and receiving back.  This Law never errs.

Step-2 helps you learn about yourself, and your core beliefs. Remember your core beliefs are the primary source of what you are giving (sending), and receiving the same in return.

Before we get to knowing what we want, let’s clarify something about giving.

Whether you believe a certain thing your whole life or even for a shorter time, you are giving that belief vibration out and you shall reap the same vibration the belief is giving out. It is very important that you understand this.

It also important to understand the many ways we give, emit or send out. We are speaking ultimately about sending out or giving vibrational energy. Even if you give a physical gift to someone the vibrational energy (E-motion-intent) behind it is what you are really giving. Remember the Universe is ONLY energy and like-energy attracts more of the same. When you give a gift, you will receive gifts. Yes a gift given will get you gift(s), plural.

This is another interesting thing about the Universe. Some teachers will say you will get exactly what you give. For example you can send out a vibration of specific home you desire and you could end up living in it.

This can certainly happen, however this is the exception, not the rule. We will go a bit further by proof and 100% experience and say that – The Universe can always out-give you, so it multiplies the gift you gave and then gifts it back, and it does it in very diverse and always in a surprising manner. When we say surprising here, we still mean you will get what you asked for, just in a surprising way. You can give one specific thing and receive 10 other things that don’t seem a bit related, but are connected to what you gave.

Sounds like GOD again, doesn’t it? It is GOD as we said; we are just giving a scientific explanation for how GOD (The Universe) works to the extent of 100% proof, our current knowledge and experience. This is not some religious science, just the way things work.

Some teachers will say that God is only good. While this is 100% True, God will always allow you to have free-will and will never violate God’s Own Laws. By now you know that we are interchanging the word God and Universe because God is the Universe. God is also YOU, and everything else, as there is ONLY God. God is a title, and so is Universe. Remember there are many words to describe things and describing God with words is a monumental task – not truly possible to do so with perfection.

Good or bad is irrelevant GOD. If you give something bad you will receive it back – from this God. Do we know that God is only good?

We believe that since good feels good and bad feels bad that God or the Universe is ONLY good and since we have a free-will to choose LOVE or Negativity we can’t blame God for what we get.

Another interesting NOTE is that GOD always says yes. That’s right. Whatever you ask for (give) God (“The ONE Law”) always gives to you. It may not be the exact way you envisioned or thought, and it is always better then what you could imagine. Yes, asking is a form of giving as well, and we will cover that later.

Back to the giving part.

When we say “what you give”, we are talking in all manners and ways in life as this course will cover.  Let’s talk about giving here.

Most people think that giving simply means giving something or some service to others. This is one of the most important ways to give and you will surely receive back what you give this way.

It is important to say here that when we say GIVE, we mean the following:

First of all for you to reap something good in return, the first rule is only give LOVE.

When we say LOVE we mean only positive, good, high-vibrational things.

Also how one gives this LOVE must be clarified a bit here.

There are a lot of ways that we GIVE out this (vibrational-energy to the Universe) often without being aware of it.

Ways we GIVE (Lovingly) include how we :

  1. Focus
  2. Think
  3. Plan
  4. Pray
  5. Write
  6. Touch
  7. Taste
  8. Smell
  9. Dance

10. Believe

11. Meditate

12. Organize

13. Treat others

14. Protect Health

15. Tell your story

16. Adopt a cause

17. Take a position

18. Connect w Nature

19. Draw, Mark, Paint

20. Speak, Talk, State, Explain

21. Give things & service to you.

22. Feel / E-motions

23. Act and re-act

24. Create (any form)

25. Expend energy

26. Observe-See-Watch (anything)

  1. 27.  Listen (Words, Sounds, Music)

28. Ask (spoken or unspoken)

29. Develop Values & Demeanor

30. Exercise Mental state

31. Push against, resist, fight, disagree, protest

32. Embrace an enemy

33. Do Nothing
(believe it or not)

34. Prepare / defend against

35. Be around people, places, things (negative or positive)

36. And many, many more ways.

37. Oh yes, do not forgot Love-making; It’s a God thing & it’s very high vibration.

Right now take a moment and think about the way you have been trying to fix your legal / debt problem (or any problem for that matter), and see if you can figure out what is happening here. Are you struggling As most others are.

“What (vibration) you give (send out) you shall receive (back).”

If you are still trying to fix things by fighting against your government, the elite, the bankers, the courts, judges, man’s law, the police – then what will you receive?
You will receive what you give.

This is not so hard to understand. Does it mean you just take the abuse? By no means, It means that you change it by changing the vibration you are giving out. This country and world is now the effect of all earth beings pushing, fighting and focusing on the negative.

Again can you do anything to really change all of this? Absolutely, yes. Your vibration affects every other being and when two or more gather together and do this, you may have no idea what can be accomplished.

It is a fact that only 8000 (square root of 1% of worlds’ population) people meditating (focusing) on one “Loving” thing in unity has a measurable and visible affect on a global scale. (‘Negative’ forces need more, as Love Trumps Negativity ..)

The ONE Law” works the same way on all of the things we listed above.
“What you give you shall receive.”

All of the things listed above SEND out, broadcast, or EMIT a certain/specific energy vibration (GIVES) which says something to the Universe. Each one of these tells the universe what to give you back. So you could say these are ways of asking for something regardless of your awareness of what you are asking for from (or telling to) the Universe.

