ALERT: Head of US Government Legal System Spills the Beans…About Silver Manipulation

Attorney General Eric Holder just testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee that the investigation into Silver Market Manipulation could not be prosecuted (or made public) because it would have too adverse of an effect on the Global Economic System…or something to that effect!

Eric Holder Admits Some Banks Are Just Too Big To Prosecute

“I am concerned that the size of some of these institutions becomes so large that it does become difficult for us to prosecute them,” Mr. Holder told lawmakers. Prosecutors, he said, must confront the problem that “if you do prosecute, if you do bring a criminal charge, it will have a negative impact on the national economy, perhaps even the world
economy. And I think that is a function of the fact that some of these institutions have become too large.”

“Mr. Holder, however defended his agency.  Federal prosecutors, he said, have been “as aggressive as they could be, brought cases where we think we could have brought them,” he said.”

“After the hearing, the panel’s top Republican, Sen.  Chuck Grassley of Iowa, issued a statement calling Mr. Holder’s remarks “stunning.” Mr. Holder ” recognized that in effect, the big banks and their senior executives have a get-out-of-jail-free card,” he said.”

NOTHING is by accident anymore and the huge increase in anti-bankster rhetoric and visibility lately is no exception. The facts surrounding the Silver Manipulation investigation are so blatant and so damaging to JP Morgan there is no other Road for the regulators to travel! That is WHY the case still hasn’t been dropped after 4 years. (Remember the head fake published in the Financial Times last August that charges were being dropped? Well, they never were! F-U…FT you criminal conspirators!)

For the ten thousandth time I’ll say it again…
The CFTC WILL bring the hammer down on the Silver Manipulators and Silver WILL finally be released from it’s shackles.

This is the will of “We The People” and we will NEVER give up until JUSTICE is served.

This is where this Road ENDS for the Bad Guys.

Bix Weir


Talk about stoking the fire under the London Bankster’s “arses”!

Statement of Commissioner Bart Chilton Before the International Roundtable on Financial Benchmarks, Washington, DC

February 26, 2013

I’m pleased we are discussing the critically important topic of benchmarks.  We’ve witnessed blatant and brazen monkeying with the marks.  The LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate), for instance, impacts virtually anything consumers purchase on credit from a car to a home mortgage to a student loan.  When marks are manipulated, it affects us all.

I’ve heard many suggest that lots of banks were submitting false rates, so therefore it was acceptable.  That is, in no way, cool or copacetic. It violates the law and can hurt consumers and customers around the globe.  Rather, the idea that pervasive manipulation, or attempted manipulation, is so widespread should make us all query the veracity of the other key marks.  What about energy, swaps, the gold and silver fixes in London and the whole litany of “bors?”  Why would they be any different in the minds of those that may have sought to push or pull rates?  For me, this means every single mark needs to be reviewed, and potentially investigated.

Finally, these benchmarks need to be based upon real, transparent trades, and not in the control of any individual or entity which may have a profit motive. That means government; quasi-government or an appropriate not-for-profit entity should oversee the circumstances surrounding how marks are established.

I hope today’s discussion moves us in a direction that restores credibility and confidence to the marks and markets.

Last Updated: February 26, 2013

I’m sure that Bart is relieved that he doesn’t have to PRETEND to be a weak,non-entity anymore. The game is back on!
Go Bart!
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir

Britain’s colonial shame: Slave-owners given huge payouts after abolition

Britain’s colonial shame: Slave-owners given huge payouts after abolition

Posted: 25 Feb 2013 01:33 PM PST

Britain’s colonial shame: Slave-owners given huge payouts after abolition
David Cameron’s ancestors were among the wealthy families who received generous reparation payments that would be worth millions of pounds in today’s money

The true scale of Britain’s involvement in the slave trade has been laid bare in documents revealing how the country’s wealthiest families received the modern equivalent of billions of pounds in compensation after slavery was abolished.

The previously unseen records show exactly who received what in payouts from the Government when slave ownership was abolished by Britain – much to the potential embarrassment of their descendants. Dr Nick Draper from University College London, who has studied the compensation papers, says as many as one-fifth of wealthy Victorian Britons derived all or part of their fortunes from the slave economy.

As a result, there are now wealthy families all around the UK still indirectly enjoying the proceeds of slavery where it has been passed on to them. Dr Draper said: “There was a feeding frenzy around the compensation.” A John Austin, for instance, owned 415 slaves, and got compensation of £20,511, a sum worth nearly £17m today. And there were many who received far more.

Academics from UCL, led by Dr Draper, spent three years drawing together 46,000 records of compensation given to British slave-owners into an internet database to be launched for public use on Wednesday. But he emphasised that the claims set to be unveiled were not just from rich families but included many “very ordinary men and women” and covered the entire spectrum of society.

Dr Draper added that the database’s findings may have implications for the “reparations debate”. Barbados is currently leading the way in calling for reparations from former colonial powers for the injustices suffered by slaves and their families.

Among those revealed to have benefited from slavery are ancestors of the Prime Minister, David Cameron, former minister Douglas Hogg, authors Graham Greene and George Orwell, poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and the new chairman of the Arts Council, Peter Bazalgette. Other prominent names which feature in the records include scions of one of the nation’s oldest banking families, the Barings, and the second Earl of Harewood, Henry Lascelles, an ancestor of the Queen’s cousin. Some families used the money to invest in the railways and other aspects of the industrial revolution; others bought or maintained their country houses, and some used the money for philanthropy. George Orwell’s great-grandfather, Charles Blair, received £4,442, equal to £3m today, for the 218 slaves he owned.

The British government paid out £20m to compensate some 3,000 families that owned slaves for the loss of their “property” when slave-ownership was abolished in Britain’s colonies in 1833. This figure represented a staggering 40 per cent of the Treasury’s annual spending budget and, in today’s terms, calculated as wage values, equates to around £16.5bn.

A total of £10m went to slave-owning families in the Caribbean and Africa, while the other half went to absentee owners living in Britain. The biggest single payout went to James Blair (no relation to Orwell), an MP who had homes in Marylebone, central London, and Scotland. He was awarded £83,530, the equivalent of £65m today, for 1,598 slaves he owned on the plantation he had inherited in British Guyana.

But this amount was dwarfed by the amount paid to John Gladstone, the father of 19th-century prime minister William Gladstone. He received £106,769 (modern equivalent £83m) for the 2,508 slaves he owned across nine plantations. His son, who served as prime minister four times during his 60-year career, was heavily involved in his father’s claim.

Mr Cameron, too, is revealed to have slave owners in his family background on his father’s side. The compensation records show that General Sir James Duff, an army officer and MP for Banffshire in Scotland during the late 1700s, was Mr Cameron’s first cousin six times removed. Sir James, who was the son of one of Mr Cameron’s great-grand-uncle’s, the second Earl of Fife, was awarded £4,101, equal to more than £3m today, to compensate him for the 202 slaves he forfeited on the Grange Sugar Estate in Jamaica.

Another illustrious political family that it appears still carries the name of a major slave owner is the Hogg dynasty, which includes the former cabinet minister Douglas Hogg. They are the descendants of Charles McGarel, a merchant who made a fortune from slave ownership. Between 1835 and 1837 he received £129,464, about £101m in today’s terms, for the 2,489 slaves he owned. McGarel later went on to bring his younger brother-in-law Quintin Hogg into his hugely successful sugar firm, which still used indentured labour on plantations in British Guyana established under slavery. And it was Quintin’s descendants that continued to keep the family name in the limelight, with both his son, Douglas McGarel Hogg, and his grandson, Quintin McGarel Hogg, becoming Lord Chancellor.

Dr Draper said: “Seeing the names of the slave-owners repeated in 20th‑century family naming practices is a very stark reminder about where those families saw their origins being from. In this case I’m thinking about the Hogg family. To have two Lord Chancellors in Britain in the 20th century bearing the name of a slave-owner from British Guiana, who went penniless to British Guyana, came back a very wealthy man and contributed to the formation of this political dynasty, which incorporated his name into their children in recognition – it seems to me to be an illuminating story and a potent example.”

Mr Hogg refused to comment yesterday, saying he “didn’t know anything about it”. Mr Cameron declined to comment after a request was made to the No 10 press office.

Another demonstration of the extent to which slavery links stretch into modern Britain is Evelyn Bazalgette, the uncle of one of the giants of Victorian engineering, Sir Joseph Bazalgette and ancestor of Arts Council boss Sir Peter Bazalgette. He was paid £7,352 (£5.7m in today’s money) for 420 slaves from two estates in Jamaica. Sir Peter said yesterday: “It had always been rumoured that his father had some interests in the Caribbean and I suspect Evelyn inherited that. So I heard rumours but this confirms it, and guess it’s the sort of thing wealthy people on the make did in the 1800s. He could have put his money elsewhere but regrettably he put it in the Caribbean.”

The TV chef Ainsley Harriott, who had slave-owners in his family on his grandfather’s side, said yesterday he was shocked by the amount paid out by the government to the slave-owners. “You would think the government would have given at least some money to the freed slaves who need to find homes and start new lives,” he said. “It seems a bit barbaric. It’s like the rich protecting the rich.”

The database is available from Wednesday at:

Cruel trade

Slavery on an industrial scale was a major source of the wealth of the British empire, being the exploitation upon which the West Indies sugar trade and cotton crop in North America was based. Those who made money from it were not only the slave-owners, but also the investors in those who transported Africans to enslavement. In the century to 1810, British ships carried about three million to a life of forced labour.

Campaigning against slavery began in the late 18th century as revulsion against the trade spread. This led, first, to the abolition of the trade in slaves, which came into law in 1808, and then, some 26 years later, to the Act of Parliament that would emancipate slaves. This legislation made provision for the staggering levels of compensation for slave-owners, but gave the former slaves not a penny in reparation.

More than that, it said that only children under six would be immediately free; the rest being regarded as “apprentices” who would, in exchange for free board and lodging, have to work for their “owners” 40 and a half hours for nothing until 1840. Several large disturbances meant that the deadline was brought forward and so, in 1838, 700,000 slaves in the West Indies, 40,000 in South Africa and 20,000 in Mauritius were finally liberated.

David Randall

Nathan Rothschild Loses Libel Suit

Nathan Rothschild Loses Libel Suit

Posted: 25 Feb 2013 01:28 PM PST

Rothschild loses libel case, and reveals secret world of money and politics
Thanks to billionaire’s legal battle, we now know a lot more about how the super-rich work

With his long limbs and delicate gait, Lord Mandelson could no doubt manage a quite convincing turn in Thunderbirds.

He’d find Jeff Tracy most convivial: a billionaire astronaut with his own Pacific island, and now, it seems, he even has his own camera-shy friend to pull the strings.

According to the High Court, Nathaniel Rothschild, scion of the banking dynasty and friend of seemingly everyone in the spheres of finance, business and politics, is indeed “puppet master” to the Baron of Hartlepool and Foy.

The banker and Bullingdon boy has lost his libel case against the Daily Mail, which he sued for “substantial damages” over its account of his and Mr Mandelson’s extraordinary trip to Russia in January 2005.

Mr Rothschild claimed he was subjected to “sustained and unjustified” attacks in the May 2010 article, which portrayed him as a “puppet master”, dangling his friend Lord Mandelson in front of the Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska to ease the passage of colossal business deals.

Messrs Rothschild and Mandelson’s Russian trip would certainly have made entertaining viewing, but maybe not for Thunderbirds fans. Nobody needed rescuing, that’s for certain.

It began on Mr Rothschild’s private jet from the World Economic Forum in Davos to Moscow, where they met Mr Deripaska, the aluminium plant manager who became the richest oligarch of them all, and continued on Mr Deripaska’s private jet to his chalet in Siberia, where “to beat jet lag” they were whipped with birch leaves before plunging themselves into icy water – a traditional Siberian banya.

Less salacious, but seemingly more sordid, was an earlier dinner at Cantinetta Antinori, a fashionable Tuscan restaurant in Moscow. Mr Deripaska, the Mail had claimed, was dining with executives from the US aluminium giant Alcoa, negotiating a £250m deal to buy two of Mr Deripaska’s aluminium plants, at which a stumbling block was an EU import tariff on Russian aluminium. Enter Lord Mandelson, then a lowly Mister, but at the time the EU Trade Commissioner. The deal is done, costing several hundred British jobs, and the tariffs come down.

Mr Rothschild claimed the trip was “purely recreational”, and Associated Newspapers had to admit during litigation that it couldn’t be sure that Mr Mandelson had joined Mr Deripaska at dinner or whether aluminium tariffs were discussed, and in fact the deal had been struck before Mr Mandelson and Mr Rothschild arrived in Moscow. But for Mr Justice Tugenhadt, recreation it was not.

“So far as Lord Mandelson was concerned the benefit was the trip and the hospitality itself. So far as Mr Deripaska was concerned it was a relationship with the EU Trade Commissioner,” he said in his ruling. The judge rejected the notion that Mr Rothschild and Mr Mandelson had flown out as friends, not business associates, and said Mr Rothschild’s behaviour had in part been “inappropriate”. “That conduct foreseeably brought Lord Mandelson’s public office and personal integrity into disrepute,” the judge said.

Mr Rothschild’s “different and developing” accounts of the Siberia trip were confusing, he continued, adding that on this subject the banker had not been entirely candid.

Mr Rothschild said he was disappointed with the judgement and intended to appeal. “The truth is, as the Daily Mail has now accepted, that I had nothing whatsoever to do with this deal and that it had in any event been completed before Lord Mandelson and I even arrived in Moscow,” he said in a statement. Disputing the judge’s findings, he added: “Lord Mandelson’s trip to Russia was entirely recreational – as the court has accepted – and Lord Mandelson had obtained clearance for the trip from his office before undertaking it.”

Puppet masters, of course, do not like the limelight, but when one pulls quite as many strings as Mr Rothschild would appear to, things will inevitably go wrong. Indeed, it is not the first time this seemingly unlikely trio has conspired to make the headlines. When Mr Deripaska moored his yacht next to the Rothschild family villa in the summer of 2008, they, along with George Osborne, managed to tie themselves up in an even more spectacular imbroglio.

Either on the yacht or in the villa, Lord Mandelson might have said unkind things about Gordon Brown and Mr Rothschild is alleged to have suggested that Mr Deripaska might be interested in making a donation to the Tories. Via the two politicians it all ended up in the press – the last place their two hosts like seeing themselves.

That leading politicians, bankers and businessmen associate with each other in fashions that blur the boundaries between work and pleasure is a secret too great to be maintained with any success, but it doesn’t make the details, on the rare occasions they actually emerge, any more palatable.

A spokesman for the Daily Mail said: “This case is a reminder, at a time when newspapers are under attack for invading privacy, that the rich and powerful regularly use the law to prevent legitimate scrutiny of their activities. Had the Mail lost this case, it could have incurred costs of more than one million pounds.

“Not many news organisations, however committed they are to free speech, can afford to risk a loss of that magnitude. As Lord Justice Leveson’s inquiry considers the balance between privacy and freedom of expression, the chilling effect on free speech that court cases like this one exert needs to be borne in mind.”

OPPT Terminology Defined

OPPT Terminology Defined

Posted: 26 Feb 2013 11:21 AM PST

OPPT Terminology Defined
by Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf
I realize this may bring up just as many questions as it does answers. So, I suggest these words BE used as a tool to go within, where we can all find what we already KNOW.
– Brian

Source = First Source of all that IS, also known as Creator, Universal Father, God, Allah, Yahweh, and any other title, label or limitation given to First Source by the creations of First Source.

Co-Creator = Eternal Heart created by and from Source, BE’ing.

Universal Contract = Agreement by and between Co-Creator, Eternal Heart, and Source to experience separation, or otherwise contrasts of the whole, Absolute, Source.

Bondservant = Temporary Designation of Co-Creator, Eternal Heart as party to a Universal Contract with Source.

State of Body = the Co-Creator’s chosen manifestation, vehicle, transmitting utility, created to carry out the terms and conditions of the Universal Contract.

CVAC = creation’s value asset centers and each BE’ing in Source’s Universe is a CVAC, individually and equally to all others, with each CVAC granted and guaranteed the right to BE and DO what they BE by their free will choice and the opportunity to exercise that right without prejudice and without damage to any other CVAC, UILO UCC Doc. No. 2012128325.

