Live tonight with Santos Bonacci, Lisa and Chris

Edited 01/27/13 11:23pm est to add:

I hope you guys enjoyed the conversation tonight- the energy was beyond awesome and 2 hour flew by so fast it was shocking.  There were 101,600 wonderful BEings listening to the show live, and many many more who will listen to the recording/archived show.

Heather joined us for over an hour and had some very enlightening things to say. 

 These are the questions that Lisa Harrison sent to Heather earlier before the show, and Heathers responses:

“Heather, doing the radio show with Santos in 1 hour. I already know the questions on most people’s minds and what will come up. If you have any input I can share that would be great.
1. Enforcement – the who, when and how
2. How to activate a CVAC- people all over the world are contacting me to ask how to activate the CVAC for their country”

@lisa:  CVAC and all BRANCHES definitely can be used by the one people…however, Absolute Data (not one piece missing) is coming out now…do the people want to make an “interim decision” or an informed conscious choice based on the Absolute Data?  Do they want to make the conscious choice to not be responsbile and be governed or do they want to make the conscious choice to be responsible and practice self-governance? FOR NOW, THE CVAC and all BRANCHES reserved are holding the PTW in their place so that the one people of this planet of the opportunity to receive all the data and make an informed choice by their free will, each one.

@lisa:  enforcement…we are DO’ing the mechanics of enforcement now…the one people’s part in the enforcement?  Please, DO keep consciously choosing to BE and DO…that has more effect then you know…that is one of the vital keys to the mechanics of enforcement that is being DONE now.  Full context and knowing of the mechanics of the enforcement shall be visible after it is DONE.
similar to the same template the Public Trust did in the foreclosure…we told you after the mechanics were done….

@lisa: 2.  practical steps?….BE creative in DO’ing…BE in glory…and the DO’ing can only be glorious!!!!!  There is no manual to BE’ing…that is something that is with IN every One 😉
did I answer your questions, Lisa?
I went point by point…


I will be on FreedomReigns tonight live with Santo, Lisa, Chris and guests.  I might be a bit late calling in – probably closer to 7:30pm est till I get on.  If you’re around this evening, listen in. If not, the archive will be available after the show ends.


If you are not familiar with Santos Bonacci I highly recommend you watch this video


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