Do get this one point ?? :

To give means to send out, broadcast or emit a certain/specific energy vibration. Remember everything in the Universe is just vibrational energy.

This energy also has another neat quality. It is intelligent and aware. It is conscious. Some scientists call this the quantum field. Others call it source energy or just consciousness. Remember that it has many names the most popular being, GOD.

When you ask for something you are GIVING. Do you understand this?

When you pray you are GIVING (sending out your request-asking).

When you decree or affirm a thing you are GIVING.

*It is important here to say that you can’t pray or ask or do any of the things on the list above and feel the opposite inside. This not only cancels out what you asked for but the Universe will go by what you are feeling first and foremost will send you the opposite of what you are asking for.

Asking is the same as telling, to the Universe. It is your servant and it will always do as you command.

It is truly an Aladdin’s lamp, and a genie in a bottle – if you will.

Now that you know that you are giving and receiving (reaping and sowing), in every imaginable way in life, who can you blame for anything? No one, It’s all you.

The good news is the same ONE Law fixes the problem easily and quickly as you will fully come to know.

Now that you are armed with this powerful divine knowledge it’s time to make sure you are giving – asking – sending out the right vibrations (of LOVE) to live in eternal bliss. You are the Creator of Heaven and Hell you just may not know it yet.

Some folks get a bit afraid when they discover this awesome responsibility and power. That they are responsible for everything makes some quite nervous. There is no need to feel this way because now there is no limitation, one can do anything when they understand this. Nothing is impossible now.

It is critical that you know what you want, which is the main topic of this step. You have to know what you want, so you will know what vibration to offer to the universe. This is your holy offering to GOD.

Many aren’t clear about what they really want, but it is essential that you know exactly what you desire in all areas of life. Remember we said, if you do not know what you want you are sending the vibration that says : “give me a whole bunch of I don’t know what”. The Universe will surely hear your request and grant all that you ask for – in abundance and in a surprising manner. “The ONE Law” always works, all the time.

If you don’t know what you want, you surely will know what you DO NOT want.

Sometimes it’s good to work with polar opposites to gain clarity here.

When you know what you don’t want you can list it’s polar opposite and that will be what you want. The prime variable in this equation is the degree of the thing you want. This is a factor relevant only to you according to you desire or faith.  You may want abundance but you may only want or ask for $10,000.00 instead of $1,000,000.00. This is your limitation only and will be according to what you feel worthy of (core belief) receiving or according to your desire. “According to you faith so it shall be done unto you”.

We have to be crystal clear and detailed about what we are asking (giving) the Universe to give back to us.

In the Quiz/Workshop section of this step you will define in detail what you want. This is the first big step of giving and reaping its reciprocal receiving. Giving and asking are very similar with a few distinctions. We will get clearer about the asking process in the next step.


6 thoughts on “The ONE Law

  1. Is the One Law Infinite consciousness and if so what is its opposite- the other Law? Can you have energy before consciousness? Are you saying God (Infinite or finite consciousness?) is love and light or is He (It) Unconditional love and light in His Infinite essence and being while Her is conditional love and darkness( false light) in His finite essence and being? Please be a bit more clear as i not only find you explanations interesting but I find them a very good addition to my own truths. Much unconditional love and respect friend—Daniel —

    • Daniel : I wrote this more than a year ago, helping a friend who had a web site one the subject (now closed). It was a rough draft when given to me, and I worked on it for more than a month, on and off. I also found it very interesting, but I am not an expert on the subject, just a curious student. I placed it here in this blog because it seemed to me that the OPPT Trusties had their beliefs anchored in some variant of this, and this is the best summary of The One Law that I have seen.

      I need to review it anew before I came back with a good set of answers for you, and I will seek out my friend who began the effort originally.

      In Summary –
      [ Is the One Law Infinite consciousness and if so what is its opposite- the other Law? ] my hunch is that the opposite is contained within, good and bad (as we define then), automatically. It is a fundamental LAW of reality; a fundamental reaction to what our minds ‘entertain’.

      [ Can you have energy before consciousness? ]
      if matter must be ‘observed’ to exist, then consciousness creates both matter and energy – they are one in the same. The reality we expect is what we get, our imagination is limited – but potential from the Universe is not. Science of quantum physics marvels at what they discover in this complex universe, especially the fact that since it is so ‘Perfect’, who Observed it before we came along to look ???

      [ Are you saying God (Infinite or finite consciousness?) is love and light or is He (It) Unconditional love and light in His Infinite essence and being while Her is conditional love and darkness( false light) in His finite essence and being? ] I see God as He and She, both in One – and also a Perfect Selfless Love. Conditional love is not a mature love, it is not selfless, and it is not him or her – it is human (in our culture) to be less than perfect – but in out hearts we know what is a proper decision or thought. Yet, The One Law is automatic – it gives individually to each based on the only thing that is real – The Moment : we must be responsible for the thoughts we choose to entertain as these are energies that shape reality..

      I will get back to you with a better answer too – thanks for the questions — Vince

  2. In your last paragraph I believe you separated the human from God- could you rephrase that so that this is not the case- just so I understand that you are aware that God is God no matter whether He is expressing His higher self ( human) or His lower self( human). I know you do not have to answer to me and we are all in this together but our interactions might be good for both of us. With much unconditional love and respect my friend. Here is my blog if you would like to get to know my works. —Daniel—-

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