CVAC SYSTEM (registered as “GOVERNMENT”) = a stationary and consistent planetary system to provide assistance without prejudice to any CVAC in their BE’ing and DO’ing what they BE, but only providing assistance to the CVAC when and in the manner the CVAC chooses by their free will, UILO UCC Doc. No. 2012128324.

CVAC BRANCH = a local stationary BRANCH of the CVAC SYSTEM that can provide customized assistance (language, cultural, etc.) immediately without prejudice to any CVAC that asks for assistance, but only providing assistance to the CVAC when and in the manner the CVAC chooses by their free will, UILO UCC Doc. No. 2012128325.

CVAC SYSTEM’S (registered as “GOVERNMENT”) SYSTEMS OF ASSISTANCE = systems of assistance that PAY focused ATTENTION to specific areas, such as treasury, technology, education, health, and other areas, in order to bring the Absolute Data of that specific area on to the table of Transparency for the sole purpose of assisting any CVAC so that any CVAC has the opportunity to make informed choices by their free will. Each of the focused and specific areas work transparently and interdependently to bring forth Absolute Data and to give assistance to any CVAC as the CVAC chooses by their free will, UILO UCC Doc. No. 2012128324/2012128325.

UILO = UNIVERSAL and INTERNATIONAL LAW ORDINANCE, a part and sub-section of LAW ORDINANCE and its records, that are issued by Co-Creators with full responsibility and under full liability of the Co-Creator that issues it… Universal Law Ordinance is noticed by action or inaction while International Law Ordinance, inclusive of its National, and State departments, is noticed by public registration.

Judge guilty of Corruption & Treason- Let the Enforcement Begin!

Judge guilty of Corruption & Treason- Let the Enforcement Begin!

Posted: 26 Feb 2013 11:32 AM PST

File:Lynn Nettleton Hughes.jpg
Judge Lynn Nettleton Hughes

Judge guilty of Corruption & Treason- Let the Enforcement Begin!

Here is the original post from Removing the Shackles:

File:Lynn Nettleton Hughes.jpg

This is email that I received from Stacy,  Patrick Cody Morgan’s sister who has been keeping us updated on Cody’s illegal incarceration.

Yesterday, in a travesty of justice, Cody was sentenced to 27 years in prison for a crime he DID NOT COMMIT!!!!  The Pope, Queen and others got 25 years for GENOCIDE!!!  What is wrong with this picture??  My family is devastated – they do not know about you, WONDERFUL people.  They don’t have the hope that I do that this wrong will be righted.
Cody is on his way to a FEDERAL facility today, where, we have no idea.  I hope and pray we hear from him soon.  We will get the transcript in a day or so of yesterday’s proceedings.  They kept cutting off his mike and we know the recording, so we don’t know if EVERYTHING that was said by either the judge or Cody is completely on the transcript.  Cody was so eloquent and the judge was flustered because Cody called him on so many things.
Previously, in his trial, he would not even sit in the Defendant’s chair as he said, he was not consenting to being the defendant, as they had NO jurisdiction over a “living man”.  He never really defended himself at trial.  When the judge mentioned this, yesterday, Cody said, “I was NOT going to defend myself against fabricated fraud and lies.  That was what the jury was presiding over.  I let my paperwork stand as my defense.  I filed my Affidavit of Facts and backed it up with a Bond.  YOU have NEVER refuted ONE of my facts, you were defaulted out and you, still have never rebutted anything.  I find that very curious.”
I KNOW the judge was VERY surprised that Cody was so eloquent and KNEW what he was talking about and countered the judge at every turn with correct information, but the judge “glossed” over EVERYTHING.  Much of that info we know the other attorney’s had no idea what they were talking about.  They know about procedure, not law and not about what you and I now know and about what Heather uncovered.  These judges are “schooled” in it all and how to deal with people like Cody.  They just railroad them and try to make them out to be those “crazy sovereigns”.
Some of it was actually funny and I wonder if the judge just made it up as he went along – he said, according to jurisdiction, that when he woke up every morning he “poked” himself and there was his jurisdiction – ???  He also said that he ran an Article III court – only one in America is in New York – Court of International Trade, which Cody filed his case.  (We don’t know if they took it on because they said they had to see if THEY had jurisdiction).  Cody said, on the record – that is a lie!
Cody made his points and when asked by the judge if he had anything else to say before his sentencing, Cody turned to the courtroom and told EVERYONE that he was NOT acquiescing to ANY of the proceedings and would NOT plead to something that he HAD NOT DONE!!  He called the judge’s court a KANGAROO court several times.  He accepted for value everything they threw at him, for the record, several times, including his sentence.
It was so horrible to feel so helpless to not be able to help this incredible man.  I PROMISE I’m not saying that as his sister, but when you meet him you’ll know what I mean.  YES!!!! He will be an incredible force to have to help with paperwork, etc… for your organization.  He understands this probably as close as Heather does.
I don’t know what the next step is to get this overturned and those responsible BEHIND BARS for all of this, but I would PRAY that all of you help us.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have already shared with your readers and their help with their letters.

Benjamin Fulford February 26 2013 – Is March going to be the month of the final breakthrough ?


Posted on February 25, 2013 by 

Benjamin Fulford


High level geopolitical horse trading going on around right now appears to be headed towards historical changes in how the world is managed will become visible in March. Big diplomatic moves have been seen with Japan, Russia, Europe, South America, Africa and the US during the past week, although with few public announcements. These talks are in preparation for big moves expected after a new Pope and a new Chinese government, formally take the reins of power in March.


As the horse trading continues, the following potential geopolitical chess moves have been hinted at by the various factions: the Pentagon would seize Nigeria’s oil fields, North Korea would attack Beijing and Shanghai with nukes, China would start a war with India, Japan would team up with Russia, the US and India to tame China, South America would link itself to Africa etc. etc.


What all this really amounts to is the various factions showing their strengths in preparations for replacing the Western dominated world system of governance with something more representative of the actual people of the planet.


There were also responses last week from MI5 and from the Vatican P2 about the attacks on the Queen and the papacy.

Here is the MI5 response to the accusations against the Queen made by US agency types


and mentioned in last week’s issue of this newsletter:


This is linked to previous reports that the Monarchy is ‘owned’ by Rome and this is also presumably behind the current thinking that the Queen will be deposed because of the paedophile scandal which will hit the Vatican. First point about the handshake…the nearest likeness is the Lion’s Paw of the Master Mason. It is however very questionable whether HMQ is a Freemason and therefore whether the handshake can be interpreted as being Masonic. The most senior Freemason in England is Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, who is first cousin to the Queen and Grand Master of Freemasons in England and Wales. If HMQ were a Mason she would be lower in rank than the Prince, leave alone the Pope.


Officially the Pope is not a Freemason either, as Masonry is prohibited by the Catholic Church, as is pedophilia. However Zagami says there are four Lodges inside the Vatican which are run by the administration for Satanic rituals below ground. Where, incidentally the CIA says that the remains of Jesus are buried, unascended.


A member of the P2 Freemason Lodge said only that the Queen used to be subordinate to the Pope in matters of doctrine “long ago.” This same source, a member of the Italian nobility, said the Pope announced his resignation because he was threatened with the murder of millions of Catholics, probably in Beirut, if he did not resign.


In any case last week there was a major, and under-reported, split between the UK and the cabal that controls the US and Europe. Essentially, the UK government announced that it was becoming the first major Western nation to directly trade its currency for Chinese Renminbi. This was followed by an announcement by the totally disgraced cabal “credit rating agency” Moody’s that Britain’s credit rating had been reduced. The British withdrawal from the US dollar/Euro group and move to direct forex dealing with China is a major blow to the cabal behind the Federal Reserve Board and the European central bank. Australia has also already switched to direct dealings with the Renminbi, joining such powers as Japan, Russia and India and much of the rest of the world.


It is no coincidence this move comes a week before the new Chinese government formally takes over the reins of power in March.


Asia, as well, was the center of lots of jockeying for position last week. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan in particular has been trying to show himself to be a macho man. When he went to Washington last weekend, he asked the Americans to allow him to stay in power for his full term (4 years) and promised he obey them in exchange, according to Japanese military intelligence. Abe also apologized for being “too close to China” last time he was Prime Minister.


However, the Americans were having no part of any talk of allying with Japan against China since without Chinese money, the US would have become bankrupt a long time ago. The Japanese establishment, to hedge their bets, have also been making secret proposals to Russia to join them in a move to encircle China.


The Japanese also pulled out an ace from their sleeve last week when the North Koreans, who are secret allies of Japan, told the Chinese they had nuclear missiles aimed at Beijing and Shanghai, Japanese military intelligence said.

The Chinese, for their part, have agreed with the Taiwanese and with many Japanese factions that the solution to the territorial dispute over the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands would be to make Okinawa an independent kingdom again like it was until the cabal took over Japan in the Meiji era. In such a scenario the Chinese and Japanese would split the costs of US bases there in exchange for them becoming a neutral police force.


The Chinese war-mongering faction has now decided that if they need to start a war to strengthen internal Chinese unity that India would make a better target. The death of 100 million people would be “considered acceptable,” in such a war, according to a senior Chinese military source linked to an Asian secret society. This of course, is just a way of saying “do not under-estimate China.”


The US military industrial complex, for its part, showed off its likely strategy for dealing with imminent bankruptcy: the use of armed force. In particular, the US has begun to build up a major base in the African country of Niger, the only likely strategic aim of which would be to seize the rich oil fields of next door Nigeria. This is the pentagon’s way of saying they will do what is necessary to make sure they can keep filling their gas tanks no matter what happens in the financial world.

US Secretary of State John Kerry flew off to Europe and the Middle East last week to try to convince the Europeans, Russians and Sunni Muslims to unite behind dictator Obama.


However, the United States, a nation that has been constantly at war for most of the past 70 years, will find it now considered to be a friendless rogue nation. The momentum is with the 180 nation BRICS alliance. They wish to improve the environment and living standards of the planet. Their motto is simple: “make love, not war.”

A Message from Heather: Almost Every Loan, If Not Every Loan is Fraud…No Loan Was Made

A Message from Heather: Almost Every Loan, If Not Every Loan is Fraud…No Loan Was Made

Posted: 25 Feb 2013 10:08 AM PST

Almost Every Loan, If Not Every Loan is Fraud…No Loan Was Made
Heather shared this message in a Skype chat, and I thought it was well worth sharing. I asked for permission (just like we did with the Poof interview lol) and here was her response:
Heather: Sure…go for it…just post also with data that loan and debt are two different concepts, legally, lawfully, factually and as a matter of public policy.
The following dialogue is pulled directly from the Skype conversation:
Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf:
1. produce documentation of prior title, ownership and rights to the money they purportedly loaned you
2. produce documentation of the history and origin of funds that they purporetedly had prior title, ownership and rights to that they purportedly loaned you (banking requires 3 generations at least if not all the way back to issuance/creation of the alleged funds…this is why banks issue a letter of origin/history of funds)
3. produce documentation of the actual transaction and transfer of said funds (prior title, ownership, and rights) from loaner to borrower (invoicing/receipts) there is a difference between a “loan” and “debt,” conceptually and factually
look up the definitions of loan and debt
difference between statement and invoice…only an invoice has to be paid…however they would first have to show that they made you a loan…if no loan, each invoice is fraud, mail fraud, etc.
Side Note: I share this on the day I will be sending a little Courtesy Notice to the wonderful people over at Chase bank to let them know that the money they purportedly “loaned” me for my car is fraudulent and I will no longer be sending in ANY payments 🙂
~ Brian

Final Verdict is Rendered in First Common Law Court Case against the Vatican and Canada for Genocide

Final Verdict is Rendered in First Common Law Court Case against the Vatican and Canada for Genocide

Posted: 25 Feb 2013 11:27 AM PST

Final Verdict is Rendered in First Common Law Court Case against the Vatican and Canada for Genocide
Pope, Queen and Canadian Prime Minister found Guilty of Crimes against Humanity and Sentenced to Twenty Five Year Prison Terms
Court Orders them to Surrender by March 4 or face Citizens’ Arrests

Here’s the direct link:


Pope Benedict will go to jail for twenty five years for his role in Crimes against Humanity, and Vatican wealth and property is to be seized, according to today’s historic verdict of the International Common Law Court of Justice.

The Brussels-based Court handed down a unanimous guilty verdict from its Citizen Jurors and ordered the citizens’ arrest of thirty Defendants commencing March 4 in a Court Order issued to them today.

The verdict read in part,

“We the Citizen Jury find that the Defendants in this case are guilty of the two indictments, that is, they are guilty of committing or aiding and abetting Crimes against Humanity, and of being part of an ongoing Criminal Conspiracy”

The Jury ruled that each Defendant receive a mandatory twenty five year prison sentence without parole, and have all their personal assets seized.

The Court went on to declare in its Order No. 022513-001,

“The Defendants are ordered to surrender themselves voluntarily to Peace Officers and Agents authorized by this COURT, having been found Guilty as charged.

“The Defendants have seven days from the issuing of this ORDER, until March 4, 2103, to comply. After March 4, 2013, an International Arrest Warrant will be issued against these Defendants”.

The guilty parties include Elizabeth Windsor, Queen of England, Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, and the head officers of the Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada. (A complete copy of the Verdict, the Court Order and a list of the Defendants is enclosed on the accompanying you tube link).

The guilty verdict followed nearly a month of deliberations by more than thirty sworn Citizen Jurors of the 150 case exhibits produced by Court Prosecutors.

These exhibits detailed irrefutable proof of a massive criminal conspiracy by the Defendants’ institutions to commit and conceal Genocide on generations of children in so-called Indian residential schools across Canada.

None of the Defendants challenged or disputed a Public Summons issued to them last September; nor did they deny the charges made against them, or offer counter evidence to the Court.

“Their silence told me a lot. Why wouldn’t innocent people defend their own reputation when accused of such horrible things?” commented one Juror, based in England.

“These crimes were aimed at children, and were a cold and calculated plan to wipe out Indians who weren’t Christians. And the defendants clearly are still covering up this crime. So we felt we had to do more than slap their wrist. The whole reign of terror by state-backed churches that are above the law has to end, because children still suffer from it”.

The Court’s judgement declares the wealth and property of the churches responsible for the Canadian genocide to be forfeited and placed under public ownership, as reparations for the families of the more than 50,000 children who died in the residential schools.

To enforce its sentence, the Court has empowered citizens in Canada, the United States, England, Italy and a dozen other nations to act as its legal agents armed with warrants, and peacefully occupy and seize properties of the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada, which are the main agents in the deaths of these children.

“This sentence gives a legal foundation and legitimacy to the church occupations that have already begun by victims of church torture around the world” commented Kevin Annett, the chief adviser to the Prosecutor’s Office, who presented its case to the world. (see, November 6 and January 30 postings)

“The verdict of the Court is clearly that these criminal church bodies are to be legally and practically disestablished, and their stolen wealth reclaimed by the people. Justice has finally begun to be be served. The dead can now rest more easily.”

Court officers are delivering the Order to all the Defendants this week, including to the Canadian Prime Minister, the Queen of England and to Joseph Ratzinger, the retiring Pope Benedict who is avoiding arrest within the Vatican after suddenly resigning two weeks ago.
The citizens’ arrests of these and other Defendants will commence on March 4 if they do not surrender themselves and their assets, as per the Court Order.

These actions will be filmed and posted at here in the coming week, along with further updates from the Court and its Citizen Agents.

Please see the accompanying you tube video.

Issued by the Central Office,

The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State

25 February, 2013


Link to YouTube Video:

Heather Explains More about OPPT, Eternal Hearts, etc.

Heather Explains More about OPPT, Eternal Hearts, etc.

