~My Work Tool – feel free to use it too

Unofficial Announcement

Not all the Links to the right work yet ; they are below too.
– but if one fails, right click and “Open in a New Tab”, or new window.

YouTube, MeetUp and FaceBook do not work (yet)
– I did not think that through well enough.

Most of the sites do work, however – and I’m working on it.

Also, all logos, copy, etc are free to use in any way without asking.
I SUGGEST you put “OPPT-INhub” on your web site and it will
soon show up in my reports, and you will integrate into the network.

Yahoo Group will be used to collect, qualify & organize data for all :


3 thoughts on “~My Work Tool – feel free to use it too

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  2. Hi Vincent,
    Thanks so much for your quick reply and your willingness to help.

    I wrote this for people who want to find out if someone is open to talking about OPPT.

    If you want to open a conversation about OPPT then ask people about the following statements. That will tell you where they stand.

    What institutions do you trust?
    the financial and economic systems?
    the medical and big pharma systems?
    the educational system?
    the justice system?
    the political system?
    the big agriculture?
    the media?
    Most people I know do not trust any of these institutions anymore.

    OR, here it is more poetically…….

    “Just look at us, everything is backwards; everything is upside down.
    Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy
    knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroys information and
    religions destroy ……

    If someone identifies with these concepts, then they are probably ready to hear how we got here and what can be done.

    Hope this opens doors
    Love & Light

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