Abundance is Our Birthright


Abundance is Our Birthright

Posted by  on January 23, 2013  on http://goldenageofgaia.com/2013/01/abundance-is-our-birthright/#more-162405

I don’t normally post this type of article, but in line with what Heather had said earlier today.
 See post below.

NESARA 53535
Archangel Michael was asked on An Hour With An Angel, January 21: “What may be happening or may be blocking pre-NESARA and NESARA at this time?” He replied:

“Of course there are politics involved in NESARA and Pre-NESARA but the biggest blockage is the opening of the hearts of the entire collective in saying I deserve and demand my birthright of abundance.
“You do not live in a Universe or a planet where there is lack and this is a key component to what we are discussing.
“It is absolutely not only talked down, the game has changed, my friend but it is also the bottom up and the middle sideways and you very individual personal recognition that you can create and call into being whether it is Pre-NESARA, NESARA, the Trust Funds, all of it.
“So what we are saying is that in fact there is no blockage.” (1)
If there’s no blockage, then there’s no one to blame outside of ourselves. Archangel Michael explains and counsels us on how to respond to the situation we find ourselves in.
“Yes, we know this is not a popular response because it is very easy to look at something outside of yourself. No, this is not about fault, blame, guilt. That is of the old Third [Dimension] so you cannot go there.
Cornucopeia 2839
“So what I am saying to the Collective that listens to this tonight:

“Call it forward, call it from the ethers, call it from Washington, call it from Geneva, call it from the International Monetary Fund, call it from Gaia herself, the riches of Gold!
“Call what you deserve and what you have always, always been worthy of!
“And in that calling forth what you do, you are like a bulldozer breaking through political intrigue and blockage.
“Will we help? Absolutely but we wish to do this with you, right now.” (2)
Imagine the beauty of abundance for all!
By consciously choosing to align and harmonize our thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions with the knowing that we deserve abundance, we as a Collective can draw the energy of abundance to us like ocean waves, one after another, on and on and on.
On December 7, 2011 Sanat Kumara addressed a small group through Linda Dillon:
“The biggest issue on Earth at this time has to do with wealth, with money, and with the underlying issues of self-worth and self-love. When that is resolved, the freedom truly begins.
“It is about people feeling the deservingness and the self worth. And unfortunately on the planet what has transpired is that these two have become intertwined, and they have become intertwined over a long period of time.
“Whether it has been goods or services or minerals, it does not matter. And this has led to the demise of the human collective. What it has done is that it has caused that illusion of separation, that somehow if you have, then you are worthy and God has found you worthy, and he has smiled upon you, or she has smiled upon you, or we have all smiled upon you. And that is absurd!” (3)
In my view, the daily, deliberate, and purposeful choice to call forth the abundance we all deserve, along with imagining a world that works for all, will manifest the Nova Earth we dream of.
By remaining attentive to this vision of abundance, we can mindfully call forth the reality of NESARA, to our world.
“Call it forward,” as Archangel Michael said, “call it from the ethers, call it from Washington, call it from Geneva, call it from the International Monetary Fund, call whether it is from Gaia herself, the riches of Gold!” (4)
Whether we know it or not, whether we even suspect it or not, abundance is our birthright.

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