Early this morning, the Removing The Shackles Skype room revealed a post by Heather. I’ve taken out times, dates and others names and their comments to bring you the meat of what Heather has to share with us.


that, and the off-planet friends going over the records to find out who messed with them (devil)

the Akashic records are within the body, that is why they have put poison in the food, water (inclusive of flouride), air, land, vaccinations, medications…by altering those here they were able to alter those in other dimensions…that is why they focused their energy altering here, and making sure no one remembered…we are the creators of Source’s Universe…look within…do you know why remembering the eternal hearts at the end was sooooo important?  It would take a BE’ing, a Divine, with the utmost “divine knoweledge” (meaning all knoweldge absent the knowledge of the eternal hearts) to know, understand how to alter the energetic patterns, and coordinate a slavery system through Source’s Universe….look with in…the “highest” of the Divines figured out too late=the eternal heart bit and kept it from all the others…they suspected it after October 24, 2012…so they amped up altering what they thought was the prime within without the knowledge and knowing consent of the people, the earth, and by DO’ing so they altered the fractal energetic patterns throughout Source’s Universe…BUT, they KNEW 100% about the eternal heart bit December 9, 2012…however, they held on to hope…even on January 11, 2013, when the eternal hearts system activated and they knew it was activated…but that hope is but a dot of light since January 21, 2013 when the eternal heart system was “pinged” and they realized they could not “escape it”, that they were a part of the Absolute Plan no matter how hard they tried to implement and enforce a Divine Plan…now the Divines, the divine wanna-be’s, and their agents are what you would call certifiably crazy (chuckle)  I love the eternal hearts…I TRUST IN THE ETERNAL HEARTS. (heart)

and within each, is the eternal records, the records of creation, which have record of the Absolute Plan BE’ing determined, laid out, agreed upon, and entered and everything to this moment…then came the Akashic Records that start with the experiment and the Divine Plan…so the eternal records AND the Akashic Records are available to all…

remember the conversation about assessing data from divines, especially what is not told?   Absolute Truth and knowing that there was something that was not told comes from accessing the eternal records, the records of creation…look within and determine the data here in by your tools of resonance with in.

I DO….many others DO…now all eternal hearts will DO…remember the gold exercise?  Look back at all the data since December 9, 2012 (actually October 22, 2012 when OPPT went to BIS to inspect the gold holdings and the bookkeeping)…what data is on the Table of Transparency in regards to Gold, Silver, Tungsten, repatriations, audits, etc.?  Ok…now…if you choose, DO you choose to finish this experience of separation and DO the final reconciliation into Absolute and DO a new experience of One, Absolute Abundance and BE’ing and DO’ing by free will choice?

ok all…going in to finish the eternal heart exercise for some serious funnnnn to BE DONE together and absolutely root the NOW paradigm…bbl

In The Money: OPPT Makes Plea To The Swedish Government


In The Money: OPPT Makes Plea To The Swedish Government

Posted: 23 Feb 2013 07:17 PM PST

The Guardian Express
In The Money: OPPT Makes Plea To The Swedish Government
Open Letter to the Prime Minister and the Ministers of THE GOVERNMENT OF SWEDEN
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Part 1: 

The members of a group calling themselves The One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) have been in the news lately, because of recent UCC filings, with regards to the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).

The UCC is not a U.S. law, rather a uniform code of conduct for Intra-State and Global commerce, drafted and approved by private organizations, to be enacted by the individual U.S. States, and World Governments.

It has been approved by all 50 States in the U.S., Washington, D.C., The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and The U.S. Virgin Islands, as well as all major World Governments.

What follows is a Press Release of a letter sent to the Prime Minister of Sweden, Fredrik Reinfeldt.

>>>Press Release – For Immediate Distribution<<<

Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt,
103 33 Stockholm

February 20, 2013

Open Letter to the Prime Minister and the Ministers of THE GOVERNMENT OF SWEDEN

Dear Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt,

I am writing this letter to you to inquire about a very pressing issue, an issue that touches every human being on this planet, at this very moment.

I stand in my honor before you. My request to you has no other motive but my human desire to uncover the truth, and bring remedy and hope to the rest of my broken hearted brothers and sisters.
It has recently come to my attention, that we, the people of this beautiful country, had a corporate government. This implies that we actually did not have a government serving the needs of its people but a corporation, acting as a government.

*SEC lists SWEDEN KINGDOM OF as a corporation.

The difference between the real, active and lawful government and the corporate government that was operating in its place is enormous. We the people, had, by an act of deception, become commercial commodities; our lives had a monetary value to the corporation and we were considered cargo or chattel. Our personal possessions could be seized from us, our children taken from us, our lives lost and our dreams stolen by it.

We belonged to the CORPORATION. We were its slaves.

This is very important information for all of us; information that we the people of this planet are waking up to.


On December 25th 2012 the world changed, but not the way we were told it would though. No cataclysmic destruction, no planetary upheaval, no “End of the World” prophecy came true. Still, the world has changed more than anyone could ever imagine, let alone dream of….

After long years of legal investigations, through a series of UCC filings, and an extensive list of legal notification processes, all the corporate entities around the world were foreclosed upon and duly notified on December 25th 2012 by the One Peoples Public Trust (OPPT).
As the only Law that governed our legal systems was Corporate Admiralty-Maritime Law (Law of Water or Law of Commerce) and not Common Law (Law of the land and the people) these corporate judiciary systems are now foreclosed upon as well.

Since late December 2012 millions of people around the world have been introduced to our new Trust. All of us, including you, are the beneficiaries of this Trust. The funds that were kept in “safekeeping” for the people of this planet by the corporate commercial entities are now being kept for us by the One People’s Public Trust (OPPT).

Every man, woman and child of this world can now step out of the old slavery system that kept us in lack, ignorance, fear and injustice, and finally walk into the new era of personal freedom, abundance, love and compassion.

I know of hardly anyone who enjoyed the old world of oppression, control, poverty and war; the world where the biggest danger to the well-being and the freedom of the people were often their own governments; the world where a self-selected few had the power to control by fear, intimidation, theft, murder and torture the people they were supposed to protect, serve and help.

That world is today in its last, dying days….and it is better this way……

We have reached the end of this mad, destructive and cruel parody. For the first time ever, we are legally free as the divine beings that we truly are, and not the commercial commodity that we had become by the force of deception by a few.

With joy in my heart, I notify you today, that the time of slavery and blind obedience to any and all “authority” and the use of force towards any and all peoples for the purpose of control, be it financial, spiritual, physical or any other, in order to obtain profit, power and dominance over our Divine and Universal rights, is now over.

We, the inhabitants of this planet, are now legally free, equal and abundant!

I urge you to read the attached material. You, along with the rest of us, stand to benefit immensely from this historic change…. in every way imaginable!

Part 2:

>>>For every man and woman alive, there comes a moment when the biggest choice in life has to be made, the choice that will forever change the stream of events to follow.

We all recognize when such a moment is upon us. We are defined by its presence and power. Sometimes our awareness of its might and its consequences isn’t immediate but the result of a rather slow process that ends with a complete transformation and the final awakening to our true essence.

This moment is here now… for all of us. We get to be the generation with enough courage, knowledge, compassion, love and understanding to make this historic leap from darkness into the light, from “reason” to “heart”, from service-to-self to service-to-others.

This letter is to let you know that this historic moment of choice has now arrived for you as well.

My humble request is that you read carefully the attached documents and become acquainted with their authenticity, the love for each of us conveyed in them and the poetry of the manner by which we have all been liberated from our collective imprisonment, be it physical, spiritual, intellectual, financial or moral.

I invite you to join the rest of humanity on this path to love, compassion, freedom, abundance and endless co-creation. Take a long, close look at all of us, including yourself, and your personal struggle towards the betterment of this fragile but beautiful world and see the future that now stands ahead for us all.

Isn’t it glorious!

Come and join us. The world is waking up to our true nature and unlimited potential. There is nobody else who can give value to us and our experience but us.
We now have a permanent legal standing which enables us to turn away from the slavery system and we humans, the incredible beings of unbelievable potential and grace, finally get to dream the dream and build the kind of world that we want to leave for future generations, with pride and a true sense of accomplishment.

The wave of freedom is now visible on the horizon. The veils of the sad, dark and cruel illusion that dominated us for thousands of years are lifting and the bright light of the dawn of the new era is shining upon us! For the first time in history we can dream the dream that our brothers and sisters of times long gone never dared.

The corporate system in which a divine human was a commercial commodity is no more.

The old corrupt entities are falling and their grotesque symbols are being swept away along with them.

History scholars will try to explain the insanity and cruelty that ruled by force throughout the long centuries of suffering and bloodshed. They will try to understand why humanity accepted such abuse of the weak by the force of the strong.

They will find no answers to our history of madness….
You will be making a choice now along with the rest of us. This choice stands to affect you and us equally.

I ask you to take time and to listen carefully to that silent voice inside your soul. Only the most attentive of us ever get to hear it. Only the best of us will heed it.

Ask yourself under what liability you will be acting from now on and in whose and what authority.

What “laws” do you intend to enforce from now on and in whose name?

What “authority” do you serve and who do you represent?

The end of this story is now becoming clear and known to more and more of us. Let us hope that the decisions taken from now on by you, and all of us, in light of this historic action taken by the One People’s Public Trust 1776 (OPPT), will be made in accordance with this legally and lawfully enforceable act.

From this moment onward, your actions, as well as the actions of every human being alive on this planet, now and in the future, will carry with them complete personal responsibility and liability as we begin to act in absolute truth, aware of who we really are: divine beings with equal rights and obligations towards one another in perpetual freedom to create.



I invite you to join the rest of us during these historic times. I extend to you my hand in invitation to become part of the solution and not part of the problem; part of the momentous act of the creation of the new world and not part that supports the old, sad, dark world that is no more….. It is no more.

With all my honor, respect and love, I stand in truth and I salute you,

With the utmost sincerity,

Oliver Troll

SEC (U.S. Sequrities and Exchange Commission) Corporate Registered Number
0000225913 SWEDEN KINGDOM OF SIC: 8888
Business Address: Box 16 306
Links to the original documents: <<<

This is an ongoing story, please check back daily for more Press Releases.

Sam Davis

Please send any OPPT related articles or Press Releases to



Max Igan’s OPPT Roundtable Transcription

Max Igan’s OPPT Roundtable Transcription


I’m sorry guys, I’m fighting with my dilapidated computer and the spacing is all askew!


Friday, February 15, 2013 (USA)
Saturday, February 16, 2013 (Australia)

Max Igan: “The power of a bold idea uttered publicly in defiance of dominant opinion cannot be easily measured. Those special people who speak out in such a way as to shake up not only the self-assurance of their enemies, but the complacency of their friends, are precious catalysts for change.” That quote comes from Howard Zinn. Been a lot of Howard Zinn quotes on the show lately. I do love his quotes. He’s certainly a warehouse of good things to say.
I’ve got an interesting show here for you today. I’ve got some people here and we’re going to be talking about the One People’s Public Trust. I’m being joined on this call by a multinational force.  We have Scott and Ken Bartle, who recently made a video called “What The FUQ?”, which you can find on YouTube. You can also find it on my Crowhouse. We’ve got Bob Wright. We’ve got Chris Hales and Lisa Harrison. We’re also joined by Heather Tucci-Jarraf, I think I’ve got that right, who is the actual author of, I believe, of the People’s Trust. So this has really sparked a lot of interest with people. I’ve been getting messages from people all over the world that have wanted me to look at this trust. I’ve had a bit of a look at it and I’ve found it to be quite an exciting event. I’ve brought all these people in to try and explain it to people in layman’s terms so everybody can understand this. What I’m going to do is open up the floor to you guys. If there’s one of you that would particularly like to say something, or explain the basis of the Trust to us, just please take it away and give us your elevator version of what this is all about.

Lisa: I think we all suggested Heather would be the best person for that.

Heather: Okay.

Max: Well, it could be Heather or if you would like to read out the document that you have prepared, or whatever you guys want to do that you think will reach the people in a clear enough manner so that people can understand what’s actually happening here with this Trust and what it means for them.

Heather: I would ask that Scott and Ken to give from the human perspective and experience. Then I can fill in what the People’s Public Trust did, at the same process at a universal level. Would that be okay?

Max: Okay, sounds good to me.

Scott: Right on. Thanks Heather…Max. Well, I suppose the Vatican crow was I had a practical example where I was importing a car from the States over to Australia. In that process, I ran into all sorts of roadblocks, specifically with the Department of Transport. It took about nine months to get that import approval finalized and actually get a piece of paper in my hands. In that process, I found all sorts of dramas and moving the goal posts along the way. That sparked me to start questioning exactly what was happening. When my car actually got to Freemantle here in Australia, I had another roadblock put in front of me that I hadn’t been alerted to prior. Which was a requirement to import, or pay for a license to import, essentially the air conditioner in the car. It was a pre-charged equipment license. At that point I’d had enough. I’d been pushed over the edge, having been dragged through nine months of getting an import approval. I put my hand up and started questioning what was going on. In so doing, basically I uncovered all sorts of little anomalies with the so-called government.

They turned out to be a company pretending to be government. So far absolutely every single politician, minister, judge, police commissioner, governor, governor general, you name it, from top to bottom, every single one of them that has been asked for evidence that they are literally real government, du jour government, have declined, run away, gone dead silent. Some of them have even been bold enough to write back and say “I refuse to answer that question”, which is pretty arrogant in my mind. So in that process I pretty much stumbled to the idea while I was sitting on the bus coming home from work, that I could no longer treat them as government. They were essentially just a corporation, so let’s treat them as one. I offered terms and conditions to them and specified the method of acceptance. In so doing, I had customs who were starting to charge me or wanted to charge me for taxes. Basically couldn’t resist and perform those actions that accepted my terms and conditions. I liken this to basically a car park that put the terms and conditions up on the wall outside of the car park. You look at those on the way in and decide “Do I want to go into this car park or do I want to go into the one next door?” When you do drive into that car park, it’s those actions that are the acceptance of those terms. I put all of this to customs, they’ve just sat there dead quiet, hung onto my car, performed the actions to accept the terms and conditions, and I’ve been invoicing them ever since.

I’ve since went on to file a lien for the recovery. So, we bring ourselves all the way up to today, where I’ve basically got to the point where I’m now ready for enforcement. Now, the process was no different to pointing at a judgment that we reached at the end of an administrative process. That was the determination of the capacity of customs, acting as a corporate entity. I thought “Well, banks do this sort of thing when they run you through the court process. You come out with a judgment that’s against you and the bank sits there and points at that judgment till the cows come home, forever and after. I pointed that judgment, and regardless of you huffing and puffing or jumping up and down and objecting, they just sit there and point at the court judgment.”  So thought, “Well, I can do the same thing. I’ll point at the judgment that I got that determines customs are acting in the capacity of corporate entity.” That, I suppose, is the intro to where I got to with the One People’s Public Trust, in as much as; here are all these UCC filings that are the evidence that replace my judgment of these, of the capacity in which these folk are acting. In this case, now they are all foreclosed and I can point at that and use that going forwards. Does that give you a bit of an intro as to how that works guys?

Max: Yeah, that gives me an understanding of how you came to find out about all this. When you say you pointed out “and they’re foreclosed”, how does that work? How can they be foreclosed? Explain that to me.

Scott: Well, I suppose the same process (inaudible), but at a much higher level. While I was dealing with a, let’s just say “small fry”, down the bottom end of the scale, a company pretending to be government down here in Australia. From what I understand is, Heather as a trustee put her own mortgages or properties on the line to test out the system and find out what was going on. She found all sorts of fraud and deception, deceptive acts, put to the principals of these corporations that are pretending to be government, at the very highest level, as the principal of these corporate governments. We’re talking the likes of the Bank of International Settlements, Treasury, Federal Reserve…jump in if there’s any more that you want to add.

Lisa: The UN.

Scott: Yep. So we’re going right to the top and putting the same thing to them (inaudible)…the process…(inaudible)…in putting allegations to them for their rebuttal, as to whether they were performing these acts (inaudible) that they were squeaky clean. (inaudible) what we reached a judgment where we say “Oh, hang on. No, they have been performing these acts.” Which lead to a process of foreclosure, where you close them down. If that’s my (inaudible), that’s probably a good intro to Chris or Heather to jump in on that one.

Max: Okay. So, how does this lead into the One People’s Trust? How did that then lead into the One People’s Trust? I believe you became aware of Scott and Ken’s work, Heather?

Heather: Yeah. Well, I’ll make an admission. First off, I already knew everything was corporations. We already knew that there were no loans, through my experiences, my training, and learning the mechanics of it all. So it wasn’t really a matter of trying to discover where to go, how to do things. It was more a matter of “How do you go in, because you have to establish prudence”. Anything you do, any investigation, you need to have the backing for the actual step or move that you make, right?

Max: (affirmative response)

Heather: A lot of it was hidden. These processes that Scott was talking about, you have to lay a paper trail, or a money trail, expose the money trail and a paper trail, where none has ever existed before. So that’s really what OPPT did, was go in and expose the money and the paper trail and by doing that we just went to the nexus points. The nexus point basically is a principal agent doctrine. Notice to principal is notice to agent, notice to agent is notice to principal, and every corporation, the founder, the CEO; they’re all responsible for their agent’s actions. Unless the agent has no authorization or authority to act on their behalf. That they have to let people know, right?

