Peoples Public Trust Declaration PDF Print E-mail
We are all Sovereign, divinely mandated, equal beings.  We nominate Sovereigns and Governments to administer and manage our Nation. Our Communities. Our Services. Our Laws. The implicit and underlying Trust placed in all nominated, hired or elected servers is hereby expressed. The system only exists for the providence of service to us, not the other way around. We do not give our powers away. We do not loan them. We have others represent them, which is a decision of consent we can retract at any time should an excessive Breach of Trust occur.
The People hereby recognise that something is woefully wrong with the abuse of the structures of providence that our ancestors created in our society. We have one of the best public service infrastructures on the planet, and many great servants of The People, but we have far too many  servants who are no longer serving We, The People: The Employer.  We find them instead serving soulless corporations filled with selfish greed, or their own immature egos with their silly games and childish avoidance of issues. This is ruining our communities, our planet, our very lives.
These few have Breached the Trust we have implicitly placed in them and we must act. Enough is Enough.
The People of this Great Nation stand in desire and demand of peace-filled lives, loving community and progressive endeavour. We demand creativeand stimulating education for our children in a safe and healthy community. We demand our right to freely express our creativity and divinity in this finite time that we share the pleasure of living on this glorious planet. We demand our right to a working model of economic exchange to facilitate and support this. We demand simple Laws that facilitate this.
We must not allow those without inclusive, wholesome vision; those with no demonstrated ability to respond to the Needs of The People; those who still behave as children and avoid issues, transparency and integrity; or those who have succumbed to greed and selfish gain to take power and authority they are not worthy of.
When individual servants in the Public fail in their duty as spectacularly as some are, we can freely and rightfully sever their right to represent our sovereign, divinely authorised powers and fully reclaim them until worthy representatives are found. We can, and should, freely and rightfully, pursue them for their deeds so they have the chance to make amends and correct their unacceptable behaviour.
People of The Land – Our Nation has been usurped and corrupted by just a few among us. The damage they are doing is beyond tolerance. We can and must tackle this Breach of Trust real individual by real individual, not fictional company by fictional company. We are vulnerable, fragile, creative beings, as is all life on our great planet, our home. The Quality, Nature and Deeds of our Services and Social Structures must reflect this truth. No longer should we allow our fellow humans to hide behind their jobs to behave in inhumane, obnoxious, unhelpful fashion, or worse: to bully; extort; lie; steal; cheat; or threaten us, or worse yet: kill; torture; maim; starve; and deprive, supposedly in Our Names.
The People hereby entrust The Peoples Public Trust to pursue true accountability of individuals and organisations who have breached The Public Trust by any and all lawful means, and by the methods laid out in the Trust Deed.


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