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How to Find a UCC Filing by OPPT Trustee Caleb Skinner … (new)
Found this at Peoplestrustmilwaukee. I like it. Straight to the point. Just in case you wanted to know (suggest watching full screen). [Kp note: feel free to use the … – 85%
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No 118 – VIDEO – AK: How to Find a UCC Filing by OPPT … (new)
No 118 – VIDEO – AK: How to Find a UCC Filing by OPPT Trustee Caleb Skinner; No 117 – UPDATED – AK: OPPT WEBSITES – From American Kabuki … – 78%
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Untitled, How to Find a UCC Filing by OPPT Trustee Caleb Skinner (new)
Posted 1 minute ago from bookmarklet My blog All of Tumblr. Follow on Tumblr – 65%
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How to Find a UCC Filing by OPPT Trustee Caleb Skinner | One … (new)
OPPT-In Hub ,,, a community Oppt.ion (by VincentCataldi) … Published on Feb 8, 2013 Instructions on how you can locate a UCC filing – 59%
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VasiYogam – ????????? – Super Tutorials (new)
trust rubber nurse wiring manufacturing grant character technical gary shot working … ppt taiwan presidents ban illness boiler diary linen pipes residence stages ebook tarot – 57%
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Tag Archives: Caleb – Caleb | Free At Last (new)
OPPT basically says “Wait, I’m actually a natural person and so is every person that you’re claiming as a thing registered … Trustee Caleb Skinner responds: … – 52%
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Caleb Paul Skinner « Spartan of Truth (new)
Posts about Caleb Paul Skinner written by … duly executed on OPPT Letterhead, with full responsibility and liability of its duly bonded Trustees of … – 46%
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OPPT-IN Contact OPPT – OPPT-IN (new)
toppt,oppt,the one people’s public trust,oppt-in,1776,ascension,awakening,gold … Trustee Bonds; One … Caleb Skinner (503) 781-0295 caleb@peoplestrust1776 … – 26%
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ALERT: Head of US Government Legal System Spills the Beans…About Silver Manipulation

Attorney General Eric Holder just testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee that the investigation into Silver Market Manipulation could not be prosecuted (or made public) because it would have too adverse of an effect on the Global Economic System…or something to that effect!

Eric Holder Admits Some Banks Are Just Too Big To Prosecute

“I am concerned that the size of some of these institutions becomes so large that it does become difficult for us to prosecute them,” Mr. Holder told lawmakers. Prosecutors, he said, must confront the problem that “if you do prosecute, if you do bring a criminal charge, it will have a negative impact on the national economy, perhaps even the world
economy. And I think that is a function of the fact that some of these institutions have become too large.”

“Mr. Holder, however defended his agency.  Federal prosecutors, he said, have been “as aggressive as they could be, brought cases where we think we could have brought them,” he said.”

“After the hearing, the panel’s top Republican, Sen.  Chuck Grassley of Iowa, issued a statement calling Mr. Holder’s remarks “stunning.” Mr. Holder ” recognized that in effect, the big banks and their senior executives have a get-out-of-jail-free card,” he said.”

NOTHING is by accident anymore and the huge increase in anti-bankster rhetoric and visibility lately is no exception. The facts surrounding the Silver Manipulation investigation are so blatant and so damaging to JP Morgan there is no other Road for the regulators to travel! That is WHY the case still hasn’t been dropped after 4 years. (Remember the head fake published in the Financial Times last August that charges were being dropped? Well, they never were! F-U…FT you criminal conspirators!)

For the ten thousandth time I’ll say it again…
The CFTC WILL bring the hammer down on the Silver Manipulators and Silver WILL finally be released from it’s shackles.

This is the will of “We The People” and we will NEVER give up until JUSTICE is served.

This is where this Road ENDS for the Bad Guys.

Bix Weir

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