Max: (affirmative response)

Heather: So that was what we did. We went in and BIS is the principal agent for all the principals of the slavery systems. A slavery system is one where they have a legal system and it has to provide remedy. When it does not provide the remedy that is preserved, then all of a sudden the system is unlawful and it is illegal. It’s a slavery system.  That’s all that there was done. There were a lot of groups that were planning on making a revenue stream out of this process, trying to make a lot of money and teach you people how to do it. Yet we find, we know from experience, that that’s a portal for the Powers That Were to come in and stop things, exert a new influence and any force or coercion, or threat of force and coercion. Not only that, you sometimes will get people with, who start with very good intentions, but when money is involved, try to make a revenue stream. Well, you see it in the attorney field. They’re there for the billing hours. They’re not there, for the most part, to help and assist people. Otherwise they would look at who they’re actually licensed to, which would be the crown.

Max: (affirmative response)

Heather: So in order to prevent that misuse, abuse, or manipulation, there’s another nexus point. The nexus point is Source. I call it Source, some people call it God, Allah, Yahweh, doesn’t matter, but essentially that’s prime, that zero point. Now you are created by Source and there’s nothing in between. You own your own body, your own mind and any creation you do there from. So, we didn’t go in to basically foreclose on everyone. All we did was establish for everyone’s benefit “Hey, we BE.” And we registered that. They would have to rebut that and say that they own you, they created you, or they otherwise somehow control you. Now, they are not going to show that. They’re not going to show the agreement, the treaties, the acts that had been done behind closed doors, because they’d admit the slavery system right there. So the foreclosure was a benefit of everyone BE’ing, and registering their BE’ing, because it just collapsed that whole system.

Max: Okay. You’ve kind of just done this by lodging this as a UCC filing, have you? Because I was talking to some guys in Ireland earlier in the day, and they said “Oh, this sounds great”. I kind of gave them my skeletal understanding of it. And they said, “This sounds great, how do we get involved?” and I said, “Well that’s the thing, I think you already are. I think everybody’s involved simply because this is filed. It’s essentially collapsed the system. It’s put humanity back above the system and it’s reestablished our rightful place just below the creator, and everything below that is fiction.” It’s just stuff that you do now to spread the word, and get an understanding and spread it into people’s minds that the terrain has now changed. Is that sort of what’s going on?

Heather: Yeah, that’s exactly what’s going on. The UCC is the supreme law of the planet. They say it’s in the constitution, but that’s just to keep you in a distraction. Constitution is just a contract that you guys aren’t signatories to it. None of us are, except for those that signed on the dotted line. What they did was, they uniformed everything in order to make it very precise, an effective transfer tracking mechanism for the Powers That Were and their quote, un-quote “holdings”. Which include birth certificates, which include land titles, and they’re all illegally begotten. So nothing can be born of a fraud, so the UCC is a nexus point where everything is put under it. The Federal Reserve is put under it, all the central banks are put under it, the BIS was put under it, all of the quote, un-quote “countries”, all of the nations, states, cities, everything was put under it, and they tried to hide that fact. When you walk in and say “The UCC”, you’ll hear judges play off a script that they’ve been given saying “UCC doesn’t apply”. Yet, when you go into a criminal court for instance, on the top of a complaint, a charge, a criminal charge, it’ll say “Uniform Criminal Court Docket”, a UCC docket.

Max: (affirmative response)

Heather: So the UCC is the only place you have to register, it’s called “Notice By Public Registration” and you only file into a UCC. Well, UCC’s are hard for most people to even get. It’s a whole language above and beyond itself. So in order to make sure the people didn’t make a mistake and spend a lifetime going through what Scott went through or others went through, we were able to go in and under God, Allah, Yahweh, Source, First Source, whatever you want to call it, and register everyone’s BE’ing and it just collapsed everything else. So it ended (talkover) everywhere.

Max: So this is already in place and it isn’t like people have to go and sign up for anything, it’s already in place. They just have to become aware of it basically.

Heather: It’s already in place. The only thing you guys have to do now is just “BE”, and “DO what you BE”. So, this document that Scott and Chris worked on, it’s beautiful because it just, it says “Here’s a Courtesy Notice. You’ve already been noticed through the proper public registration system that you all were registered under. Now here’s a courtesy notice, because you’re personally going to be responsible now.” That’s the only thing that you guys need to do. All the rest was taken care of, and it was done by the OPPT for you guys to be able to BE.

Max: Like this can even stand up in court. I mean what you’re basically doing with this Courtesy Notice is you’re letting people know that the terrain has now changed and that the rules are now different.

Lisa: Well, not even a court anymore. It’s you and the judge and the judge is his own personal liability.

Max: Yeah, you’re operating on 100% liability with everybody.


Heather: Lisa, you have to understand what the court is though. Any time you step into a court, it’s a private court. It’s a private corporation. So if you give the same Courtesy Notice to them “I have documents that purport to being a summons, or a complaint. I would be happy to comply as soon as you can show me the same things. Scott asked the quote, un-quote “Commonwealth of Australia” to show”, which they refused to do. You don’t ever have to step into that court. You guys can’t control whether they are going to make a choice to be correct. What you can do is be diligent in keeping a track record of their actions, accepting their actions as their admission of their corruption, their choice to be corrupt and a co-actor.

Max: Excellent. Excellent. So…

Bob: You know, Max, by using the UCC, which is the same harvesting tool that they were using against us, is really important because for them to deny it and to say that it’s invalid or it has no relevance, they’re also denying their whole harvesting system which they use to base their tax collections, all of their foreclosures, they’re all using that same mechanism. So to deny the filings would be to deny their own selves, and their own system, which they use against us. It’s really a catch-22 that you put them into that position.

Max: Yeah, it’s kind of a checkmate for them, isn’t it?

Heather. Yes. It was a very fun experience, for me at least.

Max: So what do you say to people who say “Well, yeah, okay, it’s well that you’ve filed this, but how come the system is still running?”

Heather: Yeah, the system, the energy has been cut off of the system. Energy in every form of representation. Meaning, all of the paper that they had, it’s all… they can’t use it. The gold that they had, that’s all been essentially reclaimed and rescued and cached away so it could have a chance to recalibrate itself for this upcoming moment. All of the energy that you see is just the energy that was in the tube, so to speak, when the OPPT cut everything off. So they’re running on the last bit of energy that was in their engine already.


Max: They’re doing so, because a lot of them don’t actually know that the system’s collapsed. So what do you say to people who say “Oh no, this is terrible. This will bring down the system and usher in a New World Order.” That’s what I’ve heard some people say. What do you say to people like this?

Heather: Well, I say that precautions have been taken. We considered all of that. That’s why the CVACs are there. If there’s a corporation that the people are going to be…said they’re a part of…well they should own it. They should have a system that is transparently of service to them, accountable to them. So the CVACs were set up just as a temporary…here’s where you can place everything transparently by your own will and free will choice. However, the OPPT had it in place back in the end of November. Our first choice was to go in and recognize everybody and give them the Data, instead of going in and cutting…making the systems of assistance treasuries and cutting paper everywhere and then having that paper be negotiated behind closed doors with banks or anybody else. It was important to have the people BE and DO. So it’s all sitting there. There is nothing…it can happen in the twinkling of an eye. There’s no void, no gap, no anything, but it’s up to the people to choose whether to BE. It’s okay to move along and kind of not know how to BE. That’s normal after what we’ve all been through, but that’s where we all help each other.

Max: What it seems that you’ve done with the CVAC is you’ve basically left the infrastructure there. You’ve said “Well basically we own all this. We’ve paid for it and so now it’s there. We have to decide what to do with it.” … and for people who need the security of the system, well it’s still here. It isn’t like it’s gone anywhere. It’s just that we are now back in control of it.


Heather: Yeah, there’s 194 branches, I think, the only branch that wasn’t established as far as mirroring the old system was the one for theVatican.


Chris: Okay, the two things that the trustees did…there’s two parts of the equation which completely overlap. One was to gather together the financial system and essentially collapse it and take that value back to the people. The other was to actually put forward the skeletal form of a new structure of…we don’t want to call it government or even governance …a system of assistance. If anyone can think of a really neat term for it, please tell us. That has also been put before us and as Heather said, it’s sitting there. It’s holding it’s place, because it contains all the value from the old system. The thing that I’d like to put to your users is that’s actually the most important thing. I wouldn’t focus on the foreclosures, because that’s a fact and it’s done. Hard to get your head around. It took us quite a while, but what follows is by far the most important. That’s the most important part of the conversation that you can have at this stage. If you’ve just come into this, there is a bit of cognitive dissonance in suddenly being in a landscape where there is nothing but us, the planet and the Creator. Everything else’s been literally stripped away. You need to kind of sit with that and think about it for a while. One of the ways you can digest it all, is to go and read some of the CVAC specifications. On the Peoples Trust website,, there’s some incredible descriptions of transparency, of integrity, equality, equity. It’s remarkable. It’s never been seen on this planet.


Max: It’s remarkable and it’s never been seen on this planet before. Okay, so what if someone heard about this and they’re at Doubtful Creek at a Coleseen(?) gas protest. The police have arrived. They’re trying to ship them on. The people are trying to protect the water table. The police have come along and they’re protecting this corporation and they are just pushing these people out. What can you do in a situation like that using this type of a trust that you have put in place?

Lisa: Hand the police officer the Courtesy Notice for one.

Max: Okay yes, that’s what I would say would be the best thing to do. What if they say, “Well, this doesn’t mean anything, I’m going to arrest you anyway.”; so what, I’m just going to deal with it down the track?

Lisa: They just became your first customer.

Chris: What you would do, so long as you know the names, you have to know the names of the individuals. If you have the names of the individuals, you serve it on them the next day. If they through it in the mud, that’s fine, serve another copy the next day and make the point that they have committed harm by manhandling you. If you were manhandled, they are not entitled to do that. If it was your farm that they were on, they were actually trespassing and damaging your property. They have no right to do that either. They have no right to do that either, so you can begin that process.

Max: And you would begin that process by what, putting a commercial lien on them?

Chris: Well, in fact, the process that we are using in the document that’s been produced, is based along the principals that Scott used. Where we actually…we as an individual pulling out this other individual…because they’re doing a us a harm and we’re saying we are not going to interact with you except on our own terms. Here are our terms. If you do any of these things on this list over here, I’m going to send you an invoice. Oh, and by the way, if you persist in this, my second option is a UCC filing against your personal assets. Because this is you, talking to another individual. There is no corporation in play, even though they think there is one. The courtesy in this is you’re giving them the opportunity to cease and desist without getting too hot and heavy over it. Putting liens on people is a serious business. We think a lot of the issues will be deflected with this Notice first and hard-core issues will have to go to the lien stage. That is a direct attack on their personal assets. They could lose their house.

Max: The reason I am asking this is, I’m trying to put it out there, because a lot of the people that will be listening to this will be “This all sounds great, but how can I apply it to my personal life and the activism that I am actually involved in?” So, I’m just trying to get people to understand that you can use it in any of these situations. You can use it. It is such a beneficial thing. It really does seem like the light at the end of the tunnel. It almost seems too good to be true.

Lisa: Max, that was one of the first questions that came up for us when we were doing these shows, where calls and emails and requests for “How do I use this to stop chemtrails? How do I use it to stop fracking? How do I use it to stop them from fluoridating my water?” I would love Heather to address it. There is a lot of activism going on right now for a lot of different reasons all over the world.

Heather: Well, these are great points because it comes down to the point of BE’ing and the point of DO’ing. There are so many people BE’ing and DO’ing out there that you do not hear about. That is part of their agenda; it’s to distract people or make sure that information does not come out. I had an email the other day from a person that was BE’ing and DO’ing, and Being and Doing by the UCC process, by the way. He was a manager of a financial fund, a trust. They buried him in a maximum detention facility to keep it quiet. Along with a whole lot of other people that have been BE’ing and DO’ing. I don’t know if you all have seen the movie The Guardians, it’s a kid’s animation film? They have this globe where all these lights showed up and each light represented a child that believed. Each of these lights would just go out as the kids stopped believing. Their job was to make that globe light up again. I really believe that if people know how much BE’ing and DO’ing is going on, and they’re able to have a visual representation of that BE’ing and DO’ing where they can click on those dots/lights and see a blurb or summary of that story, they may have more courage.

When I was in the investigation, I was in the court room. A courtroom is just a theatre, and everyone is playing their part. At the time I was an officer of the court, a licensed registered officer of the court. I had three hearings or two hearings that day and I had been forewarned by my banking contacts that they were going to use that license to essentially throw me in contempt and into jail. So I cancelled the Bar license, because I knew that I could not use it to clean things up from within, so I canceled it. The best way I knew how to help was to walk away from that old system. That next morning, after having prepared the night before, I went up saying “You’re a public officer. You should have a bond and an oath from your own statutes.”  The judge got very upset. I would not let it go. I was strutting around the court room playing the part to the hilt. He called the cops up, the sheriffs, whom I had worked with as a prosecutor for many years. The sheriffs were all standing up there and I said “Perfect timing”. I gave them the statutes for them to be able to do their job “He’s pretending to be an officer of the court. He does not have his bond and his oath. He admitted he did not have his bond and his oath on the record.” I asked the court reporter to replay it back. She just looked flabbergasted and frustrated and turned beet red. The judge turned beet red and the sheriff just sort of shrugged. Well I said “Okay”, so we went through the whole scenario. Everything finished…the judge stormed off of the bench…granted the bank their thing…the court reporter actually stopped reporting, she refused to report anymore.

As we left, I knew I had the next hearing to do. I knew that the bank handlers and Bar handlers were going to be on the phones with the judge that was just handled, as well as the judge for the hearing coming up next, to figure out what to do. I knew that the sheriffs would be called back up. However my question was, would the sheriffs actually come back up? Because when they don’t perform their job, it is a felony, under their own laws, right? So we go in there to the next hearing and essentially all the judge could sit there and do, after her little rant and rave, was turn to me and say “What happened? You used to be one of us”. And she was a go through judge for the bank. She was beeping for the sheriffs, her and her clerk. It was funny, because she caused such a distraction because of the beeping for the sheriffs and they weren’t showing up. I found out later the sheriffs decided not to show up, because they had received legal advice that they were liable if they did and did not do their job.

So, it’s a matter of BE’ing and DO’ing. Yes, this is not the easiest choice, because of the ramifications. We have a public trust advisor, legally bonded, who is sitting in a prison right now who has helped ferret all the UCC process out. He’s had Washington DC and all of its international equivalents in a tizzy to figure out what to do. You know what the response was? The response was to have the UCC Permanent Editorial Board take the very process that we did and change the laws as of July 2013, to just have the process go through so they don’t have to take you into courts anymore because the courts are failing. The courts are too much exposure for them.

Max: Okay, well that could be pretty shocking. So what do you do in a situation like that where there’s this guy that is in jail? This guy who’s been helping you ferret out all this information to do this?

Heather: Let’s just say he is a former minister, young guy with a beautiful family. He just knew what he BE and he wasn’t going to back down from that. He asked the same questions that Scott did. He started out pretty abrasive in the beginning. Then luckily he had a really great guide who was able to tell him to do it very gently, very kindly, but very firmly. Just say, “This is who I am. This is the law I am operating under. This is my standing and authority, now what is yours?” And they would say whatever it was and he would say “Great, now put that in a verified sworn declaration and we’re good to go.” And the judges this last week apparently just flat out told him “We’re not going to contract with you the way you want us to. You better contract with us the way we want you to.”

Max: But he is in jail at the moment. Hey, they are just holding him there (inaudible).

Heather: Well, he uncovered, exposed, with the IRS’s own agents, the fraud and the process where you can get remedy. The process is an automated one. Everything was legitimate, legal, lawful, under their own system. When they refused to provide him remedy, and they didn’t want that process out there, they indicted him for a fraudulent claim. The only problem was, and they arrested Tim Turner in the process.  They tried to get Tim to get Ed Miles to basically kowtow and fold. When he didn’t succeed, and Miles had intel from myself and our banking community that Tim Turner is an agent, all of a sudden three days later Tim Turner was indicted and taken into custody. Now, whether that’s a cover for him, because his cover was about to be blown in a very public manner, I don’t follow that with that much interest. What I do follow with interest is the fact that this is going to be a matter of moment of choice for everyone.

