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18 thoughts on “Links

  1. This presentation about the One Peoples Public Trust (OPPT) (Rev 3.2) can be used for educating yourself, sharing with other individuals, or make a professional presentation to large groups. I promise you, you’ll look like a professional! If anyone has questions, direct them to the references and tell them, DO THE RESEARCH!

    Most up-to-date presentation where you have full control. No music and not a YouTube presentation.

  2. Vincent,

    I wanted to say I apologize for deleting the links yesterday! Never again. Lesson learned…

    May I please ask that you change “Angel Lucci” to “Streets of Love – unconventional” on your blogroll?

    I’d appreciate it greatly! Your blog looks great. Did you just get started also?

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  12. Hi Milwaukee ~
    There were some technical difficulties when starting up the blog for this region, so I offer this information for Halton Region:

    Your BE’ing and DO’ing has become a source of information for me as of right now. I just really love how everyone is creating their own flavour and expression!!!
    Have a great day in the Oneness of BEing ~ D
    Appreciated so much ~ All in One ~ D

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