Heather Explains More about OPPT, Eternal Hearts, etc.

Heather Explains More about OPPT, Eternal Hearts, etc.

Early this morning, the Removing The Shackles Skype room revealed a post by Heather. I’ve taken out times, dates and others names and their comments to bring you the meat of what Heather has to share with us.


that, and the off-planet friends going over the records to find out who messed with them (devil)

the Akashic records are within the body, that is why they have put poison in the food, water (inclusive of flouride), air, land, vaccinations, medications…by altering those here they were able to alter those in other dimensions…that is why they focused their energy altering here, and making sure no one remembered…we are the creators of Source’s Universe…look within…do you know why remembering the eternal hearts at the end was sooooo important?  It would take a BE’ing, a Divine, with the utmost “divine knoweledge” (meaning all knoweldge absent the knowledge of the eternal hearts) to know, understand how to alter the energetic patterns, and coordinate a slavery system through Source’s Universe….look with in…the “highest” of the Divines figured out too late=the eternal heart bit and kept it from all the others…they suspected it after October 24, 2012…so they amped up altering what they thought was the prime within without the knowledge and knowing consent of the people, the earth, and by DO’ing so they altered the fractal energetic patterns throughout Source’s Universe…BUT, they KNEW 100% about the eternal heart bit December 9, 2012…however, they held on to hope…even on January 11, 2013, when the eternal hearts system activated and they knew it was activated…but that hope is but a dot of light since January 21, 2013 when the eternal heart system was “pinged” and they realized they could not “escape it”, that they were a part of the Absolute Plan no matter how hard they tried to implement and enforce a Divine Plan…now the Divines, the divine wanna-be’s, and their agents are what you would call certifiably crazy (chuckle)  I love the eternal hearts…I TRUST IN THE ETERNAL HEARTS. (heart)

and within each, is the eternal records, the records of creation, which have record of the Absolute Plan BE’ing determined, laid out, agreed upon, and entered and everything to this moment…then came the Akashic Records that start with the experiment and the Divine Plan…so the eternal records AND the Akashic Records are available to all…

remember the conversation about assessing data from divines, especially what is not told?   Absolute Truth and knowing that there was something that was not told comes from accessing the eternal records, the records of creation…look within and determine the data here in by your tools of resonance with in.

I DO….many others DO…now all eternal hearts will DO…remember the gold exercise?  Look back at all the data since December 9, 2012 (actually October 22, 2012 when OPPT went to BIS to inspect the gold holdings and the bookkeeping)…what data is on the Table of Transparency in regards to Gold, Silver, Tungsten, repatriations, audits, etc.?  Ok…now…if you choose, DO you choose to finish this experience of separation and DO the final reconciliation into Absolute and DO a new experience of One, Absolute Abundance and BE’ing and DO’ing by free will choice?

ok all…going in to finish the eternal heart exercise for some serious funnnnn to BE DONE together and absolutely root the NOW paradigm…bbl


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