Miles, they couldn’t get him in under the case that they had filed. They tried 21 times with 30 marshals having guns on him. To the point where even marshals were asking “What is going on here?”, because they told us they would have the order, but they did not understand what Miles was doing. And all of a sudden, they’re told to back off, they can’t move forward. So after 21 times, they’re sort of freaking out. Now the marshals are starting to question their superiors. Miles they brought in under a red herring. You know the passports? They went in to demand that he produce his passport, so it had nothing to do with the case. They couldn’t find a way to resolve that case or get him to contract with them and so they said “produce your passport”. Miles didn’t realize what they had done, a switcheroo and the only thing he had to ask was, “Great. I’ll be happy to comply with you as soon as you show me your authority to even be able to demand that I produce it.”  That’s where he messed up and what actually got him into the detainment center. But as far as the process, the process works. Just ask them, “Where is your authority? Under what law are you operating under?” They can’t answer those questions, because if they do, they reveal the whole thing and admit it in the process.

Max: Your background, you’re a UCC lawyer, is that correct?

Heather: I was an attorney that was trained in international law, banking law and contract transactions. So yes, the UCC is all of that. The UCC is involved in every aspect of life.

Lisa: Where do you go from here with Miles? Anybody else that’s in that situation? Anybody else imprisoned for a crime with no victim?

Heather: If you follow the same process that Scott was talking about as far as their Courtesy Notice and they can’t answer it, we do three of them. Actually that Courtesy Notice falls under what we call a UCC three file (inaudible) demand. If they can’t produce the documentation that you’ve demanded of their standing and authority, you do it three times. After the third time with at least 72 hours between each, you are lawfully and legally able to issue what is called UCC 3505, which is a Certificate of Dishonor. At that point, everything they’ve done becomes a credit to your account and a debit to their account. Meaning they are absolutely, commercially and personally liable.

Max: Okay, so that is what this has done. What you’ve basically done is exposed the governments as corporations. You’ve basically asked them to show you that they are not, is that correct? And if they are corporations, it kind of collapses everything below that as well, doesn’t it?

Heather: Yeah. If they are going to show you, as the people’s government, then they’ve got to show the contract where they are the people’s government. They have to be accountable to you guys, right?

Max: Exactly, and so if you’re in a place where you’ve got a Coleson(?) gas mining company coming onto your land and they’re doing it, they’ve got this corporate power. Well, basically the corporate power is invalid because the charter is invalid because it was granted to them by a government that is invalid.

Heather: True, that is true. In fact, all the land titles, because those are all sitting at BIS for the Vatican, all of those land titles were actually canceled all across the globe. So, right now the banks have no standing legal or lawful. Everything is held with Earth as a superior custodian, because it’s as Source or God or Allah or Yahweh, whatever you want to call it, has put it. So, right now there are only three custodians. That’s how the land titles are actually going to be changed. Instead of ownership, there is actually going to be a co-custodian type of situation, where if I want to go buy a piece of land, I’m not purchasing ownership of the land.  I’m putting down earnest money, a bond that I’m going to take care of that piece of land in harmony with Earth and how it grows itself naturally. So, there is a big shift in perception. People will still be able to have experiences on their property and be responsible for the properties.  But at the same time, it’s not going to be in a slavery type of system which the PTW had created. Besides, people don’t even own their own lands. When you actually sign a Deed of Trust and a Promissory Note, you actually are signing a landlord/tenant lease. If you read the different provisions, you will find most of those provisions in the landlord/tenant lease section of the UCC. And you will find the gifting language from the UCC as well. So you buy it, then you immediately gift it and you end up being a tenant on the property.

Max: Always thought the concept of land ownership was strange anyway. I mean, we’re only here for a while anyway. We’re more like custodians than owners of anything.

Lisa: Well, anybody who stopped paying their rates has found out how quickly they don’t own the place.
Max: (chuckle) That’s true as well. You never stop paying for it.

Heather: I would also like to disclose the person that helped me understand what all this was. It actually was a trustee with the Rothschild family holdings. There are many people within the system who are actually working to make sure you guys know what’s going on.

Max: Okay, that’s good, that’s good. The information is certainly getting out there. We knew this was going to be a time of change this year. Certainly seems to be happening. This is really a buoy in our favor. It’s almost too good to be true.  It’s fantastic that this is happening. It really does apply to everyone. It really does collapse all these corporations right down the line, doesn’t it? It puts people right back on top, we just need to decide what to do with it. That’s what you’ve attempted to do with the CVAC, isn’t it?

Heather: Yeah. The CVAC was just something so that you can recognize it for what it is replacing, but at the same time, leaving a very open structure for the creativity. You guys are so creative. The things that I’ve seen since OPPT made things publicly known or the opportunity for it to be publicly known. That creativity is awe inspiring. It’s beautiful. We didn’t want to lock it down and tell people “This is what you have to be. This is what you have to do.”  Instead we just said “Here’s a safe and guarded for you to BE and DO as you choose. Just don’t damage anybody else.”

Max: Yeah, that’s the beauty of it. You’re preparing more documents at the moment as well, which would be like you said, the Courtesy Notice. There’s also one that you’re preparing I believe for people who are already entangled in the system. You’re going to make them available soon.

Heather: Yeah. It’s just revision of the language a little bit, to address the current, present moment. Then to put them in the same place as this Courtesy Notice that just came out puts them in. Which is I BE and you’ve got to show me…you’ve got to rebut the specificity and particularity that I don’t BE.

Max: Yeah, okay. It’s kind of like what Scott’s done, just show me who you are, who are you people I’m dealing with? Show me that you have any more power than the Creator. I’ve said this on so many shows, that the whole legal system is based on Ecclesiastical Law. It’s all based on biblical law basically. Yet they claim they’re a higher authority than God. Well, how do they have a legal system if they’re claiming it’s based on biblical law? They’re claiming they are a higher authority, so it cancels itself out, doesn’t it? And as Bob was saying earlier on, they can’t rebut this. They can’t invalidate this UCC filing, because if they do, they invalidate their entire system. So then what do they got? They’ve got anarchy and they don’t want that.

Heather: Well, they have to show all the dirty agreements that they made all the way around to own and control and manage you.

Max: Okay, so where do we go from here? Where do you think this will take us?

Chris: This takes us into transformation. That’s one of the conversations we’ve had in the past month. It proceeded from gobsmacked that the system had been foreclosed upon and shut down and just stripped away, to examining the CVACs and seeing how they were defined, to considering how it is we’re going to get from where we are to where we’re going, because that’s actually the bit that scares most people. But in the conversations we’ve been having, we think we’re developing a picture of how that might take place. If we can give a few minutes to discussing that, I think that will get people thinking. Ken, I’ll get you to jump in in a second, but essentially what we’re seeing is two kinds of transformations. There’s a personal transformation. There’s seven billion of us on the planet. There’s going to be seven billion different personal transformations as we step from one system to the other. The other is a transformation of what were former corporate entities, which the planet has hundreds of thousands. Basically papal structures with infrastructure doing things and how they’ll reorganize and into what.

The picture we’re forming is this, that whole industry, when this transformation starts to kick in and people start moving from operating in a foreclosed corporate fashion to the CVACs, they’ll turn from corporations into cooperatives. In the process, they’ll shed the excess parts of the system…parts of say the auto industry that they don’t need, because you won’t have competition. You won’t need a corporate structure, because you’re not enriching the shareholders. Everyone’s assigned an equal value under the concept of the CVACs, so there’s just no rich and no poor. There’s just equitable humans. So, what are we building cars for? What are we building so many for? You’d see industries where they’d shed a proportion of companies completely and the rest would reorganize into cooperatives. That would make the most brilliantly built cars ever seen on this planet, because instead of being in a predatorial, commercial mode of operation, they’ll be in a cooperative, creative mode of organization, filled with people who actually want to be there. I think that example will cut across all of what we consider to be the major industries of the planet. It’s gonna take a while. Let’s be absolutely clear about that.’

Lisa: The first thing I see going is all of the corporations that don’t provide a service or a good that we actually need. That’ll be the first thing that just disappears.

(several talking at once)

Chris: I’m talking about the ones that will stick around. The ones that make useful stuff. All of the stuff that feed off the process…they’re gone. They’re already gone.

Heather: There’s one at their point. As far as what’s being said that’s all absolutely correct, but there’s one other part that is being preserved and that is for those who just want to BE in their own space. You don’t have to be part of a coop, you can just be having to choose. Some people will love and enjoy the fun of DO’ing and BE’ing with others that are like-minded. The point is to have that opportunity for all the opportunities, all the Data to be put on one table and let people choose as they want to BE.

Lisa: That’s the hardest thing that people have to get their head around, I think. I can’t tell you how many times people have said to me when they try to get their head around a new financial system or that we’re all equal or things like that, “Well, it’s not fair if someone can survive by sitting around on the couch watching telly all day and others are contributing to society.”  I personally think we should all take three months holiday, but have the system…

Heather: See, that’s kind of the point. You get out of the system what you put into it. If you’re not putting any value into the system, then you have no right to take any value from the system.

Lisa: That’s right.

(several talking at once)

Lisa: …people are hanging around on the couch and watching tv and doing nothing almost as a knee-jerk reaction to the system. So if you take the system away and you take their reasons…I know people who don’t want to work because they don’t want to contribute to the beast, is their saying. They feel like getting a job or doing anything that contributes to the system, they can’t bring themselves to do it. To people around them, they look like lazy bums right now. But they’re actually highly conscious and highly motivated to do something. They just can’t find a way of doing something that doesn’t contribute to the beast yet.

Bob: This is what I’ve discovered and you’re right, Lisa, this is probably one of the hardest things for people to get their minds around, because they’ve been indoctrinated in this whole slavery mentality. When you actually are confronted with the idea that you’re free…like we mentioned before, after the slaves were free, how many of them were still working for a year or so, before they even realized? When World War II was over, how many people were still operating under the idea that the war was still going on before they actually stepped out of the concentration camps and took their first steps out into real freedom?  Here we are, we’ve been in this system for all of our lives and now suddenly, in the stroke of a pen, all of that is gone. How do you function? How do you move forward?

This is where it takes a little bit of contemplation and thinking. Because a lot of these people who you think are sitting around and they’re not working, they’re thinking. They’ve got ideas. They’ve had the time. Because I’ve been on disability for a couple of years now, one of the things that I found, is you get a lot of time now once you’re not in survival mode. You get a lot of time to think and to think about what it is that you really want to do. There’s people out there that have ideas for…revolutionary ideas…about how to solve our energy problems. About how to solve a lot of our health problems. About how to solve a lot of the things that we face in day to day lives. But they’ve never been given an opportunity to put those things forward, because of the system that was in the way. Lack of money, lack of funding, lack of support, lack of exposure and now all of these things become possible to introduce without the system being there. We’re learning right now how to operate that way. With this new mentality, you can take a man out of slavery, but to get the slavery out of the man, to actually get them to BE free and to recognize their own divinity before God, that there’s no authority that stands between that.

Max: That’s the hard part, isn’t it? There’s a lot of people who find freedom to be very, very scary. What do you do with these people? What do you do with people who actually want the system to stay there? Because they want a parent. The way I see it, with the CVAC that you got there, that will kind of cater for this and people will be able to sort of make a gradual transition if they would choose to.

Heather: Yeah. You’ve heard the difference between involuntary servitude and voluntary servitude, right?
Max: Of course.

Heather: Okay, so essentially, we knew…the OPPT, the trustees…we all knew that some would choose slavery. Meaning they would choose to have to delegate their responsibility, because that’s all it is. You’re just delegating your responsibility of BE’ing and DO’ing to someone else. Yet if you do that transparently and you agree to the terms and conditions of how that’s going to BE and be done, then all of a sudden you have something that’s lawful and legal. If you have all this deception and all this non-transparency, that’s where you get the involuntary servitude and the unlawfulness and the illegalness. Does that make sense?

Max: Absolutely.

Heather: So, the CVAC actually presented the opportunity for it all to be there. Those that aren’t comfortable at the moment of BE’ing and DO’ing responsible and consciously, they have all these others who are willing to do it for them, but there’s gotta be a value for value exchange, right?

Max: (affirmative sound)

Heather: That’s what it is. However, we had this conversation with bankers all day long. Bankers don’t think anyone’s competent or of capacity, that they’re ignorant and stupid, and that if he gives them $1000, it will be gone in a heartbeat. Maybe five years ago. Maybe even a year ago. Maybe even six months ago. However, at this point, they created conditions by their own free will choice that have gotten people to the point of precipice. I’m not happy. Everyone is so not happy. The contrasts are so obvious that even the most asleep, the one that’s in coma, understand it’s not working for them. That’s what the CVAC does.

Max: Well, yeah, that’s why this seems to be so attractive. That’s why I see this as such a great move. I really love what you guys have done. We’ve got about seven or eight minutes left. Is there anything you’d really like to say? Anything you’d really like to put some message across?

Chris: I’d just like to say the thing that scares people most is the feeling that the system’s kind of being pulled out from under them. But what we ask you to do is stop and think and read the documents if you can, because there’s a lot of information in there that will highlight just how transparent and how equitable everything is.

Max: Where are the documents, Chris? What are the websites people can go to find out the information about all this?
Chris: We’ve got — that’s literally written as it’s spoken. That website was meant for legal disclosure and it’s not a general information website. But the core documents are all there and if you’re inclined to read them, I’d highly recommend it. What I wanted to say about it, was that some people will express that this will unleash anarchy and I say “Absolutely not.”  I think get them to sit down and think about it for even 10 minutes and it’s going to unleash creativity from one end of the planet to the other. You won’t be able to hold people down. They will just say “This is what we’ve been waiting for.”  This is how we can actually take and create a community that’s absolutely our own. Yes, we’re going to take responsibility for it. Yes, we’ve got a lot to learn. This is our chance to actually BE and DO something really human instead of just living at the behest of a small group of people, who want to do it entirely for their own benefit. We can break completely away from that and as Heather says “in the twinkling of an eye”.

Max: Well, yeah. The other website I believe is

Chris: Lisa, you want to point out the two radio shows we’re during the week?

Lisa: Sure. Every Monday night in the U.S. at 7:00 Eastern standard time, on Freedom Reigns, a channel on Blogtalk, which I think is 11 am for Sydney, the East coast of Australia. That’s called the OPPT-IN show, on Freedom Reigns. On Tuesday evening in the U.S. at 8 pm and 12 midday for Sydney, we have The Collective Imagination show. And the OPPT-IN show is very much focused on updates, the process, the documents themselves and education. Then on The Collective Imagination show, we tend to have the deeper, larger discussions around what this all means for us on an individual and on a collective level. The questions about what do we do now with these CVACs? What do we do with the powers that were? What is self-governance? We sort of ask all those questions.

Max: Yeah, it’s really new terrain.  We’re entering into a completely new terrain now, aren’t we? It’s still part of the learning process, isn’t it?

Heather: The answer to all those questions, Lisa, is BE’ing and DO’ing. I really enjoy the moment when you will understand the Absolute Context of your BE’ing and your DO’ing and the power of it.

(several talking at once)

Max: It’s so wonderful to see this, because this is what I’ve been telling people for years. It’s all about knowing who you are and understanding the whole system is …(inaudible)…in it’s journey, just some …(inaudible)… we made it all up. I just wrote it down and we decided to go along with it. We need to step above it and realize that these politicians are just trustees and they’ve enacted a system which they’re using to move the wealth of the planet at our expense. It’s essentially people farming…human trafficking. That’s all we’ve been subject to. I’ve always been able to see this, ever since I was a kid. I never knew how to put it down on paper. That’s why I love what you’ve done Heather. You’ve managed to just put this down, because of your legal understanding. You have this spiritual understanding to go with it. It seems to be so fitting for a mother to have done this…the return of the Divine Feminine. It just seems so fitting that this would come from essentially the actions of a woman that has been a major catalyst in this. That’s really good to see. I really do want to have you on again. I have to have maybe each of you on separately to give us the whole low-down of what each of you are doing. Because I love the work that all of you are doing in all of this. It’s a real (inaudible) I think and it’s wonderful to be a part of it.

Lisa: We’ve never seen anything take hold like this.

Max: It just feels right. Those radio shows that you’re doing, especially dedicated to the OPPT-IN, I believe you had 140,000 on the first one that you did listening on Blogtalk and then you had 197,000 on the second show that you did. I believe if you look for the IP’s, there was a few banking companies on there listening as well.

