When the Game Ends, You May Remove your Blindfold

When the Game Ends, You May Remove your Blindfold


This document was filed December 10th 2012. This is a vitally important document to read. Yes, the language is difficult to easily comprehend, but please review it. Read it out loud. Listen to the words as you read it.

Those of you who’ve been asking the deep questions of “why are we here” and “what does this existence mean?” may find the answers you’ve been looking for in the words of this extremely important document.

We will be focusing on this filing, it’s meaning and the background of it on the Collective Imagination Radio show tonight. Heather will be with us and I can guarantee that this show will be one of the most eye-opening shows you’ve ever listened to.

I also suggest that you watch the interview with Mel and Heather HERE The first few minutes of it Heather gives the very important background of the very beginning.

This is part of that interview:

Mel: Please can you tell us a little bit about your background? And how you got to this point? A little bit about the status and the journey? I don’t even know how to ask the questions about the journey, because there seems to be so much…what’s on it and a mystery because it’s just such a complex thing.

Heather: If you wanted your choice in a vacuum, then I can tell you just about birth on, yet it depends on people’s level of comfort as far as going with the absolute truth.

Mel: Let’s go Absolute Truth, just for the hell of it.

Heather: Just for the hell of it, okay. (laughs) Interesting choice of words. Let’s just say that we’re doing a story, okay? Within that story whatever resonates is Absolute Truth with you or your listeners. They grab it and whatever doesn’t, they just set it aside and hopefully the experience wasn’t too boring for them. (laughter) In the beginning, let’s just say there was a whole bunch of eternal hearts shooting around wanting to experience the separation so that they could understand the mechanics of not only their own BE’ing, but that of First Source where they are created from. Some of those decided to experience that separation consciously. Just a few and then most of them chose to experience it unconsciously, with the journey that was a little bit more challenging, as far as agreeing to forget so that they could remember, in essence burying the treasure for the joy of finding it.

Mel: Wow!

Heather: It’s very interesting.

Mel: I am absolutely with you. It came to me this is the ultimate game of discovery.

Heather: Ultimate game of discovery…it really is the ultimate game of fun. (both laugh) You know, it’s an ultimate game of measurable frequency. It is an ultimate game of recognizable energetic pattern. It is just absolute fun and within that, in order to understand the Absolute, you separate the Absolute into compartmentalize fractals, if you like…or digital pieces. That’s what I refer to when I’m saying contrast…reconcile the contrast. Thank you so much for holding the contrast. Because there’s dark just as there’s light. Does that put that into perspective?

Mel: I understand the concept of that. Yeah, we need the darkness in order to evolve.

Heather: Look, it’s all a matter of perception, filter, good and bad, evil and holy. They’re just all one and the same playing a game if you will. I don’t take it lightly at all, but whatever way can you describe it at this point? It’s a play, it’s a game, it’s a symphony, just full of all these machinations that people are learning about now and have been hidden for so long, but this is the moment. This is the moment that was all preplanned. All theeternal hearts that are embodied in perceived evil or bad, they’re the best secret squirrel or James Bonds of First Source possible (laughs). We’re all part of the same fabric, the eternal fabric. So, when the absolute data is on the table and known…and it can always be known from within…but once it’s all there, everyone will be able to have that Aha moment and see through the course of the energy pattern all these wonderful things they experienced and how they all fit together. Some people refer to it as a butterfly effect. Well, just put the same concept in an energetic form. Then you come to this manifestation of Heather and it’s just the last piece in that game and that final act of the play as far as I go. It’s fun. It’s been fun. Going down memory lane really just doesn’t interest me, because I’m so focused on Now and it’s so much more fun (laughs).

I’m very excited about this show tonight and even more excited to see and experience the reactions of the People to the information that will be discussed! I’m currently writing a new article that will discuss the “Wizards behind the Curtain”- who they are and what they are doing. I’m hoping to have it finished by this evening so that it can be read before the show.

….fingers crossed, lol!

2012132883.1 UCC OPPT Financing Amemdment by

A full copy of the wording of this Vitally Important UCC filing is here: this is vital information please repost this out on your websites:


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