2 thoughts on “Benjamin Fulford February 12 2013- Pope quits after Bush confessions

  1. What a confusion. If I tried to summarize what Fulford appears to be saying, it would look something like this–

    The bad guys continues to fight for domination over the other bad guys, who are sometimes good guys, except when the other bad guys are good guys. But unfortunately sometimes the good guys, who are also at times the bad guys, are trying to make the bad guys that are sometimes working for the good guys, stop being bad guys pretending to do good guy things that are bad, when there are already bad guys doing bad things that might be good for stopping the other bad guys that are sometimes the less bad guys when it comes to stopping the good guys that aren’t doing good things yet.

    In the end, we’re close to seeing the good guys find out who the good guys are so that they can stop the good guys that look like bad guys (at least once a month in these reports), but are really good guys that have done bad things, but don’t want to always do bad things, just sometimes when it’s worth their while. Stopping the bad guys that are really bad would be good for the bad guys that aren’t quite as bad, at least on Tuesdays.

    I think I’ve got it now…sheesh

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