Lisa: Oh, yes, we know we’ve got an audience…(chuckle)…from within. They’re enjoying the show, apparently.
Max: Have you got much feedback from the system about what you’re doing? Or the feathers that you’re ruffling? I suppose you’re ruffling a few?

Heather: Oh, yeah. (chuckle)

Max: What sort of feedback are you getting, Heather? Like you said, “What happened? You used to be on our side.”
Heather: Yeah. (chuckle) Well, I’m still on their side. I’m just on their eternal heart side. Right now, for instance, calls came in yesterday about gold being moved over from China to the US Treasury because they need something in their vaults since all the gold was replaced with tungsten. Yet, all the gold that came from China was stolen from the Americas. What I was told, it’s ancient American gold. So whether that’s Mayan, Aztec…but it’s stolen gold. They’re gong to spin it as it already being in the US Treasury. At the higher levels, they’ll spin it as a loan. At the highest level, they’ll know that essentially China owns the U.S. Basically it’s a repeat of what they did in the 30′s. Yet that’s where the funds are going to really start to happen, because once they make that move and all of the gold shows up on the streets, everyone’s gong to know the truth. They’re going to start going “Well, what’s in your vaults?”  They’re really shooken up. They’re very, very scared, because people are BE’ing and DO’ing and you’re inspiring others to BE and DO. The power of that BE’ing and DO’ing…I cannot stress it enough.

Max: I think it might be very telling that we just seen now since you’ve done all this filing, I think it’s vey telling that we’ve just seen the Pope resign and Queen Beatrix step down. I wonder if that’s got anything to do with all this?

Heather: (chuckles) You’ll get some Data that’s going to come out…as far as, everyone keeps asking about ET disclosures. You’re going to find that many of them are already sitting in different positions down here. They know how energy works. They know the energetic accounting. Those will be the ones that step away first. You have a lot of exposure in the Vatican and believe me, there are so many people within the slavery systems that made that happen. Just trust the eternal hearts. Focus on BE’ing and DO’ing. Even if you fumble your way through it at the beginning, you’re going to figure it out. Just point your compass within.

Max: Okay, Well, it’s been fantastic to have you on and to talk to you all. I’m definitely going to have to have you back on again very soon when we get a little bit more exposure for all of this. When will those documents be available? Are they posted on the website now? The new documents you’re working on?

Lisa: They already went up a few hours ago. They’re there for download at, under Resources Documents. That’s the original Courtesy Notice. I believe Kauilapele, American Kabuki and D from Removing the Shackles will probably have them up on their websites very soon as well.

Max: I’ll download them as well. I’ll add them to the Crow House as well.

Heather: The revised one for those matters already going, that should be out within the next 48 hours or so. I’ve got sick kids at home, so I apologize for any delay, but that’s the truth of the matter.

Chris: We do understand you’re a mother. Also, just to let people know that the documents come with instructions. Each document will come with some instructions. We really want people to read those.

Max: Okay. That’s great, Chris. That’s really good that you’ve done that. Keep up the great work, folks. Thank you for joining me on this show today. I will definitely have you back on soon. We’re completely out of time, so we’re going to have to knock it on the head here.

Heather: Thank you, Max. Thank you, group (inaudible).

Bob, Chris, Lisa: Thanks Max.
Max: That’s it for today, folks. (inaudible phrase) I though it was a very worthwhile topic. We might have to stretch the issue a little bit. We’ll be having Heather and Chris and perhaps Scott and Ken Bartle back on this show to talk about this action as it progresses and keep you posted on what it’s all about, but it does certainly look very good to me. I would suggest that everybody look into it. Again, the websites are: and The other site is American Kabuki. Those are the sites where you can find the information that relates to this. I suggest that you all look into it, because this really is a HUGE step for freedom for all of mankind. Well, at least for those who wish to participate. Thank you again for joining me on this show today, folks. Please spread this radio show and the information about The One People’s Public Trust.

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Freedom Central Radio transcript: Mel Ve and Heather of OPPT

Freedom Central Radio transcript: Mel Ve and Heather of OPPT


There were a few problems with the audio of the show, so some of the words were garbled and not easily distinguished.  The Transcription Team has done an excellent job as usual.


Freedom Central

Mel Ve with special guest Heather Tucci-Jarraf

Sunday, February 17, 2013



Heather: Hi, Melanie.


Mel: Hello, finally we get to speak. Wow! I can imagine you’ve been so busy with everything that has been going on. I’m so glad we could get some time.


Heather: Not a problem. I’m glad we have the communications today.


Mel: Yes, indeed. It’s been a hold up, because they have been precarious. I’d just like to say first of all thank you very much for all that you’ve done. Of course, I’ve already done a small introduction of you on Freedom Central with Angel Lucci two weeks ago. The work with the OPPT, which of course you say is really everybody’s work. It belongs to everyone. It’s become such a phenomenon. It’s gone absolutely viral as one of the fastest spreading campaigns I’ve come across. Last week’s info(?) looks like the real thing in terms of gaining back our freedom. What I want to do in terms of putting it all into perspective is get a little bit more information about how you came to be on the journey doing what you’re doing and now ultimately communicating all this wonderful communication.


Heather: Okay, well how about we do this then? You just ask a question and I will just answer.


Mel: Please can you tell us a little bit about your background? And how you got to this point? A little bit about the status and the journey? I don’t even know how to ask the questions about the journey, because there seems to be so much…what’s on it and a mystery because it’s just such a complex thing.


Heather: If you wanted your choice in a vacuum, then I can tell you just about birth on, yet it depends on people’s level of comfort as far as going with the absolute truth.


Mel: Let’s go Absolute Truth, just for the hell of it.


Heather: Just for the hell of it, okay. (laughs) Interesting choice of words. Let’s just say that we’re doing a story, okay? Within that story whatever resonates is Absolute Truth with you or your listeners. They grab it and whatever doesn’t, they just set it aside and hopefully the experience wasn’t too boring for them. (laughter) In the beginning, let’s just say there was a whole bunch of eternal hearts shooting around wanting to experience the separation so that they could understand the mechanics of not only their own BE’ing, but that of First Source where they are created from. Some of those decided to experience that separation consciously. Just a few and then most of them chose to experience it unconsciously, with the journey that was a little bit more challenging, as far as agreeing to forget so that they could remember, in essence burying the treasure for the joy of finding it.


Mel: Wow!


Heather: It’s very interesting.


Mel: I am absolutely with you. It came to me this is the ultimate game of discovery.


Heather: Ultimate game of discovery…it really is the ultimate game of fun. (both laugh) You know, it’s an ultimate game of measurable frequency. It is an ultimate game of recognizable energetic pattern. It is just absolute fun and within that, in order to understand the Absolute, you separate the Absolute into compartmentalize fractals, if you like…or digital pieces. That’s what I refer to when I’m saying contrast…reconcile the contrast. Thank you so much for holding the contrast. Because there’s dark just as there’s light. Does that put that into perspective?


Mel: I understand the concept of that. Yeah, we need the darkness in order to evolve.


Heather: Look, it’s all a matter of perception, filter, good and bad, evil and holy. They’re just all one and the same playing a game if you will. I don’t take it lightly at all, but whatever way can you describe it at this point? It’s a play, it’s a game, it’s a symphony, just full of all these machinations that people are learning about now and have been hidden for so long, but this is the moment. This is the moment that was all preplanned. All the eternal hearts that are embodied in perceived evil or bad, they’re the best secret squirrel or James Bonds of First Source possible (laughs). We’re all part of the same fabric, the eternal fabric. So, when the absolute data is on the table and known…and it can always be known from within…but once it’s all there, everyone will be able to have that Aha moment and see through the course of the energy pattern all these wonderful things they experienced and how they all fit together. Some people refer to it as a butterfly effect. Well, just put the same concept in an energetic form. Then you come to this manifestation of Heather and it’s just the last piece in that game and that final act of the play as far as I go. It’s fun. It’s been fun. Going down memory lane really just doesn’t interest me, because I’m so focused on Now and it’s so much more fun (laughs).


Mel: Yes, yes indeed. Okay, so in this life, this culmination, what is it that you actually did on a 3D level? Now, I understand that the ultimately Absolute game. I myself very much have spiritual awareness and understand my part in this game. So we’re completely so glad you went there with that. Now, here you’ve come to our little bit of a journey that most people want to cut and tie on this level. How is it that we have got to this point with the OPPT? And a little bit about this was a legal battle that you’ve been through?


Heather: Let’s just say well, from birth on until a certain point it was really just about me going through and learning how the machines worked. Mind you that throughout the Absolute Truth data we just discussed, a lot of pieces have been laid since the beginning. The surprise piece was what was laid before any of the game even began. That’s more becoming visible now for every being, every eternal heart in Source’s universe, okay?


Mel: Wow.


Heather: This particular manifestation was just me catching up with what was laid out, connecting the dots, learning how the machines work so that everything could be reconciled back to Absolute. Taking the separations, those contrasts, reconciling them into Absolute. It’s not just me that’s doing it. It is every being through Source’s universe right now, conspiring for this final end game. Right now, I’m public trust, OPPT is the most visible part in this moment of Now, but it’s only one part of this incredible iceberg, or facet of a diamond, so to speak. So that diamond, I like that image better than an iceberg, the diamond, Source’s diamond is going to start rotating here and all the pieces, all the facets of that being visible, all at once. Does that make sense?


Mel: Absolutely. I’m having a bit of an Aha moment here. When I was a little girl, I used to have this image of myself as a diamond. I was trying to find myself and the only way I could find myself was as a diamond. Depending on what energy hit me or what you like, hit me, depended on what they got from me. But every single person that I met, ‘cuz I was…I could never really define myself. I was always so different to every person I met. I realized it wasn’t so much that I had multiple personalities, because my mother would have me for meetings. It was more a case of every person came into my life influenced me in a different way energetically.


Heather: Absolutely. This ties into a piece that I’m working on right now with the new financial system that each being…I love the last X-Men. There was the character in there and she turned into a diamond essentially. You could see all these facets of her. I just see all these eternal hearts in the same manner. They’re glowing with this warm, bright, pink-red, beautiful, golden-fringed energy that’s in that. You’re absolutely right. Each being, when you put them all together, they are just each a facet, not one facet more important than the other because they all make up the Absolute, right? As far as everything that I was DO’ing, simultaneously all of the other facets were shining and working and showing at different moments. We just don’t have all of the Absolute Data visible at this moment, so that everyone can see that whole picture. But that is what is coming into frame now. That is why I guess I am really eager for the diamond to turn a little bit, because the facet of OPPT, myself or the boys, Caleb and Randall, it’s not about us, this is about the whole diamond. It’s about every single facet which is every BE’ing within Source’s universe.


We all conspired for this to happen, this moment of Absolute Current. I guess, when I finally became absolutely conscious, of these parts and how they worked, wasn’t until I came to Africa, July of 2011 or the end of June and was able to really focus the energy. The energy is just so pure all over Earth, but more so, or more unfiltered or uninfluenced in certain places. Africa was a really great place for me to come, to really just reach down and pull up and going within eternal heart, just tapping into that Absolute Data base and being able to take things back to what I call Prime, which is Source, where everything was created from. An eternal consciousness, eternal essence, that is essentially when all of that became very aware. Randall and Caleb really helped the contrast. Anyone that came into my consciousness, even now we are all a part of building this and filing what needed to be filed. Really, we were just glorified secretaries. We weren’t doing anything genius or amazing. We were just able to go in, recognize what already IS, register it and by doing so, it collapsed all of the unlawful, legal systems that have commandeered, stolen or enslaved all of that being, all of those many facets of Source’s diamond that it could. Does that explain it satisfactorily for you? At least for now?


Mel: Yeah. Absolutely. But most people of course, they still very much are programmed into believing that there is some kind of authority and control. They are the ones going “Under what jurisdiction is this recognized?”


Heather: Well, it’s funny, because the very jurisdictions that they claim have to accept it or approve it or stamp it, are the ones that are enslaving us. So, it’s going to take some time. But really, who is going to argue at this point that somebody owns their body and their mind? Who is going to really accept that? If they do, okay, great…they do it knowingly, willingly and intentionally then. There is nothing wrong with that either. However, how does it resonate with you if I ay “Mel, I own your body and I own your mind, but guess what? Anything you create, it’s mine.” How does that resonate?

Mel: It doesn’t…I don’t like that one bit. (chuckles)


Heather: So, if you go back and just take it real simple. Ask the question “What do I know?” It really makes it resonate within the heart, because that is where all of the answers are. That is why I say, when you go back and read OPPT filings, number 1: we pulled down and registered what IS from the beginning and if someone wants to rebut that, great, do it with specificity and particularity. Say why someone owns my body and my mind and really those OPPT filings, they’re not meant to be read with your mind. They’re meant to be read with the heart. Legalese is a code. It’s a deception. It’s absolutely meant to discombobulate and distract and confuse the eternal heart, so that it separates from the mind. That is what the whole legal systems are based on.


It’s funny, you’ll get two groups together and you’ll get lawyers together. The lawyer, let’s say for Heather’s side, who doesn’t really know law, doesn’t understand the legalese, has to rely on and trust. Because when you see that BAR license, you trust that they are going to represent your best interests, because you are paying them to. Yet when your lawyer comes in and he knows the contract doesn’t go with your best interest and there’s hidden clauses in there where they can foreclose on you or you really don’t have the ownership that you think you do, the two attorneys get on the phone. They go back and forth, bribe and switch hands, and promises to do favors for later, then switches hands. That is the game of legalese. Some of the judges out there have price lists and menus, where if you want a certain judgment you can pick on that menu. You can pay your price and you get your judgment before you walk into court.


So the legalese was collapsed by the OPPT filing in that it was reprogrammed. The wording in there is very, very specific. It is energetic, absolutely energetic, to recalibrate legalese so that it no longer exists, not in the way and it’s not necessary. So, it no longer exists and has power in the way that they created it and used it. Does that kind of explain OPPT fillings and maybe how people can approach them to understand them better? As far as looking at them with the heart and not the mind, they were never written for the mind. Only for the guys that know legalese, so they could understand completely their whole world just collapsed.


Mel: Okay, so let me take this one level deeper then, shall we? This whole legal system. I’ve always maintained that you get a summons to come to court. A summons is really like a…you talk about witches and stuff summoning devils and things. For me, it’s always been like this, kind of like the legal system has been kind of a spell on humanity. Would you say with what you’ve done, you’ve broken that spell?


Heather: You could put it in that way…it’s all energetic.


Mel: Yes, it is an energetic schism really


Heather: It is basically a fracture in the energy. They have to use threats and coercion, cause if you have ever read a summons, if you don’t show…this will happen to you. Talk about fear mongering, it’s an energetic schism in the natural order of the energetic pattern that is at a deeper level. At a very simple level, it’s a violation. It’s an invasion of the absolute BE’ing, because you’re only saying part of it. You’re not saying the other part. This is an offer, it’s a contract. You actually have a choice. We’re a private corporation. We’re not really a peoples’ court, so that is the multi dimension in those particular operations. Because in higher Ds…5D, 4D, 7D…whatever you want to call it, they actually are. You can see truth for what it is. What they do is they leave out parts of the Absolute Data, so that it resonates with people on one level, but at the same level they’re not giving all of the data which is required for free will to be exercised. If you knew that those courts were a private corporation and that summons and that complaint were offers to contract, would you approach them differently?


Mel: Goodness. Yeah, absolutely.


Heather: That is one way to kind of bridge that whole multi-dimensional issue, is show it for the Absolute Data that it is. It’s an offer to contract. You have a free will choice there. At the same time, it is multi-dimensional, because it shows you. This is a lead into what is coming up in the next few weeks here for absolute disclosure. It also shows you the level of dimensions that were behind our slavery systems and how deep they actually go.


Mel: Yeah, that is interesting indeed, because I would imagine that they need to have many layers pushing down on us. We are born as spiritual beings, ultimately deep down though in core truth that the divine plan is for us to seek freedom.

Heather: Yeah…to work through it. Just to understand the separations and what they really are and then go in with your power of BEing and DOing and just reconcile those back together into Absolute. That is where grace is a huge part of this last bit that is being made visible. Understanding that whether it’s the Pope, whether it’s Bush, whether it’s Obama, whether it’s Putin, Lagarde, whatever. It doesn’t matter. The point is they are all eternal hearts, in that when you go back to their crime energy pattern, they are all eternal hearts. If you understand what has been done by each, to understand and know who we are, each of us at that point, would you maybe look at them a little differently? Or consider looking at them differently?


