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oppt_logo_border9A number of questions have been posed to various people about all this “OPPT business“, on various sites, from all over the world. Already American Kabuki and D of RTS have posted some of these. I am going to post everything I have right here, in this one posting area. It may be a bit long, but it’s all here, in one place.

I especially enjoyed the story by K at the bottom of this post. Perfect analogy to what’s happening here, on this planet, now.


Posted 1-18-13 at Removing the Shackles:

Anonymous18 January 2013 09:11

D do you actually know what you are doing? First when you started this blog you were posting about the rv’s then the new monetary system and then you were posting about mass arrests.

You have been thrown from pillar to post from one subject to another proving that your intel…

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  1. Hi PTMilwaukee!

    I am having trouble connecting to these links you have on your sidebar.

    Some of them work for me, but these below do not. You may need to check them. That’d be great, as I will post them on this site – http://oppttheunfoldingstory.wordpress.com – which you already have linked. These are the ones I can’t access:

    Net: Akanagan CA
    Net: Anchorage USA
    Net: Los Angeles USA
    Net: Ottawa CA
    Net: Saskatoon CA
    Net: SeaTac
    Net: Wisconsin USA

    This is big isn’t it!

    Cheers from ‘Downunder’

    • deb ‘DownUnder’ – It seems to me it is Big, especially when/if we work as a team, sharing and ‘making it work for us’. I placed the world political map upside down as symbolism, and now I joke ” “it’s all Up to Australia.”

      All the Links are all tested twice just now, and I made a Links page too; but I was not able to cause any of the links to fail.

      Links Page Here

      If you any problem still, please ask again; I wish to make the resources easy for all to use. And, I appreciate the exposure for all these local efforts.

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