Starship Earth: The Big Picture

I thought everything was under the control of the “White Knights” but it’s not sounding that way, is it? “Dark Knights” is more like it.

The cabal clearly has not relinquished control  and they carry on as though nothing has happened. Obama was still sworn in publicly, we’re still paying our illegal income taxes, still working our butts off to put food on the table, still dying of cancer, vaccines and toxic food and still living side by side with sheeple who don’t know any different.

Think it will happen this weekend? This whole scenario is getting most tiresome.Just get it over with already.

Reblogged from American Kabuki:

Come Visit the New RTS Community!!


Looking for Absolute Data: IQD & the New Financial System

The Wizards behind the curtain have been busy this week.

So have their puppets.

For those of you…

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