Mel: Yeah. Absolutely. I’m so glad we’re getting on to what you’re saying, because I myself absolutely believe that on a deeper level these people…I don’t know how high up it has to go…it’s funny we’re getting onto this…I’m sorry, I’ve got a million thoughts going through my head here, Heather. There is a book (inaudible) called “The Covenant of Soul”. I talk about Lucifer actually contracted with the Reptilians to anchor the darkness to evolve humanity. This is based on my research that I found (inaudible for some time)…other people away. It’s very much what you’re saying that I believe at a higher level (inaudible) level…these people bringing and doing all the bad stuff and all the darkness. They will have to reconcile for the karma that they’ve created. At some level, they must know that. It’s actually a huge sacrifice on their part to bring this darkness to us. If I think about it and should we be sympathetic towards them or should we support them, No! But we need to understand their role in all this. Ultimately, they’re not the bad guys. They ultimately anchor the darkness and help us evolve.


Heather: Yeah. I was told a story that originated from India. I’ll just tell you in my vocabulary and my database, okay? Essentially, it was all these energy patterns standing around and they said “Okay, we need this part here has to be played out a specific way. Who wants what roles? There was a really particular dark role that had to be played and nobody wanted to take it. One energy pattern said ‘Okay, I’ll take it, but only on one condition. While we’re still in this manifestation, you need to tell me that I love you. Everyone’s kind of sitting there going “Well, why?” Because if you don’t, my energy pattern will be stuck in that frequency until someone does.” It really resonated with me, deep down that that is truth. Now, it doesn’t mean it has to be everyone else’s truth. What I would say is let’s go all the Absolute Data, not one piece missing, out on the table more visibly for everyone to look at so that they can determine how it resonates. Because the way the pattern works with it’s Absolute Truths and Absolute Truth is a circle. That’s why we use a circle around The Public Trust’s logo. Everything inside has to now come into Absolute Truth. What Absolute Truth is, that’s the same from every point on a circle, because a circle is just a whole bunch of points connected, right?


Mel: Yeah, absolutely.


Heather: As far as Reptilians, or Pleiadians, or any of the other distinctions, I don’t see these distinctions. I only see the Absolute at this point. A lot of the stories that I’ve heard are pretty correct, as far as the individual sources that I’ve heard then over years.


Mel: Yeah. The thing about the Reptilians is that they’re this … (inaudible) … to everyone … (inaudible) … but I just … (inaudible) … popularized information. This stuff is being written about…I mean, there’s a book written by Rev. Dean Bathes(?) back in the Victorian era about (inaudible) of the serpent. You find that these images of half-human, half-serpent people turning up in medieval paintings, on 3000-year-old Greek frescoes, on the Pergamon(?) museum in Berlin, you see them there. They’ve very obviously have been around and been part of some culture at some point that moves amongst us and suddenly now they’re not here any more. No, hello, where’d they go? The gods of the past. Where’d they go?

Heather: Even in the tribal areas as well, American Kabuki, printed that one conversation with the shaman from Africa. I had found that thanks to Rumor Mill News. I love seeing all the different viewing by people in a collective place. So it had popped up there at a particular moment actually that I was doing something regarding Africa. I found it just resonated very clearly and consistently with all the other intel that goes into exactly what you just described…half-Reptilian, half-human. I would just say, people go out and read…look at the information that’s already out there. It’s been out there forever.

Now, as far as them not being here anymore or being here, I know you’re going to find, when the Absolute Data is on the table, that within the last 12 months, actually further back, a lot of decisions were asked to be made…choices were asked to be made. The grace of it is that they were given the opportunity to make a different decision their embodiment had been practicing all this time. There are a lot of those other dimensions, beings in other dimensions, that know that energy patterns, know how the energetic accounting works… that’s a significant part, the energetic accounting. So they made new choices and have gone over and explained…I think you’re going to find in the Absolute Data that some of those very races that are accused of creating certain parts of our systems, but not all of them, were actually right now helping to disclose them. Just keep an open heart and an open mind as all the Absolute Data, every piece, is put on the table.


Mel: So, coming it down, bringing this all into our present reality of Vatican politics, etc, is the removal of the Pope or his resignation, which to be honest with you I think we all saw it coming, it was only a matter of time. We kind of knew that he had to either be killed or resign, because there is a prophecy of another Pope coming in. It was said to be happening exactly around this time. It’s not even like a joke, as to how accurate this prophecy of St. Malachi(?) has been. More specifically, we had the Dutch queen resigning not even a fortnight before Ratzinger resigned. She stepped down, abdicated from the Dutch throne. She is by far the most powerful Queen in all of Europe. She owns World Dutch Shell, Phillips, I mean HUGE amounts of the Dutch economy and big brands…Shell Oil is massive.


Heather: Yes, I know. Very familiar with them, especially here in Morocco. If you follow the trail, this goes like I said, right now if you look at your credit cards for instance. There’s a magnetic strip to the back, right? Each being is an energetic being and energetic beings draw things to them and push things away from them towards the lip(?) of things from them by magnetism. As far as Dutch Shell, if you want to go back to BP and all of those guys, they all knew what was magnetically being drawn and magnetically being pushed under the old energetic grid that was surrounding Earth, but specifically throughout this universe, because our grid was not in harmony with many other grids. Hence the saying that Earth is under quarantine and Earth’s grid has been recalibrated.

I just had a conversation with G.W. Hardin and American Kabuki about this. All the energy grids throughout Source’s universe were all made uniform in what I call Absolute Current, which is Source vibration, Source frequency. Nothing is allowed to enter into Earth or come out of Earth that is not Absolute Frequency. That was in order to make it so that this other coming moment of Now, needing all of Source’s universe coming together in a reunion was possible.


You’re going to see a lot of news being made right now, very visible, where certain “public heads of countries & states”. They’re all going to make visible their choices. The Pope is a big one, only because there’s data out there that the Pope is potentially just an eternal heart embodied in the different dimension that’s walking in the Pope. Now, whatever Absolute Data comes out about this situation, I’ve found it just really humorous that the day the Pope resigned, someone just happens to be there to catch a lightning bolt hit the radio steeple, which is the top of the Vatican. Now, whatever data, Absolute Data comes out about that situation, I found it just really humorous that the date put “resign”, someone just happens to be there to catch a lightning bolt, hit the radio steeple, which is on the top of the Vatican.




Heather: And most people don’t know, but those are radio antennaes. You look at court houses, you look at the White House, you look at many different public “buildings”, you’ll see all of them have that similar type of radio antennae going up.


Mel: Yes.


Heather: So they’re being inundated right now with this new Absolute Current, and it’s just making havoc within the slave resistance and that started quite a bit ago. There were a lot of lightworkers out there working on that.


Mel: Okay. Now, let me ask you a little bit about there are these various interesting people who have sort of come together through the exposure of OPPT. Since I started doing Freedom Central, this is a view that I’ve held, that there are many of us who contracted with each other before we, sort of, came here. Those of us who have are actually, sort of, coming out now. It’s all sort of like reaching out and now coming together, and pulling together, sort of “okay, you know we’ve gone on our various respective journeys and now it’s time to reach that nexus point where we’ve come to do what we’ve come to do, and work together etc. and we’ve all known each other before.”


Heather: Yes. Absolutely. We’re being magnetically drawn to each other. There’s certain tools that we’ve set up so that when they come out, they just resonate so deeply in us. That it is a “I already knew that. I’ve never thought about it consciously until this moment, but I knew that inside as of I’ve noted the entire time.” I think we were talking about that yesterday, and you had that similar experience. That is, for me, a tell-tale. Just as much as if I’m drawn to do something, I get this, my molecular structure will explode feeling, if I don’t do it. I do it and I’ve never gone wrong. So, when I start to feel this magnetic draw to people, and I recognize people a lot through the words, words were my chosen vehicle, and actually for me “eternal heart” all the way down. I watch people’s words, whether they’re saying them, or whether they’re writing them. I’m seeing a lot of people out there just starting to recognize each other by their DO’ing and their BE’ing. It’s beautiful, absolutely beautiful, and it’s awe inspiring for me.


Mel: Yes, indeed.


Heather: You know my heart just opens up even more.


Mel: Absolutely. Okay, now let’s take this down to a practical level, on the most prosaic level. We have a lot of people on this planet who unfortunately are going through some really difficult times. It’s all very good and well saying “Yes, this is part of your journey and you need these things to evolve, become bigger empathic people etc., or whatever” but realistically, there are people losing their homes. One of my very dearest friends is trying to get her child back, through child abduction by the state, the child’s in Canada. I really want to know how can people now use the OPPT and the information, everything you’ve put out, all your wonderful work, to start really changing their lives, and changing the lives there up to the vibration.


Heather: First up, it wasn’t just my work. It was work from many thoughts laid over many, many eons. What I would like to acknowledge, and give eternal gratitude to, is all that energy that came together for this whole moment of Now. There is a notice, a Courtesy Notice, which Scott Bartle and Chris Hales and Ken Bartle went in and created. I looked at it and just sort of assisted in how OPPT filings are used in there. It’s really…it is “the” tool. It’s an energetic tool, a multi-dimension, and it reaches them all, types of dimension area, of everyone’s hearts. So when we go in there it’s a practical 3D tool. People will learn about its multi-dimensional energetic properties as they continue on. If someone is, for instance with their children, most people don’t know when you go in to have a baby, you sign these documents. There are different (inaudible)… I have two children born in Italy and I have two children born in America.


Mel: Wow, okay.


Heather: We were told we couldn’t even take the babies out of the hospital until we signed these particular documents. One of them was the Social Security, for the SSA hearts, Social Security numbers. In Italy, it was the birth record…I can’t remember the name of it, I apologize, I’d have to go back and (inaudible), but they were basically the same function.


Mel: (affirmative response)

Heather: You enter your child in that system without even knowing, without even having all the material facts which are required for a contract. That’s how the contracts are void, and no agreement can stand if people don’t do something knowingly, right?


Mel: (affirmative response)


Heather: So this document, this Courtesy Notice, goes in and everyone is already secure and registered across the planet no matter where you choose to domicil, that’s a domicil without an “E” at the end, your body on the planet. Means your body, where you plop your body. Your body is your state of body.


Mel: Yeah.


Heather: When you go in to say “This is what I BE”, we already did everything else, and filed everything else for everybody. So nobody has to file anything. Right now, all you have to do is just stand there in BE’ingness, say “Here’s a Courtesy Notice” and refer to the OPPT filings and let their lawyers come in and rebut with myself and Caleb and Randall, because we’re able to work, like I said it was a real energetic thing, but also legalese thing. I did not want people to have to go in there and fight all that code and deception. For people to take advantage of the people who didn’t know the code and deception and say “We’ll help you” and then by undue influence, end up in a situation like what I was telling you about with the two attorneys on the phone. Wheeling and dealing behind the desk just to get people that signed an agreement, where they can make their billing hours.


Mel: That’s true.


Heather: So that Courtesy Notice is absolutely “the” tool, and it’s “the” tool” for people to do…they get comfortable with their BE’ing. They’re going to understand how to modify that document for any matter that comes before. For now, it’s in a template form where it basically addresses anything. Just this “This is who BE, now who do you BE? This is my law, what law are you saying that you are operating under? This is my authority, what’s your authority? Then show me the agreement or contract with my signature on it that said you can have authority over me.” Nobody can produce it, and well actually they can, but they won’t. Because if they do, they actually give you a paper trail of their actual crimes.


Mel: Yes.


Heather: It’s a very simple document. It’s a very simple document that covers all these legal, lawful issues, but in such a manner where you don’t have to worry about all that was done and then understanding the mechanics of it. All you have to understand is that you BE. Does that make sense?


Mel: Yeah. Absolutely. So where can they find this document, Heather?


Heather: It’s on Scribd…I can actually send you the links. I know Lisa Harrison, I think American Kabuki has it up on his website, his blog.


Mel: Okay. Yeah, just send me the links and I’ll attach it to the interview to make sure everyone’s got it when they’re listening to this. Okay, so looking towards the future, what is it ultimately that we are hoping to create? Let’s talk about the CVACs, what they mean, what they are. Have you got any idea how you’re going to structure these things?


Heather: Yeah, they’re already structured.


Mel: Okay.


Heather: The whole point of the CVACs was to… it covered actually many goals. The CVACs needed to stop the corporations from infringing, invading, violating the BE’ing. Simultaneously, it needed to create a safe harbor where the people could actually have what they had thought they already had. So by registering a corporation that belongs to all the people equally, and is there to service the people, the other ones would have to come forward and show a contract or some kind of registration secured to the ownership of the people, right?


Mel: Yeah.


Heather: Yet all the Data have now, out there, that all these “countries” are actually registered corporations. A lot of them in DC or New York and US is in London. So now they’ve really got to show, okay they have to admit, on the record, under sworn oath that they’re not corporations, they are the people’s government, At that point, you have the clarity. But they aren’t going to do that, because all the fraudulent money, paper, the current funds, they’re all under the corporation. So they actually toppled themselves, that’s what was so fun about it. Put them in a corner, damned if they do damned if they don’t. But here’s the grace for you to go in and co-create with the people. Just be honest, be transparent. They didn’t want to do that. Okay, so that’s the CVAC on that level. Now the other thing was, I’m not a person who really likes people to tell me what to do, right?


Mel: Yeah, me neither. I hate it.


Heather: I just really want to BE. I want to be more creative than going to Jesuit schools and being taught I have to believe in God and the devil. Or going to law school and saying there are two things sure in life, death and taxes. Well, I can prove both of them wrong. The Data is out there and it’s just every turn that came in front of me in the moment of Now, and as Caleb and Randall and a whole bunch of others were sitting there talking, this wasn’t something that was done overnight. I talked to a lot of people who worked, all the way through DOJ, a lot of the bankers, you wouldn’t believe how many insiders in the system worked to bring this moment of Now. That’s why I say that there needs to be Absolute Data on the table before someone takes a pitch fork out and tries to attack one of these guys. So, the CVACs were constructed in such a way that everyone could BE as they chose, as they choose, by free will. But the systems of assistance bring all the Absolute Data, not one piece missing, for any kind of system they want. Right now, we have broken it down into basic systems; systems of treasury, systems of education, systems of health, that kind of breakdown…very general. The only thing that the systems are to do is to assist the people. Well, what’s assisting the people right now is bringing all the Absolute Data on the table, right?


Mel: Yeah.


Heather: So, that’s the number one goal. Then once all the Data is on the table, everyone can sit and discuss and dissect all that data and determines what resonates with them then. The CVACS are really a loose structure, a safe harbor that gives the people the place to go in and check everything out. Does that explain it satisfactorily for you at least in those general summations?


Mel: Okay, yes, indeed. Now my obvious question is, Heather, when are we going to stop having to use paper money? When is the system going to stop with the illusion? When can we actually go back to or start to use something else?

Heather: Well, this is the fun part. This is the end game. There are a few moves that are being done right now. I think it was D from Removing the Shackles, she works a lot with similar intel types, banking types, military types, that I work with. There’s a lot of chaos behind what I call the curtain and the wizards behind the curtain, the PTB/PTW or however your listeners want to call them. Those really are just brokers. They’re not really the wizards behind the curtain that have created all that you see, that run the slavery systems. The PTW that we see are actually just puppets or brokers at the best. They live a very nice life though, I will say that in comparison to what we have been living.


What’s happening is they are making some final moves. They are going to offer a bone in such a manner hoping that you will take it. If you remember when we first came out with the first Magician, I think we introduced it as The Magicians. Then there was that you take it and basically just answered questions, clarifications and things like that. Everyone asked why 5 billion and actually there is 10 billion, because there was 5 billion in equity and 5 billion in damages. So, everyone on the planet, except for those that caused harm/damage to the people, everyone has 10 billion. I said that for a very specific reason, because of what I knew was going to come down at the end of the pipeline.


