Petition to bring OPPT to the People via WH Petition


Petition to bring OPPT to the People via WH Petition

After listening to The Santos Bonacci Show with Lisa Harrison, Bob and Chris on Blogtalk Radio today regarding OPPT, this is how I felt my ACTions could be constructive with what they said on the show. This was a great show and very enlightening to those that were struggling with the documents and trying to understand them.
This Petition needs at least 150 signatures to become public. It needs 100,000 signatures to become valid to submit for ACTion. This is our call to DO by signing the Petition, to have our voices heard and to BE!
One People’s Public Trust 1776 filed several UCC documents against all governments, leaders, corporations, Rothechild’s, Vatican, Queen, Bush’s, Rockefeller’s, and others. None of these defendants filed a rebuttal bringing the findings to FACT. The filings also reset our financial system/slavery system back to PRIME, zero point. All People on Earth are debt free, Free People, to DO, to ACT, to BE, with full responsibility and liability of their individual actions under the Law of One. This is the Choice Point. By signing this Petition, each signer chooses Free Will, Free Choice, Ascension and Peace. The strawman is dead! People need not sign this Petition with a corporate strawman ‘full name’, for each BEing is ‘I AM’. How To video:
Go to the White House Petition website . . .  WE THE PEOPLE. . .  to see and sign the petition; then share it everywhere!
Definition of Petition:  an earnest request; a formal written request made to an official person or organized body (as a court); a document embodying such a formal written request; and something asked or requested.

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