JG Vibes ~ New Law Targets Sovereign Citizens In New York State

JG Vibes ~ New Law Targets Sovereign Citizens In New York State

Posted on February 6, 2013 by 

theintelhub.com  February 5 2013

The Sovereign Citizen movement consists of a growing number of people who are beginning to turn the rhetoric and legalese of the state against itself.


According to the nationalistic folklore put forward by the courts, people are only ruled because they consent to being ruled, so many of these people are withdrawing their consent from the system based on this established guideline.

As much of a great concept as this as, and as much as everyone should be encouraged to pursue this lifestyle, there is one fatal flaw in this approach that must be remembered.


That flaw is that the whole system is a fraud to begin with, and the system will bend to the whims of authority regardless of what has been written into law previously.


With all of that being said withdrawing your consent from system and refusing to be ruled is something that everyone should be doing.


However, at the same time we should remember that the bullies who operate this system are not inclined to respect our decisions or our sovereignty, so it is important to remember that the government doesn’t follow their own rules.


Recently in the “Empire” police state of New York a piece of proposed legislation is calling for steeper penalties on sovereign citizens.  Additionally, this bill would revoke certain legal rights of sovereign citizens, allowing the state to bring charges against them for filing liens against state officials who violate their rights.


According to The Union-Sun & Journal:

“A state bill originating out of Orleans County could extend protections for public officials targeted by “sovereign citizens.” S.2026-2013, is a new bill sponsored by State Sen. George Maziarz, R-Newfane and proposed by Orleans County District Attorney Joe Cardone. It would amend the state’s lien law “to ensure that appropriate punishments and deterrent exist in relation to the malicious filing of false or fictitious liens against … police officers and elected officials.”


According to the bill, the filing of multiple false of fictitious liens is a growing tactic used by sovereign citizens “to intimidate (officials) and undermine the rule of law.”


“These bogus liens are meritless, but in multiple cases they were accepted by the Department of State and other entities and began to appear on credit reports and had a significant and negative impact on law abiding citizens,” S.2026-2013 reads.

Cardone said such filings can create “all kinds of financial issues” for local and state law enforcement and elected officials, who are currently not protected by a statute similar to the one for federal officials.


“Sovereign citizens have a different interpretation of the Constitution and use a different approach to assert rights they feel they have,” Cardone said. “Some have initiated lawsuits against public officials … by submitting inaccurate affidavits. They can be difficult to clear … it’s thousands, millions of dollars.”


The bills would add language to the state’s lien law making such actions, if found to be without merit, a Class E Felony punishable by a fine of ten thousand dollars per incidence and up to one year in prison.”


They are accusing sovereigns of filing “false” liens, but there is no description of how this criteria will be judged.  This is to be expected, political documents and pieces of legislation are purposely crafted to have very loose definitions so the language can be redefined at a future time, based on the whims of whoever is in charge and whatever types of challenges they are facing from their so called “citizens”.




J.G. Vibes is the author of an 87 chapter counter-culture textbook called Alchemy of the Modern Renaissance, a staff writer, reporter for theintelhub.com and Executive Producer of the Bob Tuskin Radio Show.


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