They were going to offer a bone, hoping that maybe 15 – 20 million would satisfy people or maybe a $500,000 check returning the income taxes that were illegally collected. Those are just bones. Even the 10 billion is a fraction of what they stole. But we wanted to make sure there was a big enough contrast, so when this moment came people would be able to look within and recognize what is Absolute Truth for them. What does someone believe their value is? Well, if you don’t know that you BE, you end up believing what they tell you and that is that you have no value, you’re worthless, you’re a piece of crap, you don’t produce anything, you’re a lazy bum. Well, that is not true. Why are they spending so much money, time and effort to manage and control you? Now the fun part comes. They’re going to throw a bone, hoping the people will take it and say “Oh, we have a hundred and some countries that have signed on now. It is common law. People are going to be responsible. Okay, well great.”


Those countries, though, are those the people’s countries? Please show us the agreements, the registrations and everything else. Did you just create mere companies to the ones that were just foreclosed on? So, people need to ask questions. I am not saying what it is, what I am saying is to ask questions. Scott did a great job in showing just how to ask questions. It is the same set of questions no matter what’s before you. Whether it is your friend next door, whether your kid is trying to sneak out for the night, or whether it is somebody posing as a police officer at your door with a gun, yet won’t show you his bond or his oath. So what is going to happen, they will play that bone. People are going to make their choices. They’re going to declare that it is all gold backed and silver backed. You’re going to find out here very shortly what fun the gold and the silver and all these eternal hearts that are embodied in these precious metals have been having, lots of fun. And they are a big significant part of this end game.


So, if all the sudden, you start to see all this precious metals out on the streets in such a manner that you can visibly see them, you can visibly interact with them, you are going to start questioning “Well, what the heck is in the vaults? What is actually backing the system if everything is actually visible to us?” You’re not controlling it. You can’t touch it. You can’t enter those transparent vaults where we can see the stuff. This end game is going to be so magnificent. I am so excited. I love it because a lot of people say “Oh (inaudible) you have Microsoft, Bill Gates who writes all these programs. You have all these guys working to make these back doors for this moment. Thinking we are going to take the old system back, right of the tracking and transfer systems.” Well, I will bring you back to that magnetic strip on the back of your credit card or your drivers’ license. That is just a data holding strip. If you look at how these strips actually work, it stores data by modifying the magnetism of tiny, iron-based, magnetic particles. Think about it. Your body is energy. If your body vibrates at a particular frequency and it can magnetically draw anything to it, what if all of a sudden your hand becomes a magnetic strip of its own? Just by co-creating and co-enjoying with iron-based magnetic particles. You don’t even need these cards. Everything’s run off of your own magnetic. If you think that what I am saying is completely too futuristic, think about the iris scans.


Your energy pattern is just as unique in identifying you as your thumb print, as your iris. Yet they can’t be manipulated in the fashion that someone could put a latex coating over their finger print with someone else’s finger print on it or put a contact lens in that could actually identify you using the iris thing. It’s going to get really fun here and it’s going to get very…how did Poof put it?…very Jetson type like. So, I am really excited about all of this, essentially the internet…if you look where the internet… even these magnetic strips, IBM it was used during World War II. If you recall…do you follow Saint Germain type of messages and things like that?


Mel: No.


Heather: Yeah, I don’t either, until we started going through this. All of a sudden, St. Germain is very well known in the banking arena, military complex. That’s the hierarchy structure that’s actually being collapsed, at their own choice. He works a lot with the Department of Defenses all over the globe and the banking sector. If you look at the technology that is coming out and this leads into Keshe. I don’t know Keshe. I haven’t looked at Keshe’s proposals or his universal agreements, treaties. However, as far as the technology, that has been around for a long time. I know quite a few people sitting in a very dark hole, who were trying to get that technology out to the people for at least the last twenty years if not more. In the old paradigm, nothing ever happened. Nothing was allowed to exist, unless it benefitted the few that are the principals of the slavery system. So when Keshe popped up, I recognized the technology, but at the same time my question was why now and who is it benefitting?


Mel: What is your feeling on Keshe?


Heather: Like I said, the eternal heart. Right now, my personal job is to make it so that all the Absolute Data comes out, with not one piece missing. In that, I focus on the eternal heart. So, the eternal heart that is embodied in Keshe will actually disclose the intent of the embodiment. If the intent is anything less than for the highest good of all and damaging others, Keshe will reveal himself. The whole universe, all of Source’s universe, will conspire to make that visible to everyone. So, I’m having as much fun as you are. My interest and my focus really are whatever comes into my consciousness right now, because that is geared to my particular path, which is in harmony with all of your guys’ path.

Mel: It’s funny you say that, because one thing I am noticing is that a lot people that I’ve come to…obviously I speak to a lot of people and not all of them are in this for the right reasons. Definitely I have developed a more discerning filter as time has gone, almost where you pick up on their energy, whether they are working, whether they want to line their pockets, or whether they are working because they genuinely want to help others. It’s as simple as that as to finding the difference between the two.


Heather: Right, people should know. The people need right now to know some healing is going on and actually that healing is a trigger for the eternal heart to come out. So, what you said about discernment. I use the same energetic tool as the rest of us do and I call this tool a resonant. Now it could be anything, a security system within a truce alarm or whatever you want to call it, but that tool of resonance. Those are all honed right now and absolutely calibrated, so people are going recognize things that they normally wouldn’t even be aware of or they wouldn’t pay attention to. It’s going to draw in and something is not going to sit right and you’re going to go back and say “Okay, what was funky there?” And you’re going to figure it out, the Data that you will need will present itself for you to figure that part out. Just ask “What do I know?” That is what so funny, just ask “What do I know?” and the whole thing will reveal itself.


Mel: Heather, you won’t believe how often that happens. I do love and expose of some faith truthism and faith truth movements, but that is exactly how it happens to me. What do I know? It always reveals itself. You just look at the basics and keep it simple. And really the basics and keeping it simple comes down to, for me, maintaining your fundamental orientation which is as you said the Absolute Truth.


Heather: Yeah. I worked with Secret Squirrel part of the banking industry and all that. I will give you an example. Cobra is really in my focus right now. Never has been, in fact I didn’t even know the guy existed until after December 25th and AK, American Kabuki, has talked about him. He met him. So I talked to him for a few minutes and he didn’t have any kind of covering of his voice at all. Yet the questions that he was asking me were questions that I know in the banking field or in the legal field when they are hiding something. That is why it just kind of struck me funny. Then I just set it aside, because that is not what part of what is the focus now. The focus now is disclosing getting the ball rolling at the time. Now, I want to know who everybody is, for the fun of it. Because the people are asking…they rely on Cobra, they rely on Drake, they rely on whoever. Just as they did on their “governments” that are all starting to fall down. So, what I ask is “Okay, be transparent.” That is the one thing I do know, for those hearts that are working consciously. Right now they’re absolutely transparent and they have no problem with all the Absolute Data, not one piece missing, being put on the table. That is what I do know.


Mel: It’s funny that you mentioned Cobra to me the other day when we had been speaking. Someone sent an email to me that day asking if I was going to see Cobra in London. He is doing a talk there and I didn’t realize for some reason…

Heather: I didn’t realize either until last night.


Mel: I don’t know who he is or what he is. I don’t know anything about him.


Heather: He is supposedly with the resistance, that are working on the ET level, the multidimensional level and I do work with those particular levels, so for me. This is a whole learning experience for them too, because their whole world is shifting as well.

So, there’s a lot of surprises that were built in for everyone to come into this moment. As far as Cobra and those guys, I love at least the purported theory of what they’re doing, working for the highest good of all, to go in to fight for this or that. Well, the fight’s over and the fight was an illusion to begin with. So, what I would like to do and I reached out and just gave them Data and said “Here, know what my energy pattern is. I’m absolutely transparent. I’m not going to encrypt these files. I’m not going to be (inaudible) with these files. In fact, I’ll do it over Skype, right?” At this point, it’s just a matter of transparency. That’s where the safety, the security, the absolute protection is…is in transparency.


Mel: Now, let me ask you, you don’t see any time in the future or near future…now that we’ve got (inaudible)…look at all the banks and all of those, then suddenly deciding to turn around on the population, martial law, let’s bring on World War III…you don’t think we’re going to see people being arrested and (inaudible) to concentration camps and forced to comply if they don’t? Are we beyond that? Have you gone past that in our battle lines?


Heather: Absolutely. That is not going to happen. That is not going to happen, because there are certain energy patterns that are very close to Source pattern, if not Source pattern, that are actually here to ensure that none of that happens. There’s the same bureaucracy and all the crap you see in the “government” happens in the lightworker community as well. It’s something that we’ve been very focused on. I think it was during the Foster Gamble issue, where he was just about to launch Thrive. I just sat for the last ten months watching BP funnel all of their holdings, their ownership rights, restructuring all of their beneficiaries into green and they do what’s called the phoenix. What happens is the phoenix is required where all of a sudden somebody gets too close to the truth. They uncover the slavery system and the principals and the beneficiaries. So, they re-phoenix into something the people will hold onto, will launch onto, (inaudible). And the New Age and the green was another, that’s why they put Al Gore at the top to manage that particular one.


Mel: So, that’s what Thrive was. I have to agree, but I watched Thrive and I was like “Oh my God, this is a load of crap.” I don’t want to be disrespectful, because there’s a lot of good information in there. But, I felt they’ve basically gone from Proctor and Gamble, terrible history there, they’ve basically jumped on to a good thing and tried to parlay it for their own good PR.


Heather: Well, yeah, I had conversations with Proctor through…even The Public Trust had to clean itself up here. It wasn’t the trustee that did it. It was the actual eternal heart embodied in some of the people that were calling themselves trustees. One of them was Susan Dey-Hamwick (spelling?), whose sister is Hilary Clinton’s aide. She’s really tight with Foster Gamble. They went in and Lisa…oh, I can’t remember Lisa’s last name, she was with LA Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Wall Street was bank bought(?)…that’s how that was. Talking to Foster, I already knew I could put the dots together, because Proctor Gamble is one of the big ones, that is more of a broker than a beneficiary. All of a sudden, Foster, what …(several inaudible words)… bring out a phoenix, where watching it all start to move 10 minutes prior, was that Foster was chosen within the principals to go ahead and be the poster child.


Mel: (affirmative response)


Heather: So, I addressed that and brought that up. I went to all of my contacts and said “This isn’t going to be permitted. This isn’t allowed. Either you’re going to take care of it, Foster’s going to take care of it, or we’ll take care of it.” At that moment, Thrive started kind of right there and then it didn’t take off like it was actually supposed to, like it was planned to. The boys, the CIA and everyone else, just tried to sort of catch it real quiet and buried it. They thought if they buried it for a while, they could bring it back up in a year and a half or so or two years. That’s really kind of what Thrive is doing now, isn’t it? It’s coming back out.


Mel: Well, I remember there at first, they put all this out for free. Then all of a sudden, you had to buy it. When nobody wants to buy it, they put it back out for free. All sorts of nonsense. Let me give you the bottom line, as someone who’s an avid researcher. I’ve spent … (several inaudible words) … Philosophic Hermetica, which is like the biggest collection of ancient esoteric and gnostic text outside the Vatican. I’m a member there. I’ve gone through that stuff that you need to be sitting in one of these oxygen-type chambers to look at. I’ve seen and looked through…I’ve done the research, I’m not just a laptop researcher, I’m not a researcher where I’m here to hash other people’s stuff, I’ve actually gone and looked through the archives myself…and one thing I’m fanatical about is Vatican Catholic history.


There’s a scene in Thrive where they talk about how money became manipulated. They’ve got these little, animated figures, but they don’t relate it to the Knights Templar, who started the first sort of (inaudible) … interest … (inaudible). They don’t even distinguish these little characters with any features. They’re just sort of in their little blobs of human representation. What they should have done is have these guys in sort of knight uniforms and have them represented in castles. This one little thing was a three-minute cartoon sketch within Thrive trying to represent how the money was started without leading it back to Rome. All roads lead to Rome. Anything that tries to point away from Rome is part of the illusion and the distraction. That’s how I knew Thrive. When I saw that, I was like “Hang on.” You know what you say is “What do we know?” Always look at “What do we know?” And that’s why “Hang on. This isn’t right.” There’s so many things. I can point out so many things with Thrive. Right down to the facts that there was a woman there, an elderly lady, her name was (inaudible) Marx Hubbard. I mean, that’s L. Ron Hubbard, she’s related to L. Ron Hubbard, the guy who started Scientology. So, there’s a lot there. There’s so much that you could go into and start picking apart with regards to Thrive. Off the Thrive topic, I don’t really want to get into that too much more. Let’s see if that (inaudible) record our conversation.


Heather, what is your best advice to people on the ground now around the world? How do we now actively start stopping the slavery? Stopping the suffering? Get it to a place where we can just DO and BE whatever it is we want?


Heather: Well, first I would state this, anything that you see in the slavery systems right now, it has been turned off. The only energy they’re running on is what was in the tube, so to speak, when the spigot was turned off. They’re scrambling around right now for any energy that they can go in and steal from. They’re having to do it amongst themselves at this point, because the people are just BE’ing and DO’ing. So that is key and I knew it was going to be key. Everyone knew it was going to be key. It’s why we spent so much time trying to manage the “cover-up” (?).


So, BE’ing and DO’ing is the most important thing that you guys can do right now. Because if you BE, that means they can’t take value or credit from that BE’ing. Because you’re going to consciously be BE’ing. Now, you may not know how to BE, but it’s as simple as having conversation like we’re having now. It’s as simple as looking in the archive. It’s as simple as going out and interacting with your children. It’s as simple as going out and saying when someone approaches you, you have to do this. “Well, wait a minute. This is who I BE. Now, tell me who you BE.” And be kind. Be gracious. Understand that not many people within the slavery systems right now are comfortable, because they are feeling a lot of guilt. A lot of them entered into that system thinking they were really helping people. So, at this point, BE’ing and DO’ing is very important. It is the key.


Mel: Yeah. Absolutely. That’s a wonderful note to end on. Heather, thank you very much for your time. I know it’s precious being a mother of four. What a wonderful thing you have done. Your wisdom is really of an advanced spiritual level. Definitely everything you said is resonating with me. It’s been such a (inaudible) to get this information from you. Thank you so much. Let’s do it again.


Heather: Mel, thank you so much for the opportunity. I really look forward to doing some more.


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Collective Imagination Show 2-19-13… MP3s… (and Notes from Ginger)

Collective Imagination Show 2-19-13… MP3s… (and Notes from Ginger)

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Heather Tucci-Jarraf (and a crew of favorites) joins Lisa Harrison in a discussion of a very important piece of the OPPT documentation, discussed in the last post. As you listen to this, if you find your mind is “blowing”, or “expanding”, rest assured it is simply a result of your waking up to who you are, and why you came here. I’ve added Ginger’s notes below the MP3s.


Show link:–21913-us-22013-au


MP3s (minus music, volume leveled and boosted) (30 min., 7 MB per Part)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Complete show (1:59, 27 MB)
Intro (1.5 min., 0.3 MB)


[Ginger’s notes (Mahalo, Ginger!!)]


OK everyone, this was the biggest one yet!


If you did not already listen and are wiped out God-smacked on the beach, get out your inter dimensional surfboard wax, as Heather takes us out to energetically surf the biggest ones to date! She clarifies why she refined the wording on this December 10th UCC filing below, which is the Absolute Source Endgame. This is the ultimate Ho’oponopono for one and all offered here.


I took a few rough notes for future reference . . .
– In order to understand the multi dimensional nature of the UCC filings, one must understand what a strawman is and how we have been unknowingly harvested, or what has been a grand embezzlement of Energy.
– Conversely, this UCC is a harvesting tool, reconciling our Source contracts . . . bringing yin and yang back into balance.
– Why the word “Creator” in this filing is used lots.
– What “Bondservant” in this filing means, that very important.
– Around 18mins – A bit why she does not use the word “divine” yet.
– Sheldon has been working with the military for past few months (lol – no surprise :)))


Where we are now . . .
-”Eternal hearts” – are us.
– Bondservants immediately reconcile all contracts with source and so we are now free.
– Imagine in each being, their eternal heart before you . . . and just observe.
– Around 59 mins – Akashic records – Absolute Record of Creation, with no part missing.
– Around 62 mins – opportunities will now arise to get know all sorts of folks, even the beloved “Darpa Boys” – lol!
– Around 85 mins – Akashic records – why so much confusion and delays in past months . . . how even “the cosmos were hoodwinked” . . . was the most astonishing revelation for me!
– Around 98 mins – Interim – CVACs job is to first put the Absolute Data (within each of us) out on the table for everyone to choose. And why absolute transparency is critical now . . . WE are each our own CVACs.
– Everyone is now a public servant . . . to themselves.